Anderson Cooper Cracks Up

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Anderson Cooper couldn't hold back his laughter over the story of Gerard Depardieu peeing in a plane. This is a great video.
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I can,t get enough of watching Anderson Cooper and his laugh fest. I liked him before but love him now. Way to show your human side Anderson!


Anderson Cooper is a reliable News source. Who can forget Anderson traveling down and helping out during the weeks of 2005, when he gave so much air time to the plight of the people who were suffering during the disaster of Hurricane Katrina. Anderson was born into wealth as the son of Gloria Vanderbilt, but he pursue his News stories and remain a trusted News reporter. If Anderson finally got a story that was beyond the scope of his regular News reports and it cracked him up, then he was able to show us his human side. More than likely, Anderson was probably reading his prompter for the first time regarding this story about Gerard Depardieu and his main squeeze
and it was all that Anderson could do to remain serious while reading all the puns that spilled from this story. i liked Anderson yesterday and I will continue to watch Anderson Cooper 360!!


The "nice Anderson" THE CRAZY LAUGHTER.
Anderson can't control his RIDICULIST "RISITAS" He looks like a "silly 7 years old boy" GOOD ANDERSON. You have a great personality, no matter what kind of silly laughter you have.
The VIDEO is all about: JI- JI-JI- JA-JA-JA Anderson can't stop, Googles Baby old! I love Anderson.
Have a nice day!

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