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The 911 call sparked by Teen Mom star Amber Portwood's fight with Gary Shirley has just been released. She has some anger issues, you could say.

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amanda henley no ur wrong now go away fat man


AMBER IS INSAINE!!!!!!!!! i have a sister that is currently pregnate has lost her mind with the dead beat father her baby has but even though she is younger she composes herself more maturly than amber. Its imberassing to see how she acts its a disgrace because shes leahs idol leahs world leahs roll model and what is she teaching her??? I do pitty amber because i do feel like she lost her way during her expirience as a teen mom. Noone told her to open her legs and get prego. she chose to sleep with gary and hes an amazing man shoot ill take him hes honestly trying for someone that doesnt deserve it. Amber is officialy out of her mind she crying for help now that she dug her own grave n layd in it n she was fat the only reason she lost her weight is cuz she was on krak lol or were all helusinating and shes stil fat lol yey me =p ps this be writin by jenny aka prego ladi samy aka ginormika miguel aka pastel and like me


NO amber should not go to jail she needs to be with her little girl


she trully is a psycho!!! I am a huge fan of watching teen mom and seeing how young kids cannot raise themselves let alone a child, and Amber is the main one I look at and think she does not deserve to be raising this child, until she can learn to grow up herself. Its chicks like her that make u understand why guys lose the plot and lash back.


ugh i hate this bitch she deserves everything she gets its about time gary stand up for himself, i would of beat her ass along time ago

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