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The shocking and sad video recorded by bullied teen Amanda Todd before she committed suicide in Canada.

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Well, all what happened to her was all her OWN mistake. Why did she had to give a stupid picture of her BOOBS to just a random guy? Why did she even started talking on the webcams and media? -.-
I wouldn't like to say this because i love her so much, but she deserved it all! First, she sends her pic to the guys, then she goes to hook up with a random guy and then says she is alone and she has nobody..? Well, of course, this HAS to happen to her. It was all her mistake from the starting. She should've realized that it was a big mistake already! All that happened to her, was her own fault.
There are always these stupid boys who just want BOOBS AND SEX with random girls because of their prettiness, but Amanda was a strong girl, she should've known it. She should've been careful.
I love Amanda Todd, she is cute, beautiful and just love <3 But what happened to her, it was all her mistake.

@ Diana

Retards like you should not be allowed on the internet.


Surely, you would just leave Facebook...? Then no one could follow you or know where you are or tag you in stupid pictures?


Omg, I am so sad. Where are the other childrens parents, I just cannot believe children are so cruel. I cry for that poor girl. God bless her soul.

@ Julie

I cannot believe what those people did to her. OMG I wish I was there to help her through this.


there is someone in this world for every one. Some one who doesn't care about your past. I just wish she would have had enough time in life to find that person. This story is sad but there should be something to learn from it NO ONE DESERVES TO BE TREATED LIKE THAT AND EVEN IF IT ISN'T YOUR PROBLEM AND YOU SEE THIS HAPPENING TO SOME ONE ALL IT TAKES IS FOR YOU TO STAND UP AND SAY LEAVE HER/HIM ALONE!!! YOU MY SHARE IN THE RIDICULE BUT ID RATER STAND ON THE RIGHT SIDE THAN THE WRONG.


why would people enjoy bullying her?! seriously people mess up all the time , its part of growing up and learning how to not make those mistakes children can be so nasty and i know this because i am 14, this must have been some damn extreme bullying because none of this sort of thing happens at my school but i guess thats what happens when people let things go too far and no one steps in to stop it, seriously the teachers or parents really should have done something


Bullying is and has been a worldwide issue that everyone can talk about but hardly anybody can or will fix the problem; it's a cycle that needs to be broken!!


R.I.P we'll miss you


rip amanda todd :( all the bullies out there stop bullying coz ur making people kill there self and amanda killed her self because they was annoying her and being a bitch but come on u bullys can fuck off!


yes she did that but come on people who cares if she showed her boobs ik its stupid but still she killed her self coz of the bullies!


So she showed her boobs yes it was stupid the girls that bullied her will be judged by god. I'm sure they've made mistakes of their own they should have just let her be.

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