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Amanda Bynes posted this new Twitter video. She is cray-cray.

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Whoa!WTF?! She looks like a monster! When you start doing that kind of stuff to your face at such a young age, it GUARANTEES that you'll look like a plastic-surgery disaster for the rest of your life. Just worse and worse, the plder she gets. Thank God it's not usual for the rest of the world (not Hollywood) to get this kind of stuff done-- the world would become a very ugly place. It's too bad that narcissism plus money= turning your body/face into a bad caricature of a bizarro-world version of yourself.


"Does she have something wrong with her eye?" It's called drugs. She's so high, it's disgusting. Probably heroine, crack, or cocaine. Or all three. Junkie!


kimmick. Please stop using up American money on your disrespectful self...We already know your a JOKE!!!


Is she just rocking back and forth? It really doesn't look like her

@ gail

yea, i think someone does this to her videos. she needs mental care.


you poor girl WTF did you do to your self? u use to be so beautiful!!!!!!


wtf video kinda stupid and she need a stylest wth was she wareing wouldnt be cought dead in it

@ rachel

That outfit was cute, stop trying to be a fashion diva.


does she have something wrong with her eye???? its looking a bit funky lately!

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