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Amanda Bynes takes a bizarre Twitter selfie video. You gotta see it.

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lmaoo ahhhhh never will she be blac chynaaaaaaaaaaa.


WTF is wrong w her eye it gets like stuck and she starts twitching her head I use to be an addict and she seems to have all the signs like nasty hair n skin along w spasms. she's totally on a mixture of uppers and downers that's where the shakes n twitches come from... Jus sayin.


Oh Amanda, what happened to you?


Amanda is either totally unhinged, or a genius... hmmm...or both.


She looks like she's having a seizure. This video is like a f**king cry for help!!!


I'm pretty sure she's faking all this. I'm pretty sure this is gonna end up being a mockumentary or just some publicity stunt to come back. She was clearly making really stupid faces that no one would think was sexy. Unless you were on LSD and if thats the case then everything is crystal clear now.


wth!? she has totally lost it. She needs help. :-/


WTF did I just watch???? That poor girl is BEYOND messed up ...especially if she thinks she look "perfect" in that video....freaky


What is UP with her lately?? She seemed like such a sweet and down to Earth gal before. Now she just seems to be on the crazy side!! Im going to give her the benefit of the doubt since she is a comedian and hope that this is just an impression of Courtney Stodden. And I REALLY hope those piercings are fake! They look trashy on her :(


Amanda Bynes used to be so pretty. Now not so much now. Lose the fake looking blonde hair. tweeze your eyebrows. and get rid of 90% of the make up.

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