Amanda Bynes' Mom Breaks Silence, Bashes Rumors

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Amanda Bynes' mom is speaking out, breaking her silence regarding her daughter's mental health and slamming some of the rumors surrounding her situation.
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Dear Brooke,
In my culture, we remember a great leader who got drunk and passed out naked in his tent. One of his three sons accidentally walked in on him while he was lying there exposed and unaware, and the son thought it would be funny to go tell his brothers about it. Rather than encouraging this exploitation of the great man in his moment of weakness, the two of them grabbed a large blanket. They held it between them, and walked backwards into the tent and covered his nakedness without ever looking at him or telling anyone else. When the great leader awoke, they told him in private what had happened, and he rewarded them while cursing the first son.
It is wrong to deliver others up for shame and ridicule in their moments of weakness. Getting pleasure out of others' humiliation and suffering reveals in a singular way the poverty that reigns in our own hearts where love should be found. Please re-evaluate your motives for contributing to this website and its contents and decide whether it reflects the kind of person you really want to be.
With all sincerity and respect,

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