All These Boys

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Jasmine Villegas has released this single. Give a listen to "All These Boys" and sound off: What do you think?

Wel,i ve never heard..her singing!! Nd,dis whole bieber-thng,is really fyn! I,mean there is no connection-betwn,her..personal lyf nd profesional lyf! So,one shouldnt judge her profession...wid,wut she does in her private lyf! Nd,if dis 2 celebrity 2gether! Dan,,wtz d big deal?? Itz,just so--normal!


By the way. Jasmine you are beuatiful and you have great taste in guys.


Um i think she is amazing and has a bueatiful voice and style. I think they are cute together. If they want to date you cant stop them from liking each other. Its there life if they want to be together they can. They are just like us. Theres other guys out there. Leave them to alone. They are right for each other. You can text me at 513 504 0317. For more info on what i think.

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