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A video of Alicia Silverstone feeding her baby. Through interesting methodology.

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There are a lot of pol that do that.the only reason it's a big deal now is because it's Alicia Silverstone.Big deal she's feeding her kid....don


That was pretty nasty. Definitely for attention but what a weird way to get it. I used to think batman was the dumbest thing she ever did. [cat]


why chew??? WHY???? WHY???? USE A MIXER!!!! ????? SUREAL


I'm sorry but that plain old nasty! As a nurse I can tell you that is extremely un hygienic, there are a number of illnesses that can be transmitted throw saliva! BAD JOB MS.SILVERSTONE shame on you, you should know better!


There are parents in the celebrity world that do way worse. She's not hurting her son, so who cares? I understand because she's famous, she's always being watched, but aren't there more serious things for us to worry about? Leave Alicia alone!! :)


I have never done this I have a son however I did see a women do that and it was kind of gross and weird 2 me...


She should get a food processor and take the time to use it. This is just the most gross and lazy thing I have seen. Ridiculous and disgusting.


LMBO #Weird, who does that??!! smh


Some "celebrities" will do anything to put or keep their name out there in the social media world... And why is she filming it? There is no need for this... Just attention seeking if u ask me


I could see if we were birds but we are not birds

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