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A video of Alicia Silverstone feeding her baby. Through interesting methodology.

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Okay, she is not harming or endangering her child. She's not getting sexual pleasure either. She's just obsessed with her child (as all moms should be) and taking it to weirdtown. I feel sorry for that kid. Not now, but definitely later. Not too sorry though, because this is just gross and embarrassing, not really a big deal.


For those people that think it's such a big deal that Alicia fed her baby this way rather than chew it up & hand feed it because of SALIVA.. either way the child is exposed to mother's saliva... so honestly if that's your beef you need to re-think the reason this upsets you... it may look gross.. (not exactly the way I ever fed any of my 5 children) but it's really nobody's business.. and it does NOT look in any way sexual to me... Too many people have nothing better to do than cause hurt and pain in others lives because their lives have some sort of unwanted void or violence. To these people that can't handle watching Alicia with her son... TURN AWAY.. DON'T LOOK... Infact... GO AWAY & Do something to better yourself!!!


You people thinking it's sick, grow up. Fucking morons.


CPS? Really? A sexual thing for her? That assumption is more disturbing than three video. Get real.


to the lady that said a lot of people chew food for their kids: yes you are correct but noone spits food into their child mouth unless you do. Spitting and placing food in a child mouth is two different things. And because shes Alicia Silvertone thats probably why she hasn't been charge with endangerment of a child. Saliva is one of the main reasons for transmitting diseases.


Its one thing to chew food up for your child but soup do not need to be chewed up and at 10 months he should be able to swallow soup: I think CPS need to get involved I think thats a sexual pleasure to her and nasty; spitting into someone mouth. And if she do not eat meat what do she need to chew.


I would eat chewed food from alicias mouth anytime!


Sick, Sick, Sick! Nasty, Nasty, Nasty! But try to convince her of that, never? Just think of what this kid is going to go thru, now that this behavior is viral? Beliveve me, somewhere, somehow, sometime when he will least need this recorded history that his sick ko mommie did will devastate him?


There are a lot of people that do that. The only reason it matters now is because it's Alicia Silverstone.She's feeding her kid big deal.Don't like it don't look simple as that.


There are a lot of people that do that.the only reason it's a big deal now is because it's Alicia Silverstone.Big deal she's feeding her kid....don't like it don't look just that simple.

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