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Here it is, Adam Lambert fans. Listen to this singer's very first single. It's titled "Want."

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Unfortunately this is one of the songs that is on the BOGUS album being released by Hi-Fi/Wilshire Records AGAINST ADAM'S wishes. In spite of the fact that ADAM recorded this while working as a session singer back in 2005 for other singers ... not to be released by him ... to be used as a demo. I liked this song because ADAM does such a GREAT job ... as only he can do.


i loved it.....his voice is great....just focus on singing carear not gay stuff.....could be a super star....king maybe.....i will buy any songs he puts out.......


Well I love Adam's voice and I will buy the tune but it the song didn't do much to advance his career. He needs to blow us away! He can... the song didn't.

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