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During the semifinal round of American Idol, Adam Lambert got a lot of Satisfaction after his performance of a Rolling Stones' classic. The judges loved it. WE APOLOGIZE FOR THE INCONVENIENCE, BUT THIS VIDEO HAS BEEN REMOVED.

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If you had cd's out now even though you have not been made the american idol yet and you will be soon I would bye all of your music because you are in a league of your own and I just love how you perform and deliver your song it is fabulous


American Idol is the show that this talented kid needed. He should be making albums now so that we can buy them. You rock Adam !


Tonights Mad Money video from Adam, since Tivo cut off for everyone since the show ran late. Posted at
First item on the left side (Latest Postings) is his performance from the show.


oh please you people with the "gay" comments who cares
the guy can sing and he's hot no matter what his "sexual orientation". You Go Adam!


hes eyes. omg i love a gay man. what a wonderful talent. love love him


The kid blows my mind with his talent! Awesome talent.


Greetings Emily:
Sharie here.... Whoa, girl, get off your high horse and cool off before you have a coronary ! Sorry you can't read! The last couple sentences in my post of Mar. 7th were meant as HUMOR- GIVE ME A BREAK." Read it again, Bitch, it says: "Remember, this is a family show, so no grabbing your crouch is allowed IN THE CONTEST, save that for the FINALE." Meaning he would go all the way to the FINALE (and WIN). For cryin' out loud, did your parents tell you about the birds and bees, or did you jump to conclusions then too?
Adam is a special entertainer - COOL / HOT!
He is in his own league, and can really light a fire under his fans. Don't go off half-cocked next time - everyone I know loves Adam. He's the best thing since the invention of ice cream.
Okay ?
Regards, Sharie


Well what do I have to say for this song. Well umm there you go im in definate SPEECHLESS! I love how you go high and then range yourself somehow to get low agian. That is impossible for me! But you are the one and only Adam Lambert! Oh and the one that commented before me. You are a total bitch. Why would he grab himself on national televition? It just impresses me how you think his performing acts from his "Wicked" broadcast would affect him on the stage of American Idol. Again im going to use your words this is a family show he isnt retarded. And oh by the way that performance that he did do were he grabbed himself was for cancer so keep talkin' your shit smart ass! ~Emily~


Greetings: Adam Lambert - what an entertainer you are! You are so very different from all the other contestants on Idol. The very first thing that came to mind at first I saw you is the word “androgynous.� Other words coming to mind are glam’, gender-bending, beautiful, flamboyant and WOW in capital letters. You take a song and devour it like a wolf. I wish you well in your search for fame. I would guess that you have the ability to bring your fans to a whole new level of enthralment. You were born to entertain. Please be careful with your song choices and don’t do anything too outrageous, okay? Remember, this is a family show so no grabbing your crouch is allowed in the contest, save that for the fanale. LET'S GO, LET'S GO, LET'S GO - BRING IT AND SING IT ADAM.


Adam Lambert Rocks !!!
I was almost falling asleep but when I heard him I got up fast
He's Cute too.Rock On!!!

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