Adam Lambert, Mad World

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Adam Lambert didn't just sing "Mad World" by Tears for Fears. He absolutely dominated the night with it.

Simon was on the money! No words need to be said! Eight seasons of a terrific show has produced without any doubt, and bar none,Adam Lambert; the very best talent to have appearred on American Idol. As a music critic, I find his performances flawless! What an awesome talent he is. I cannot recall any voice in any of the previous seasons to come close to Adam's. He is a true performer and his modesty only enhances his character. His showmanship only lends to his unique talent. Paula was right when she stated during the tour,"Adam is the best talent we've heard"! He is the best talent American Idol has ever seen! Period!!


The song brought tears to my eyes. This was a very special moment, and, from now on, Adam Lambert is one of my all-time favorites. Yes, a Standing-O was deserved. I hope to hear from this fine talent for many years to come.


I am 54 and into every kind of music. I LOVED ADAM'S PERFORMANCE LAST NIGHT !!! Enchanting !!! I am so glad to see him dress differently than he was in the beginning of AI, my husband was turned off to him (kind of Goth). He said after last night performance no one can hold a candle to that your matter what he looks like.


Masterful! From the cyan-lit stage to the shadows from which he sang while sitting in what could have doubled as childhood school chair facing the rest of the class. The only way someone can perform such work is to have lived it. What's great about this performance is that we all to some extent have lived this isolation at one point or another and the connection is made absolute with the emotion is his voice. I found myself transported to my childhood. Magical...


Unbeleivable talent, he is the ultimate star! If ever on American Idol. The show could end its run forever he would be the top star ever to come from it. He could quit tommorrow and let someone else win and he'd be a star anyway! That was such a hauntly good song choice last night, brillant!


Adam took me in from the moment he started.. he is exactly what the show is looking for, and so much more. This particular song gave me chills so I have played it over and over...what a performer, what a super star he will be. I am over 50 and appreciate all kinds of music. Adam speaks volumes with his unique voice, and personality, and professionalism....if he continues to stay true to himself, he is going to be a true lifelong super star. Kudos !


I think Adam is the best. I have watched American Idol since it started. He has the most talent of all past shows. I hear no one else, and I look forward to hearing him sing every week. If a CD comes out by him now I would run out and buy it. He is a star. I have loved his voice from the auditions, and I still believe he is the best. And I am not a kid I am a grandma who really appreciates a beautiful voice. He also has a very nice mature personality, he doesn't make stupid faces or talk stupid. He has a professional presence.

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