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Adam Lambert didn't just sing "Mad World" by Tears for Fears. He absolutely dominated the night with it.

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Adam is without a doubt the very best contestant AI has EVER had on their show. I've seen other performances of his on U-Tube and he is absolutely fabulous!! I'm in my 60's and have seen a lot of entertainers in my lifetime (including Elvis) and this young man is definitely going places!! He deserves to win Idol ... he's in a class by himself.


Adam,Adam,Adam.... I love you! I only watch the show to see you. My stomach does cartwheels when I see you perform. You have an aura & presence about you that outweighs any other performer in this era, you are a great entertainer. I hope to see so much more of you in the limelight. You are excellent! Your biggest fan Fiona from New Zealand


OH Man, that gave me goosebumps. I get chills watching and listening to this everytime!! Amazing!


Spellbinding, astonishing, Simon was right there are no words...


wow!! I am so honored to witness a "SUPER STAR" in my life time time. I am still mesmerized by Adam's "Mad World" performance i cannot stop playing the video. American Idol will never be the same after Adam Lambert. He is a rare jewel that sparkles more radiantly with every performance. I am also age 50, an old D.J. from New York City, familiar with all groups and solo artist and Sir Adam, is beyond the American Idol!!!!!! I wish him all the success in the world...He has a spectacular future ahead of him!!!


Adam you are a such a SUPER STAR! Please don't change with fame. You are so beautiful on the inside and out. You are the one that only comes along once in a lifetime.
You have have extraordinary talent that reaches out to an audience of all ages.
'It a Kind of Magic'.
Aroha from New Zealand and Good Luck Gorgeous.


Adam is the absolute best singer and performer Idol has ever had. He is a star, he has it all, talent, drama, good looks. I would buy all the songs he has done so far, and I will buy his CD when it comes out. True talent transcends all genres. Keep doing what you are doing we are all talking about you, even up here in Canada! Can't wait to see what you do next!!!


I must say that I have watched AI since it first starting airing 8 years ago. Adam is my all time favorite. It is the highlight of the show to watch and hear him sing. He is the best ever on AI. I picked him from the begging to win and it appears that he is by far the best singer ever on AI. Agreed that his modesty is something that makes him even more of a pleasure to watch. Good luck Adam and I look foreward to buying your cd in the near future. He reminds me so much of Elvis, but with a better voice. :-)


I was spellbound last night. The lighting, the chair, the pure voice of a splendid singer/entertainer. Each week, I think Adam gets better. Comes up with ideas and his own rendition of songs: songs that could have been chosen by other contestants, but they would be fruitless trying to out shine Adam. As a grandmother, I grew up with Elvis, Motown, Beatles, etc. I was completely absorbed by Adam. What a mavelous young man, humble, sensitive, kind, and so so talented. He is the best I have heard in years, no, the best I have ever heard. Thanks Adam for being you. I don't know what I'll do when Idol is over this year. Adam is the only reason I have watched this year.


He is a great singer but his version of this song was not that good. Definitely listen to the version sang in the movie "Donnie Darko".

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