Adam Lambert, Feeling Good

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For his Rat Pack performance, Adam Lambert went with "Feeling Good." That doesn't even begin to describe how we feel watching this incredible talent on stage. WE APOLOGIZE FOR THE INCONVENIENCE, BUT THIS VIDEO HAS BEEN REMOVED.

adam dear!! believe me all your performances are extraordinary and the best i've ever seen. i'm a performer myself and i'm quiet a CRITIC. when i saw your performances, my jaw dropped and it only happened once in my life!! i think i'm inlove!!!


Matt Giraud revealed in his exit interview, US Weekly & on Seacrest's radio show that Adam was unhappy with his performance on Tuesday. He knew he was in the B2. When Ryan asked Adam to pick the group he felt he belonged in that night without declaring him safe, he picked Allison & Danny. "I was definitely surprised that Adam was down there with me but he didn't like his own performance. We were both goofing off from each other waiting for Ryan to call our name out to try & make it all less serious, y'know? That's what we do. It was a cruel twist for him to have to pick who he thought was in the bottom 3. Me & Kris were giving him a hard time backstage, like, "Why didn't you pick US!! Because we were almost certain WE were the Bottom 3. We love Adam so that was uncomfortable. But you know Adam, he'll be ok, he'll bounce back."


It's no matter if he wins this AI because he has shown himself to the world. He is very popular in Asia too. He is not only a good singer but also a good performer. He is all people needs. But like he said " this is gonna be hate it or like it". So I dont think he will be surprised if there is someone hates him. I mean everyone is good singer in this season and they all deserve to win. However, I think Adam is the best since I have been watched AI for all season, and what a pity that I cant vote for him.

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