A. Samuels - Livin De Life

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A. Samuels is a 55 Year old casino executive with a passion for hip hop. His story of "Livin De Life" is unique to say the least.
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Now you see, I actually liked this song. One of the very few hip-hop songs I like.


yuck,,, you wanna call women bitches, don't do in in public. big mistake!!

Amy cook

You kids are SO rude now days, SHAME on all of you negative commenters....This man is just following his dream, you are NEVER to old to dream....youth does NOT hold the market on having fun and letting go to follow your dreams....This man has made it possible for many to have dreams of their own by employment, SHOW SOME RESPECT!!


Woooow. this was so stupid. I think I just died a little.

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