A Double Shot at Love

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Rikki and Vikki Ikki star on the new MTV reality show, A Double Shot at Love. Here's the network's first preview for the series.

desearia que me enviaran fotos de las gemelas a mi e-mai por fa


son las mejores y su programa es el mas genial que he visto.
ustedes son muy bonitas cualquier chica seria feliz de ser ustedes lindas e inteligentes. besos


� � их ОБОЖ�Ю!!!!!!!!


Talk about pure, uncut entertainment! It doesn’t get any better than this!


I love them twins! they is hot like fire


Awwwwww Yeah, I have to be checking this out at well. It's been good so far. Hey Littletaco, by the way are you a cute mexican girl, maybe we can watch the show together sometime! :)


No way!!! TWINS!!!!! OMG! so tight! I will def be watching!!

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Rikki and Vikki Ikki Biography

The Ikki Twins
Rikki and Vikki Ikki are twin, bisexual sisters. They'll soon be reality TV stars, as MTV has chosen this large-breasted pair to star in... More »
San Diego, California
Full Name
Rikki and Vikki Ikki

Rikki and Vikki Ikki Quotes

I like guys that look like guys. Not a pretty boy or a metrosexual or anything like that.

Rikki Ikki

I like compassion and guys that are motivated and want to do something with their life. I like pretty boys and guys with nice bodies.

Nikki Ikki