9/11 Tribute

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What will you do to remember 9/11? Lady Gaga, Fran Drescher, Pauly D, Nas, Juliane Hough and Drake Bell answer that question in this video.
This video is no longer available. Please check below for related videos.

Thanks to all who commented, and there are pblraboy many more comments to come. Here are some responses we received thru our personal email Touching. Very interesting reading. Made me laugh numerous times. Ariel was quite the bird. I had no idea that they had such personality. Makes me sad that I did not meet the old geezer. I know the pain. We lost [our dog] who was a character himself. We sat here earlier and watched all the video clips of, Ariel and laughed at his silliness. [Our young son] really got a kick out of him. It was a lovely tribute, which I enjoyed reading and revisiting the wonder that was the lovely Ariel. Thanks for sharing. We've had a couple of birds over the years, not nearly as special as Ariel it would appear.You were quite blessed. Loved your tribute to Ariel. Wonderful and very touching. He was so lucky to find the two of you and you him.

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