2-Year-Old Bedtime Bandit

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This toddler is caught on tape picking the lock to his sister's room and taking her stuff at night. He's 2!
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I believe that the child was being taped by his father. This probably was not the first time this had happened. I've caught my children doing some outlandish things I wouldn't never have believed till I seem it on tape. In fact we have keys for all the room in our house. The other day I went into the spare room which we always keep locked because this is where we hide presents etc. I noticed when I went into put a few items we had received in the mail into the boxes in the closet the boxes were a mess. However. Everything was still in it. So I was thinking maybe I did that in a hurry the last time I was in here. Till that night. Low and behold. I went to get a couple of items that I was going to paint for my young child for their play room. Guess what! They were gone and so was a key. However the key had been missing for sometime. I figured I washed it or some thing. Anyway I spoke to my child and explained what I was doing and could not find the items I was looking for. Btw they just turn 6. So I said after Tearing the house apart looking for these two items went and spoke with my child and said I had to step outside for a moment so I could quit being so mad at myself for losing something I was making for them. I waited 5 minutes came back in and one of the items is in my child's hand and the other is on the floor right beside the box I went through what felt like 10 times. Don't underestimate a child especially if they know how to use a electronic devise and can get on YouTube! I guess either change hiding place or get a video camera too if you have these problems. It's cute. However. We have to correct our children and explain although this may not seem like a bad thing in actuality it is. It will cause major problems down the road. To stealing and and not having any compassion for anyone but themselves. That is not a good thing. We had a talk about what would they feel if someone came in and took their items. "Not good Mommy"! How do you think I felt when I thought someone stole your stuff I was making for you. "Not good mommy"! We don't have to be abusive to get our point across. No screaming or any unnecessary grounding. However show them the right steps to take in life. A little talk and speaking their language can do so much more than a spanking or timeouts and all that stuff we had when we were children. This is coming from a mother who is in her 40's. 2 grown children, one whom has passed on and one little angel that keeps me going. Believe me when I say enjoy all the good times. The petty stuff is just that. Love your child with every oz. of your being. You can never say I love you too much and always be there for them no matter what. Unconditional love is just that. No matter what. You may get mad or frustrated, look at the bigger picture. Enjoy these special moments because they only happen once.


you see the director's shadow on the right so this entire scene was cotrolled by him!!

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