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Don't hand The Bachelor over to Juan Pablo Galavis just yet.

Zak Waddell, the charmer who finished in fourth place on this season of The Bachelorette, would be the first choice of one person who knows him well:

Desiree Hartsock, The Bachelorette herself!

Desiree and Zak

Recalling her experience with Zak, who she reunited with briefly on the Men Tell All special, Des said, "The biggest surprise came when he pulled out his guitar and sang to me."

"It was a beautiful song that expressed exactly how he felt about the goodbye and moving on. I love that he always has something new to share and is vulnerable enough to express it."

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The rumor mill is swirling as to who Desiree Hartsock picks on The Bachelorette. Spoilers up until now have been accurate ... but what about going forward?

The field of 25 has been narrowed to just four, as tonight's hometown dates featured Brooks Forester, Chris Siegfried, Drew Kenney and Zak Waddell.

The favorite coming in? Brooks, in many people's minds.

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But did he come away with a rose tonight? Who got sent home? And who - if anyone - do The Bachelorette spoilers say Desiree gets engaged to in the finale?

There have been reports that Des will pull a Brad Womack and pick no one, perhaps because Brooks, who she's in love with is not on the same page.

In any case, he got a rose tonight, along with ...

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Is Brooks Forester ready for marriage on The Bachelorette? And do any of his three remaining competitors stand a better chance with Desiree Hartsock?

The hometown dates (or The Bachelorette spoilers) will reveal all!

At least, that's what Desiree is hoping for in Monday's all-new episode, where she puts her quality time with each member of the final four's family to good use:

Before the two ladies in Brooks' life - Des and his mom - sit down for some girl talk, the elder Forester takes note of the duo's interactions at dinner.

The way she gazes upon Brooks Forester is "with a love was very tender to see that happening," she says ... his mom, that is. About Des.

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The Bachelorette final four are set, but in the aftermath of Desiree Hartsock's surprising confession on last night's episode, is Brooks Forester a final rose lock?

If you've read any of The Bachelorette spoilers, you know she's been sweet on one guy from the get-go. Monday, that guy sure looked like Brooks.

The question is whether Chris Siegfried, Drew Kenney or Zak Waddell can pull off an upset - or if she sends them ALL home in the mother of all shockers.

While the promos have certainly hinted at that possibility, from what we know of Desiree Hartsock, it seems unlikely she'd pull a Kelly Taylor in the end.

She basically said last night that she sees Brooks in the end, but the others are in this for the right reasons as well. She's got to get engaged ... right?

How do you think it'll play out in the upcoming episodes? Check out the spoilers link above if you want to know, but either way, tell us: who do you want to win?

Who should Des pick of her top four on The Bachelorette?


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Desiree Hartsock begins her quest for love and ratings as The Bachelorette May 27, and we're starting to piece together the coming season bit by bit.

The Bachelorette spoilers revealed so far hint at a multitude of charming, impressive guys and magical moments for Des. But which man will win it all?

Desiree Hartsock on The Bachelorette

Desiree Hartsock, 26, competed for Sean Lowe's affections on The Bachelor. That didn't work out, as she finished fourth. But when one door closes ...

As he did then, the man, the myth, the one-man online oracle of TV, Reality Steve, has been digging like a fiend for the spoilers we know you crave.

What has he found out through his mysterious unnamed sources?

A lot. And his venerable track record speaks for itself at this point.

Come along as we reveal the men who will vie for the California cutie's heart - and the final four who are left standing at the end! Which one will win it all?

Follow the jump for The Bachelorette spoilers 2013!

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