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Thanks to People, as usual, for this collection of celebrity quotes.

"I was basically in the fetal position, basically in hysterics."
- Paris Hilton, on her first sleepless nights in jail

Pretty Paris Pic

"I think my height intimidates people ... When I tower under people, it's horrible."
- The 5'2" Paula Abdul, on her new Bravo reality show Hey Paula

"I think people see the cliché of the rock star. We're supposed to get married every three years... trade in, trade out. I don't dare say 'trade up.' I made a good deal the first time. If Angelina Jolie came in today, I wouldn't trade."
- Jon Bon Jovi, on his successful 18-year marriage to wife Dorothea

"Who else died? My career after coming to Australia."
- ER star John Stamos, after appearing on an Australian talk show in an apparent altered state, later blamed on being jet lagged.

"It was the morning after I'd spent some time with a few of the girls and I was lying in my bed, and I went, 'I want to be a Spice Girl.' And then I went 'Oh my God, I AM a Spice Girl!'"
- Geri Halliwell, on when she realized she wanted to reunite with her Spice Girls band mates

"My head is going to be so huge ... Now I may or may not wear pants for my takes with Steve from now on. I want to give him something special to think about."
- John Krasinski, on being told that his costar on The Office, Steve Carell, discussed his "hotness" to People

"I'm not sure when or why the tabloid angle on me was decided that I am a cad. I'd have much rather it had been that I am secretly a dentist or that I love soup."
- Zach Braff, addressing rumors of his reported womanizing on his blog

"We want to do a remake of Duets."
- Paul Rudd, on the next project he would like to tackle with frequent costar Seth Rogen, to GQ

"I'll be Huey Lewis."
- Knocked Up star Steh Rogen, on his preferred role, should that opportunity to remake a film ever arise

"I feel much better now and am delighted to announce that Brad and Angelina may choose to adopt my appendix and give it a loving home."
- Alleged comedian and talk show host Jimmy Kimmel, after returning to work following emergency appendectomy surgery last week

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The Hollywood Gossip is proud to welcome you all once again to Celebrity Look-Alikes. Only this time, it's Celebrity Look-Alikes: Zach Braff style.

No, there's no Braff look-alike we've come across. Just some ladies connected to the quirky actor. As you may know, he and longtime girlfriend Mandy Moore recently broke up. How ironic, then, that in his latest movie, The Last Kiss, Braff stars along side an actress who bears a slight resemblance to his ex!

Mandy Moore Picture

Here's Moore (left) and actress Jacinda Barrett (right):


Definitely a couple of cuties right there. In real life, Braff dated Moore. In the Last Kiss, Braff knocks up Barrett, then cheats on her with Rachel Bilson. This is after he got Natalie Portman in Garden State! Suffice it to say, he's definitely no scrub when it comes to the ladies!

Sorry. You know who is, though? Moore's current squeeze, DJ AM. What a clown.

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Zach Braff may have launched his career on the silly sitcom, Scrubs, but the actor says in real life, he resembles the depressed character he played in Garden State.

"I think I suffer from some mild depression," he told Parade magazine. "So to have millions of people go, 'I watched your movie and related' was the ultimate affirmation that I'm not a freak."

Zach Braff Pic

That is always comforting to know. But the same can't necesarily be said of his ex, Mandy Moore.

For some odd reason, the cute actress has been seen out on the town with Adam "DJ A.M." Goldstein.

"We were together for a while, and that is the only true thing that has ever been written about my romantic life," Braff joked.

Nominated for a Golden Globe for best actor in a comedy series for Scrubs, Braff says he has yet to decide whether or not the beloved series will continue, but does feel "optimistic that there will be a seventh season."

In the meantime, he is readying another film, Fast Track, with Amanda Peet, a romantic comedy due out in March about a family man who is saddled with a bad job.

"At my age, those are the things you are always talking about," Braff said, explaining that the comedy has real-life implications. "If I'm going to have kids, how will that change things? I like to think that all of the introspection leads to something really funny."

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Just kidding. Zach Braff was not even in the same pic as those two.

Simpson in Paris

Did we fool you? If so, sorry. But were we really lying? He probably would want to hit that -- the Scrubs star is single, and a red-blooded male, after all.

Nevertheless, it's his Scrubs co-star, Donald Faison, who's moving in on that piece. They're dating. In this pic, he's escorting the lovely CaCee Cobb to the L.A. hot spot Hyde, which may be the only club in Southern California.

Cobb, of course, is the former BFF and personal assistant to Ms. Jessica Simpson. Emphasis on former. She couldn't hack it after awhile. It's a hard life, being a celebrity's bitch and having a retarded name, to boot. Listening, Rumer Willis?

In the picture at left, Braff was attending the Hollywood screening of the Lifetime film, Why I Wore Lipstick To My Mastectomy, which stars another Scrubs cast member, Sarah Chalke. Braff did hit that piece. On screen at least.

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The Gossip loves Rachel Bilson. How can anyone not adore such a cutie?

But the actress may have her hands full these days ... of hot man love! Everyone knows that Bilson and co-star Adam Brody have been an item for almost as long as their OC characters - Seth and Summer - have been dating.

Hayden Christensen and Rachel Bilson

They seem awfully happy. But can anyone woman resist the innocent charm of Zach Braff? Having starred alongside Bilson in the recent release, The Last Kiss, Braff looks as comfortable as Brody with her in the images below, doesn't he?

We're not saying Rachel is wearing Zach's Scrubs (if you know what we mean!), but we're not saying she isn't, either.

If the Bilson and Brody relationship is coming to an end, however, we hope it's a more pleasant conclusion than that of The OC in this, its final season. Gosh, it's become awful.

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Don't worry, fans, this season of Scrubs is gonna be REALLY funny.

Not that it would be possible for the shananigans of JD, Turk, Dr. Cox and the crew not to be hilarious, but star Zach Braff is reassuring anyway.

Zach Braff Smiling Photo

"We just finished the first episode and there's lots of prosthetic make-up in the first episode. Last year, we sort of got really silly and random, and we call it the stoner humor. We did a little more of that, and the fans loved it. We had our best ratings ever. The feeling is this will probably be the last year, so we're all just sort of going for it," Braff said while promoting his new film, The Last Kiss.

As far as guest appearances go, Braff is really hoping to get a former Arrested Development character on. So are we, Zach. So are we.

"The one person I want right now is David Cross. I wanted David Cross to come on as Tobias Funke ... I love that character, and the fact that character is over for good, I want him to at least have one more little life."

Besides working on Scrubs, Braff has been rumored to play Fletch in Fletch Won, which predates the first seven books in the series. It follows the early days of the title character's journalism career as a junior reporter in his 20's.

"I don't know. Bill Lawrence is definitely writing and directing Fletch, and there's a good chance I'll do it ... The books aren't as wacky and silly as the Chevy Chase movies were, so there was talk for awhile of going back to the books and not having that level of comedy in them, and Bill and I both disagreed.

"That's what made the movie so great. It's one of the most quoted movies ever, especially by guys. Why would you not tap back into what's funny about that?"

In the meantime, The Last Kiss opens on Friday, September 15.

Hey! According to rumors, that's the day after Britney Spears gives birth to her second baby. So that's nice.

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He's not blonde. He doesn't straddle every guy with two feet. And he's not unnecessarily using up oxygen from the planet.

Zach Braff Smiling Photo

So stop comparing Zach Braff to Paris Hilton!

The Scrubs star was on The Late Show with David Letterman this week - and he wasn't his usual jolly self. Braff seemed upset at how the tabloids have made him out to be a heavy party-goes since the public break-up with Mandy Moore.

"I lead a pretty boring life - I sit at home, I'm on the Internet, I eat cereal - that's a typical night for me," Braff said.

"Here's how the whole thing works. I actually decided, ‘Maybe I'll go out. It's the summertime, I'm off from Scrubs.' So I go out a little bit and they write all about me being this crazy party guy, like I'm Paris Hilton or something. I'm like the male Paris Hilton."

Perish that thought, J.D. Unless you have a sex tape of you answering the phone while getting it on with Turk, you're nothing like that hotel bimbo.

Braff continued to lament the nature of some in the media:

"So then I'm like, ‘I don't like that. I don't like being in the tabloids, so I'm just going to stay home. I'm going to be a homebody, I'm going to write'. A week later a tabloid comes out with - ‘Zach Braff Will Not Leave His Home!' You can't win! I just gave up on it."

The man makes a good point. But The Gossip has just one thing to say on the matter: Zach Braff Cannot Win!

Read all about it here.

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Go to a movie theater, watch a romantic comedy, see a couple fall madly in love. Unfortunately for actors, real life doesn't always follow a script.

Ask Zach Braff. While promoting his new film, The Last Kiss, Braff opened up about the troubles of dating in Tinseltown. He had his own problems earlier this when he and Mandy Moore broke up.

Zach Braff Picture

"A relationship is hard, doing it in the public eye is something that's very new to me. I was a waiter give years ago and when I was a waiter nobody was telling lies about me in the tabloids. But it's par for the course," said the Scrubs star.

One recent tabloid rumor even linked him with Jessica Simpson, but Braff insists the gossip isn't true: "

Totally made up. I've met her a couple times, she's a sweet girl but I think I saw her two months ago at a bar in the Hamptons and that was it."

Oh well. Maybe if Scrubs wins an Emmy Award, the ladies will come running.

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As we discussed yesterday, everyone is chiming in about Mel Gibson. The latest individual being lovable Scrubs star Zach Braff, who claims in his official blog that he wants his money back from Bird On A Wire.

  • Mel Gibson Smirks
  • Zach Braff Pic

The 31-year old actor, who is Jewish, was probably less than thrilled about Gibson's anti-semetic tirade last Friday.

But, if it's any consolation, evidently Mel hates gays too, and probably a whole host of other ethnic groups we just don't know about yet.

Braff, whose blog also talks about his new myspace page and some of his musical interests, has reportedly been laying low since his difficult breakup with singer and actress Mandy Moore. He will be back on the set of Scrubs when the quirky sitcom kicks off its sixth year.

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Let's hope this is one piece of Hollywood gossip that become a Tinseltown truth:

Scrubs creator Bill Lawrence is hoping to cast Zach Braff in a new installment of the Fletch movie series. He makes an ideal bumbling doctor, why not a clueless detective in a role perfected by Chevy Chase?

Zach Braff Pic

Lawrence has inked a deal with the Weinstein Co. to bring the character back to the big screen. Regarding Braff, Lawrence told Reuters:

" [He's] perfect for the role. I'm going to use all my pull trying to make him do it."

We'd love to see Braff accept and then everyone can forget the fact that he was totally snubbed for an Emmy Award nomination!

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