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Though her name may sound like some sort of expensive cheese, Halston Sage is apparently an actress who co-stars with Zac Efron in the new Seth Rogen comedy Neighbors. If recent pics of Zac and Halston are any indication their relationship is more than just professional.

Halston Sage and Zac Efron Photo
Zac and Halston at a Lakers game. The two actors are rumored to be dating.

That's Zac and Halston at a Lakers game last week, just days after Halston ended her long-term relationship with Glee actor Chord Overstreet. In case you're wondering, Neighbors wrapped filming several weeks ago so, no - Zac and Halston aren't just friendly co-workers.

Zac has had his ups and downs lately. Following a rehab stint, there have been widely circulated rumors that Efron is back on drugs and he was recently involved in a bizarre street brawl with a group of homeless men.

On the flipside, Zac's shirtless MTV Move Awards moment was considered by many to be the highlight of the show.

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Now this would be a way to give those Oscar ratings a boost...

At the 2014 MTV Movie Awards, Rita Ora and Jessica Alba Ora presented the Best Shirtless Performance to Zac Efron for his role in That Awkward Moment.

This then led to one seriously sexy moment, as Ora tore Efron's shirt off and the actor took advantage of the forced striptease to flex his muscles a bit for the screaming crowd.

Is Efron back on drugs?

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Sorry, Zac Efron. But your friends aren't buying.

Late Sunday night, the actor was at the center of a bloody brawl in a shady area of Los Angeles, one known for gang-related activity and drug dealing.

His supposed bodyguard then came out and told TMZ that he and Efron were simply driving to a sushi restaurant when they ran out of gas... and that Efron saved his life by fighting off transients with a vodka bottle.

But those close to the former High School Musical star are skeptical.

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What was Zac Efron doing on Skid Row last night? 

How did the actor end up getting into a melee with a couple of homeless men?

TMZ spoke to the bodyguard who was with Efron in a shady area of Los Angeles late Sunday night and the man says he and the actor were on their way to a restaurant in Little Tokyo they ran out of gas.

After Efron accidentally smashed a bottle near a few transients, the unnamed bodyguard says the antagonists stabbed him in the face, stomach and chest with a shank-like “spear.”

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Zac Efron had himself an interesting and frightening Sunday night.

According to authorities, the actor and a man identified as his bodyguard pulled over under the Harbor Freeway in Los Angeles because their car ran out of gas.

While sitting in the vehicle, Efron tossed a bottle out the window and it smashed near a group of transients.

Dazed Zac Efron

Efron told police that two of these men attacked his bodyguard in response and then hit him “the hardest I’ve ever been hit in my life” when he tried to help.

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Young love. It can be so fleeting.

Just ask Aaron Carter, who dated Hilary Duff way back in the day, cheated on her multiple times and now very badly wants her back.

You just don't know what you've got until it's gone sometimes. That's true for us, it's true for you and it's true for many young celebrities.

The following relationship didn't last, but neither half of the ex-couple seems especially happy and/or in love these days, causing us to ask: Should they give it another shot?

We think so. But what say you? And, more importantly, what say them?!?

Aaron Carter and Hilary Duff
Remember the days? Aaron Carter and Hilary Duff were once an adorable item.

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Ellen DeGeneres, you are a very lucky woman.

And not just because you make a living talking to celebrities such as Justin Bieber, Kim Kardashian and, well... absolutely everyone.

But mainly because you turned 56 this week and had Zac Efron on as a guest and the That Awkward Moment star serenaded you with his beautiful voice and wish a guitar. Swoon...

Watch Efron do his thing now and prepare any moment for an announcement that Ellen is now straight. Efron, after all, is enough to make any woman switch teams.

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Zac Efron may be in the best place he's ever been at right now.

But we doubt he'd apply such gushing praise to a red carpet interview he suffered through this week.

The That Awkward Moment star was part of a very awkward moment when approached by Fox News' Michael Tammero at a New York City screening of the film last night.

“What is your point of view on living, loving and dating?” the reporter asked, to which Efron replied with utter confusion and a shade of annoyance.

Tammero laughed and rephrased the question, to which Efron curtly replied: "Watch the movie."

Check out the exchange now, then view the That Awkward Moment trailer and decide: Will you watch the movie?

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Zac Efron has "never been this happy," he said today, and we couldn't be more excited for the gorgeous "High School Musical" star.

The 26-year-old actor sat down on The Today Show on Tuesday morning to promote his new film That Awkward Moment alongside co-stars Miles Teller and Michael B. Jordan - and the topic turned to some personal issues for the hunk.

Savannah Guthrie decided to jump right into questions about Efron's recent history, asking him about reports that he checked into rehab last year.

"I know last year was a little bit hard. There were reports that you'd gone to rehab. Anything you want to share about that? I think mostly your fans just want to know how you're doing and that you're OK," Savannah inquired.

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Zac Efron's broken jaw has been wired shut since November, and as a result, he hasn’t exactly been able to explain what caused the injury in detail.

The actor's rep claimed Zac slipped in a puddle, though the lack of any 911 call and the absurdity of that scenario in general cast doubt on his story.

Thankfully, his That Awkward Moment co-stars Miles Teller and Michael B. Jordan have released a video explaining what really happened to Efron:

“Zac was at home with a girl, giving her the worst sexual experience of her life - absolute worst,” the stars say, trading off lines as Zac sits silently.

“But she was getting into it, until she realized that you were finished, so early."

"And this poor girl’s pent up sexual energy, which you failed to satisfy, made her angry. So she picked up a book, a heavy book, and slammed it into your beautiful face.”

“Case, closed,” Miles and Michael say, trading high fives.

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