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Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber may both be dating models.

But they are definitely acting like immature exes over the Internet.

The former couple has been subtly going back and forth online all week, with Bieber posting intimate photos of himself and model Yovanna Ventura and Selena responding by dissing Justin on Instagram.

But now the pair is really aiming for the jealousy jugular.

Male model Tanz Watson just took to Twitter and ran a picture of him and Gomez, including with it a caption that reads: “Hold up hold up got my homie @selenagomez."

In response? Bieber posted an image of him and Ventura in Los Angeles, along with the caption, “Dinner for 2 ;)"

  • Tanz Watson and Selena Gomez
  • Justin Bieber and Yovanna Ventura Photo


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Now we may know why Selena Gomez was so sad on Instagram earlier this week.

Justin Bieber took to his online Shots account last night and posted a picture of himself and Yovanna Ventura, the same Yovanna Ventura with whom Bieber was often spotted in May.

Ventura and Bieber went on multiple dates this spring, including one at Venice Beach in which Justin was shirtless and the two rode a bicycle rickshaw

Yovanna Ventura with Justin Bieber

What does this photo mean for Justin and Selena? Nothing positive, that's for certain.

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Justin Bieber has been a busy young man of late.

Banging out beats? HA! More like banging out supermodels! Or at least trying to with every fiber of his manhood (or whatever the Justin Bieber equivalent is).

A recent report claims Bieber is on a mission to sleep with beautiful women. But, like George Bush winning the Iraq war, was that mission really accomplished?

Over the past few weeks alone, Bieber has been traveling the globe and linked in his birthday suit to some of the world's best known beauties.

Who is rumored to have had the good fortune (or misfortune) of waking up next to a naked Justin Bieber? A lot of famous names, with one key omission:

Sorry, Selena Gomez. You didn't make the cut:

Adriana Lima
Mere weeks after ending her marriage to Marko Jaric, Adriana Lima allegedly went home from a party in Cannes with The Biebs. We're guessing he hit a home run with her!

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Can Justin Bieber flirt with every model he comes across while on vacation in France?

Yes, he Cannes!

The singer has been enjoying himself throughout the past several days of the Cannes Film Festival, reportedly going home one night with Barbara Palvin after a party and now flirting very openly with Yovanna Ventura on Instagram.

  • Justin Bieber in a Black Suit
  • Yovanna Ventura Pics

The artist posted the above shot of Ventura on his account Monday, including with it a caption that reads "I see you In that Dolce Dress. Glad u had fun. :)."

The Miami-based model, meanwhile, ran her own picture of Bieber on the red carpet yesterday and wrote: "mcm [man crush Monday] looking great in that suit."

You might wanna turn away right about now, Selena Gomez.

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Justin Bieber has a new woman on his arm, that much has been made clear over the past few days.

But does he also have Yovanna Ventura in his bed?

The singer and the 19-year old model have been spotted out on multiple recent occasions, first posing for a photo in Las Vegas over the weekend and then going on a date in Venice Beach.

Neither Bieber nor Ventura have commented on their romantic status, but it's clear fans of the former think something is going on between the sheets.

They have harassed Ventura over Twitter and Instagram of late, prompting the following online message from the young hottie:

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Yovanna Ventura may totally be getting it on with Justin Bieber.

Talk of the singer and this model as a romantic item heated up over the weekend after Bieber posted a photo with Yovanna Ventura on his Instagram account, one in which the two looked mighty cozy.

And now TMZ has run footage of Bieber and Ventura hanging out in Venice Beach.

After strolling around the boardwalk for a spell yesterday, Justin and Yovanna hopped into a bicycle rickshaw, which - hilariously - was too small to fit Bieber's bodyguard.

So you can watch the rumored couple enjoy a ride along the beach now, while this entourage member tries to enjoy a forced run:

Bieber is definitely not dating Selena Gomez any longer, that much we know for certain.

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You might wanna turn away, Selena Gomez.

Justin Bieber did not spend the weekend only in the company of Floyd Mayweather, getting pampered alongside the boxer.

In Last Vegas for that athlete's championship fight, Bieber also spent time with Kylie Jenner and a model named Yovanna Ventura - and we've got the photographic evidence to prove it!

An insider tells E! News that Bieber hung out with Jenner Hard Rock Hotel, though it's unclear where this selfie was snapped.

Sure looks someplace dark and intimate, though, doesn't it?

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