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If you thought Suge Knight getting shot at a pre-VMA party was the only incident of hip hop-related violence over the weekend, you were sadly mistaken.

Young Jeezy Booking Photo

A man was shot five times and killed during a Wiz Khalifa performance outside of San Jose, Calif., on Saturday.

Following the shooting, police obtained a warrant to search the bus belonging to Wiz's touring partner, Young Jeezy.

TMZ reports that cops found an unregistered assault rifle and immediately took the Jeezy into custody.

The rapper is currently being held behind bars with bail set at $1 million.

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Rick Ross and Young Jeezy's long-festering feud has come to an end, thanks to the negotiating skills of fellow rapper T.I., who brokered a peace treaty.

The rappers' feud goes a long way back, but is most notable for the nuclear fight that broke out at the BET Hip Hop Awards two years ago (above).

They mixed it up backstage with their crews and shots were fired in the parking lot during the Rick Ross-Young Jeezy fight. No one was killed, thankfully.

Those days are ancient history now, in any case, and T.I. is responsible.

Their fellow rapper, who knows a thing or two about running afoul with the law himself, had a heart-to-heart with Jeezy and got him to see the light.

T.I.'s point was that focusing on bad blood rather than makin' bank is a waste of time and energy, plus it may even get you injured or killed. Smart man.

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Young Jeezy has been arrested, again. The rapper was busted outside Atlanta and booked for obstructing police officers, according to multiple reports.

Young Jeezy Mugshot

Jeezy was arrested in Alpharetta, Ga., after officers responded to an alarm call at his girlfriend's home. It is not clear who or what triggered the alarm.

However, Jeezy was uncooperative with officers, refusing to identify himself, and allegedly cursing them out, which led to an ugly situation and an arrest.

TMZ says that when asked for his name and ID, he replied, "F--k you, I ain't telling you." Always ends well. Then he attempted to pull away from the handcuffs.

Another traditionally smart move, without a doubt.

Jeezy was arrested earlier this month for battery, false imprisonment and making terroristic threats after a blowout fight with his son, so this is not new for him.

He is currently in Fulton County Jail.

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Following an indictment by a grand jury, Young Jeezy turned himself in last Friday on some rather heinous charges:

Stemming from an alleged incident in September 2012, the rapper has been charged with beating and threatening to kill his own 17-year old son.

Legal documents say Jeezy got into it with young Jadarius in a bathroom and choked the teenager prior to pulling him into a bedroom and continuing to beat on him.

At one point, Jeezy is accused of telling the boy he wants to "put a bullet" in his head.

Young Jeezy Mugshot

But while insiders to acknowledge a confrontation took place back then, they stand by Jeezy, saying the argument never turned violent.

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Young Jeezy is in serious trouble with the law.

The rapper was arrested in Atlanta on Friday on charges of battery, false imprisonment, and making terroristic threats… against his own son.

Law enforcement officials tell TMZ that the alleged incident took place in September of 2012 and that Jeezy turned himself in last week after a grand jury warrant for each charge was issued.

Young Jeezy on Stage

The legal documents say Jeezy went all Chris Brown on his teenage child, getting into a brawl with the boy in a bathroom; throwing him through a glass shower door; punching him in the face; and continuing to beat on him in the bedroom.

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Chris Brown is not letting his beef with Drake die down.

He took a shot at his rival in a new remix of "R.I.P." with Young Jeezy and Kendrick Lamar, calling Drizzy out with a reference to one of his biggest hits.

In the remix, Chris Brown raps, "Dearly departed, I bought a plane I departed / And if you started from the bottom, go on and come out the closet."

Ohhhhh, it's on now.

Drake recently fired back in his new single, "5 AM in Toronto," rapping "I’m just being frank with you / I mean, where you think she at when she ain’t with you?"

That not-so-subtle allusion would be to Chris' relationship with Rihanna, who Drake once had a thing with, and who they allegedly brawled over in NYC.

Not exactly Biggie and 2Pac, but the feud is definitely real, with no love lost on either side. Though when it comes to Rih, CB may have the last laugh.

Reports of the couple's breakup Monday look to have been merely an April Fools prank ... like the Lindsay Lohan pregnant Tweet, but not as hilarious.

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Two separate brawls at 2012 BET Hip-Hop Awards have dominated news for the past two days, with rumors, controversy, fists and possibly even bullets flying.

Here's a rundown of what went down, and what's unproven:

1. The fight between Rick Ross and Young Jeezy did take place, with pushing and shoving backstage.

2. The incident with Gunplay and 50 Cent involved 50's entourage, not 50. There was pepper spray involved, with the former allegedly taken down "by a cop."

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Rick Ross and Young Jeezy were involved in an altercation on Saturday night - and we have the videotape to prove it!

As previously reported, the musicians argued backstage at the BET Awards in Atlanta, with conflicting reports regarding whether or not shots were later fired between entourages.

Courtesy of TMZ, security and bodyguard steps in between a shirtless Ross and his enemies now, as a mirror takes the brunt of the brawl:

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Rick Ross and Young Jeezy got seriously into it at the BET Hip Hop Awards last night, with sources even telling TMZ shots were fired between the parties in the parking lot after the ceremony.

Here is what reportedly went down:

  • Rick Ross at the BET Awards
  • Young Jeezy Pic

The rappers verbally and then physically assaulted each other backstage, forcing BET security and bodyguards for both to step in and separate the rivals.

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Rapper Young Jeezy was pulled over by Atlanta police yesterday morning for driving with no license plates (always smart) - and then arrested for an open container! He thus joins our exclusive celebrity mug shot club!

Young Jeezy Mug Shot

Young Jeezy, a.k.a. Jay Jenkins, in the hee-zy.

Click to enlarge some other classic booking photos below, and follow this link for The Hollywood Gossip's full gallery of celebrity mug shots!

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