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Welcome to the 2nd annual Tournament of THG: Couples Edition! With Valentine's Day looming, it's time for you to decide the most popular celebrity couple!

We've chosen 16 fan favorites for this tournament, but YOUR VOTES decide the winner! How to play: Pick your favorite of the two pairs in each poll. Done.

Robsten and Jennifer Aniston-Justin Theroux started us off Friday. Today: Will and Jada Smith vs. Blake Shelton and Miranda Lambert! Vote!

And the Winner is?

Will & Jada vs. Blake & Miranda: Which celebrity duo do you love more? Vote now in the Tournament of THG: Couples Edition! View Poll »

Poll is now closed! Here are the results:

Will and Jada

Blake and Miranda

Total Votes: 1935

One by one, we'll post polls of these respective matchups, and after each round, update the bracket as some duos advance, while others are eliminated.

It's easy, fun and decided by YOU! Here's the Tournament of THG field:

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Go, Will Smith. Go, Will Smith. Go, Will Smith. GO!

The movie star - who has spent more time managing the career of Jaden and Willow Smith than anything else over the past few years - surprised (40th!) birthday girl Gabrielle Union and attendees at her Miami party over the weekend by showing up and taking the stage alongside Doug E. Fresh.

With the latter beat-boxing, Smith freestyled a bit and then went into both "Summertime" and the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air theme song.

For those who forgot how talented of a musician this man actually is, click Play now:

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Will Smith turns 44 today. Happy birthday man!

Over a long career, the rapper-turned-actor and husband of Jada Pinkett Smith has become one of the most successful and respected stars in Hollywood today.

Will and Jada

While celebrities are just people who happen to be good at entertaining us but have flaws like everyone else, there's not a lot to dislike about the former Fresh Prince.

In honor of his 44th birthday, enjoy the photo gallery after the jump!

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For Will Smith and his wife Jada Pinkett Smith, it's all about putting family first and being by each other's side. Sounds cliche, but it really does work.

For nearly 15 years, in their case.

"We make the effort to always put the family first," Smith said at last weekend's Men in Black III premiere in New York City. "Being there for each other and being present with our kids ... I take being a parent very seriously."

Will, Jada Pinkett Smith

Will is father to Trey, 19, from a previous relationship, and Jaden, 13, and Willow, 11, with Jada. He considers his marriage and children his top priority, and flew back to L.A. from New York nearly every weekend while filming MIB3.

He and Jada will celebrate their 15th anniversary in December.

Despite rumors of their divorce lately - which Pinkett Smith recently said were ridiculous - Will says that, as a couple, they're as strong as ever.

"What's helped us is being supportive, no matter what the situation is," the actor says of his better half. "I'm so lucky to have someone like Jada."

"She's really an incredible woman, wife and mother."

What he loves the most about her is "she is just absolutely hardcore, like she absolutely is unfazed by the weight and the pressures of life. She is so calm and cool and easy in any situation. She can bear anything, and I just love that about her."


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Vitalii Sediuk is very sorry.

The reporter who accosted Will Smith on the red carpet of the Men in Black III Moscow premiere last week tells Hip Hollywood: "I do apologize for my behavior... I think it was too much," adding: "Will Smith is a person who I deeply respect as an actor... When I met him in Moscow, I wanted to do something to impress him."

Of course, the attempt by Sediuk to smooch Smith on the lips had the opposite effect. It resulted in the journalist getting his "ass shtuck," as Smith explained to David Letterman on The Late Show yesterday.

Watch him discuss the odd incident now:

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While promoting Men in Black III, Will Smith touched upon a more realistic character he would love to play in a movie someday: Barack Obama.

"It's definitely something I would consider," he said, noting that he feels he's "the most natural choice" to play the President of the United States.

Why? Because ...

  • Barack Pic
  • A Will Smith Image

"It's about the ears! That's the thing. You know, people see the ears. Barack and I both have the ears. Clearly I'm the most natural choice."

Smith, 43, related that he joked to Obama that while he would consider playing him on-screen, it was up to the president "to write the ending."

Will and Barack don't just have their ears in common - they've both got an abundance of wit and charm, and were born in Kenya. Just kidding!

No, seriously, can you see the movie star as our President?

You tell us: Would Will Smith make a good Obama?


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The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air is back, if only for one video clip.

Appearing Saturday night on the BBC's The Graham Norton Show, Will Smith actually rapped the theme song of the show that made him a star.

Amazingly and awesomely, the ENTIRE audience joined in:

Smith is making the rounds right now for Men In Black 3, but told the talk show host that despite his enormously successful career since The Fresh Prince, it's still what he's best known and most beloved for across the world.

"Listen, every country in the world, that is what I am known for," said Smith, who made headlines last week for shoving a reporter on the red carpet in Moscow.

"No matter how big movies get, it's 'Fresh Prince' everywhere."

Seriously, though ... does anyone NOT know those lyrics?

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He didn't drop any condoms on the red carpet, but Will Smith experienced his own unusual situation during a movie premiere press line this week.

The actor was in Moscow on behalf of Men in Black III when a reporter from the Ukraine embraced the star with a hug... and then tried to follow that up with a kiss on the lips.

"He's lucky I didn't sucker punch him," Smith is heard telling someone else soon afterward, though he responds very well from the saliva-based attack and is quickly seen below laughing about it.

It's hard to blame Smith for his initial, surprised reaction, though, isn't it? Watch it all unfold now:

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As Barack Obama continues to make his way around the country, trumpeting The Buffet Rule - which would apply a minimum tax rate of 30 percent on individuals making over one million dollars/year - he can now take comfort in having a famous person on his side.

Someone who was reportedly paid $20 million for his latest movie role.

Will Smith in Beverly Hills

"I'm very supportive of that idea," Will Smith recently told The Associated Press. "America has been fantastic to me. I have no problem paying whatever I need to pay to keep my country growing."

Smith, of course, is about to star in Men in Black III, which opens on May 25. Will you go see it?

And, on a less important note, do you support The Buffet Rule?


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She has already addressed the infidelity rumors via song, but now Jada Pinkett Smith is doing it via statement.

With tabloid chatter continuing to claim that she and husband Will Smith are headed for a divorce, the actress told French magazine Gala this week: "Every year, one celebrity couple is under the microscope. This year, unluckily, it's us! I almost want to say that we should have been expecting it."

So Jada did not sleep with Marc Anthony? And Will, as rumored in the cover story below, is not having an affair with pal Duane Martin?

Will Smith Tabloid Cover

"Will and I know the truth. We're waiting peacefully for the storm to blow over," Jada said, adding more forcefully: "These rumors are completely untrue. I travel a lot because of my work, just like Will does.... But our lifestyle hasn't changed."

Okay. Glad that's settled. Now, about your daughter's hair...

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