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What beats Will Smith rapping the Fresh Prince theme song for for a bunch of school girls in London?

How about Will Smith rapping the Fresh Prince theme song... with son Jaden by his side... and DJ Jazzy Jeff spinning records behind him?!?

That's exactly what went down Friday on The Graham Norton Show, only the fun didn't stop there: with Bradley Cooper and Heather Graham bopping around in the background, Smith introduced former costar Alfonso Ribeiro.

Who came out and did the Carlton Dance!

It was an amazing few minutes, capped by a group routine to "Apache (Jump On It)." You really need to watch this video:

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Will Smith performed a snippet of his old school hip hop hit "Summertime" on The Late Show With David Letterman Monday night, and it was awesome.

Turning up to promote his new film After Earth, Smith strolled out to the funky song, which Paul Schaffer and the CBS Orchestra played as his intro.

That was cool enough, but then Will grabbed the mic and joined in! Watch:

Now a big-time movie star, Will's last album was 2005's Lost and Found. The A-lister does still rap the Fresh Prince theme song on occasion, at least.

Check out the original video for "Summertime" (1991) after the jump:

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During last night's Heat-Bulls game, TNT cameras honed in on Will Smith and Jaden Smith.

Father and son were sitting in the front row, enjoying a playoff atmosphere, probably laughing about reports that Jaden wants to be emancipated from his parents and...

... hey, that's sideline reporter Craig Sager! The eccentrically suit-clad journalist is totally photo bombing these two movie stars!

Craig Sager Photobomb

Well played, Craig. But you have a long way to go in order to top this Jennifer Lawrence photo bombing at the MET Gala.

She continues to win the Internet.

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Jaden Smith encounters a pack of super angry monkeys in this new After Earth clip. Take a look:

Smith stars with his dad Will (you may have heard of him), as father-son exploration duo Kitai and Rage.

The film takes place after humans have abandoned Earth for a thousand years, following a series of cataclysmic events.

While on a voyage, Kitai and Rage crash land on the now-hostile planet, and it is up to Kitai to save them.

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So perhaps Jaden Smith doesn't want to be emancipated from his parents after all.

Following talk that the 14-year old had asked to be legally separated from his famous folks when he celebrates a birthday in July, Jaden and Will Smith taped an appearance on Ellen this week and quickly shot down such chatter.

"Everything at this house is free," Jaden said. "So I can get anything and everything at his house... I’m going to be there 20, 30 more years."

The young man makes a good point. Home-cooked meals and someone who does your laundry? Where do we sign up?!?

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A remake of The Wild Bunch is in the works, and Will Smith is in talks to lead the project.

Warner Bros. is looking to rework the project as a vehicle for the actor, with the original 1969 Sam Peckinpah Western acting as an ensemble film.

The new film will be set in present day, and will follow a disgraced DEA agent as he heads to the Mexican border to steal a Drug Lord's fortune.

Will Smith Smiles

A remake of the film has been in the works at Warner for a while, but after the death of director Tony Scott, who was attached to direct, the project was shelved.

Smith, meanwhile, is dealing with an emancipation request from his son Jaden. Perfect time to negotiate a major movie role!

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Will Smith may or may not be in an open marriage.

But the superstar is definitely in the corner of Justin Bieber.

Will Smith Red Carpet Photo

In a red carpet interview with Extra this week, Smith stood up for Bieber during that artist's recently troubled times, making the same point Justin has in recent interviews:

“Somebody is nineteen years old, they’re gonna do what they’re gonna do, just like we did.”

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So much for talk of a Will Smith divorce due to infidelity.

In an interview with The Huffington Post this week, Jada Pinkett Smith implied that it would be impossible for one side of her relationship to cheat on the other… because they have an open marriage!

Sort of!

Will and Jada Smith Pose

"I think that people get that idea because Will and I are very relaxed with one another," the actress said of the open marriage rumor. "But I've always told Will: You can do whatever you want as long as you can look at yourself in the mirror and be okay."

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It was one of the worst kept secrets in Hollywood:

Will Smith was initially offered the title role in Django Unchained, only to turn it down and see the part eventually go to Jamie Foxx.

Now, for the first time, Smith has explained his reasoning for rejecting the movie - and he makes him sound like an egotistical A-hole.

Will Smith Smiles

“Django wasn’t the lead, so it was like, I need to be the lead," Smith tells EW. "The other character was the lead!”

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