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One hosted the event, the other may have been hiding out there to avoid bad reviews for his latest film.

But while both Neil Patrick Harris and Will Ferrell make us laugh, only one can be crowned the winner of this Fashion Face-Off.

The How I Met Your Mother star and the big-time movie draw are seen below on the red carpet for the 2009 Tony Awards. Who looks more dashing?

  • Neil Patrick Harris Fashion
  • At the Tonys

Who looks better?


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Will Ferrell made his way down the red carpet at the premiere of Land of the Lost. The film, which is set to debut in America on June 5, opened to Australian audiences this week.

The movie is a remake of an old TV show. It follows Dr. Frank Marshall (Ferrell) as he navigates around an uncharted land that involves dinosaurs. The cast also includes Anna Friel and Danny McBride.

Will Ferrell, Always the Crowd Pleaser

The movie looks like it is going to be a pretty typical Ferrell vehicle. The trailers have their funny moments, as well as the cheesy jokes that come along with any comedy from this star.

While we aren't expecting another Anchorman, we are just hoping that we don't have another Semi-Pro on our hands.

Check out more pictures of Will Ferrell and his red carpet antics below. Click on each to enlarge.

[Photo Credit: Splash News]

For the official trailer, follow the jump...

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Last night on Saturday Night Live's special Thursday election edition, President George W. Bush (Will Ferrell) finally gave his coveted endorsement to John McCain (Darrell Hammond) and especially to his running mate Sarah Palin (Tina Fey)...

For all of Tina Fey's hilarious Saturday Night Live sketches as the Alaska Governor over the past month and a half - and some almost equally funny clips of Sarah Palin herself - please check out The Hollywood Gossip's collection of Sarah Palin videos!

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The 2008 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition comes out this week.

As usual, the issue is sure to stir up debate among those who think this publication should be reserved for athletes... and those who cannot lift their jaw up off the floor due to a series of Bar Refaeli bikini photos.

Instead of choosing sides, we're simply gonna publish a few images from the issue. You can decide if they're worth getting irked about. For starters, here is this year's cover girl, Marisa Miller, looking beautiful and almost naked:

Meanwhile, Danica Patrick is also barely wearing a bathing suit in this picture. But the race car driver is still wearing more layers (one) than she has wins on the IndyCar circuit (zero):

Lastly, Heidi Klum backs down Will Ferrell in this semi-promotional ad for the actor's new movie, Semi-Pro. We really should have become comedians instead of celebrity gossip mavens:

Will Ferrell, Heidi Klum
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Oprah Winfrey is receiving a lot of attention these days for campaigning on behalf of Barack Obama. Why isn't the talk show goddess backing a Republican?

Let's just say that President Bush may have turned her off to all conservatives. Take a look at this speech on global warming below and see why:

Will Ferrell and Wife



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Maybe Sanjaya Malakar will finally lose a vote now.

While the American Idol contestant's hair - and really poor singing voice - is all the rage over on FOX, Will Ferrell is skating up an afro-themed storm on the big screen. Currently starring in the movie, Blades of Glory, alongside Jon Heder, Ferrell's mop top may be the only thing that actually defeats Malakar in the near future.

Sanjaya Picture

Write in and let us know whose hair you like better.

Then, take a look around our site and comment on the 'do of other celebrities. There's Lindsay Lohan and her constantly changing locks (and men). What about Jessica Simpson going brunette?

We also some some Britney Spears pictures that showed that singer with a new hairstyle. But that can't be true, can it?

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Will Ferrell and his wife, Viveca Paulson, celebrated the New Year early â€" with the birth of their second son on Saturday.

Mattias Ferrell was born just after 2 a.m. on Dec. 30. The couple already had a boy, Magnus, 2. In other words: the twin daughters of Diddy and Kim Porter have future dates lined up already.

Stylish Will Ferrell

In November, while on The Late Show with David Letterman to promote his movie Stranger Than Fiction, Farrell revealed that the baby would be a boy.

When asked if he knew the baby's gender, Ferrell responded: "You know, I don't know if I do," he said. "I've gotta check my BlackBerry."

He was joking, of course, as comedians often do. Next on the celebrity baby watch list: Jon Heder and his wife.


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Sorry, ladies, but don't expect any naked Will Ferrell in Stranger Than Fiction, his new movie opening tomorrow.

This is a slightly more serious film, one that won't see him streaking through the street, muttering Old School quotes such as, "Honey, do you think KFC is open?"

Stylish Will Ferrell

Ah, funny stuff. Entertainment Weekly recently caught up with the actor.

EW: At the premiere for Talladega Nights, you wore the Crystal Gayle T-shirt from the movie, and tonight you're in a suit from Stranger Than Fiction. Are you just going to keep raiding the costume closet for your premiere outfits?
WILL FERRELL: You are the first person who noticed! Honestly, you are observant. Why buy my own clothes? I know the ones from the film will fit me. I'm not that into clothes. There were 50 suits. We burned 47 of them to raise the value of the remaining three in case I needed to ever auction them on eBay if I hit hard times.

EW: Are you anything like Harold?
WF: Yes, I have a bit of germaphobia. I have a Howard Hughes thing going on. I am a shut-in. I avoid going outside. I live in a hermetically sealed box. I'm fairly boring. I can tell time. And I have the same taste in fashion.

EW: And do you hear voices?
WF: Yes. A Vietnamese family lives in there. They're my friends. I also often hear my dogs' voices and they are always saying, ''Feed me.''

** THG Note: This is very different from what the cat of Nicole Richie is saying.

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Hey, Will, mind if we steal some Talladega Nights quotes and pass them off as our own?

At the Tonys

Alright! Thanks, buddy. Will Ferrell looks to be in a good mood here, as he enters the U.K. Premiere of Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby last night.

Ferrell and his wife, of course, are also expecting a celebrity baby in the next few months. As you can tell from Suri, Shiloh and our pictures of Maddox Jolie-Pitt, that kid has a lot of competition in the cuteness department!