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Looks like Lauren Conrad may have even more BFF drama in the upcoming fourth season of The Hills, which premieres August 18.

Frenemy du jour: Stephanie Pratt.

Pimp and Ho

In a new trailer, Lauren Conrad confronts Stephanie about going on a date with her handsome new baseball player beau, Doug Reinhardt.

Meanwhile, Lo Bosworth and Audrina Patridge confront their own drama, and Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt are — wait for it — fighting.

This time, a stubborn Spencer Pratt says he's moving out of their apartment if Heidi's sister, Holly Montag, becomes their third roommate.

Here's a clip of some of the action to come. Follow this link to MTV for the official, expanded trailer of Season 4 (which we'll post ASAP).


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Who even remembers when The Hills cast looked like this. Smiling, young, innocent ... soon to be infected by the cancer that is Jason Wahler.

Ah, the good old days. Sure, there was always drama, but it wasn't nearly as fake. Well, at least not the boobs of Heidi Montag ... or Audrina Patridge.

Busting a Cap

You gotta love The Hills - past and present. Bonus points for any reader who can name the dude Audrina and Whitney Port are sprawled across!

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As we reported earlier this month, there has been much talk of The Hills spinning off one of its lovely stars, Whitney Port, for her own show.

Sounds like those reports were jumping the gun a bit, however.

So says Whitney Port herself
. Kristin Veitch of E! Online recently checked in with the BFF of Lauren Conrad and she said:

"I heard that too, but as far as I know, that's not happening."

Don't look for Whitney Port to star on her own show anytime soon.

When asked if she'd want to do a spinoff, the 23-year-old said:

"Yeah, possibly, but as of right now, there's too much up in the air and it's just too much into the future for me to think about it."

Whitney says she will still be working with Lauren Conrad at People's Revolution for the upcoming fourth season of The Hills.

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Cameras are already rolling again for The Hills girls (and Spencer), but that isn't stopping them from other summer pursuits, TV Guide reports.

From fitness plans to professional opportunities â€" not to mention outings to Les Deux, obvs â€" summer's just another season for new challenges.

At Sunday's Elizabeth Glaser Pediatric AIDS Foundation Carnival, Whitney Port, Lauren Conrad, Lauren "Lo" Bosworth, Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt all made appearances to show their support for this important cause.

For Spencer Pratt, the event is an annual tradition.

"I grew up with [Elizabeth Glaser's son] Jake Glaser, so I've been coming to this event since I was in elementary school," he said. "We have so much love for this charity, and want to do anything we can to help out."

No word on whether Spencer was packing heat at the event.

But as people mobbed fiancee Heidi Montag, Spencer Pratt said that their summer was focused on finishing her album in time for The Hills Season 4.

"We're in the studio with Todd Chapman," Pratt said.

"He's doing all 12 songs. He's a genius."

As for her next music videos, however, Heidi Montag is losing one of her most notorious crew members. With a chuckle at his own expense (over his efforts with "Higer," Pratt said he would no longer be directing videos.

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Now that The Hills has spawned another upcoming series, Lauren Conrad has no doubt her friend Whitney Port can carry her own spin-off.

MTV is prepping a Hills spin-off in which Whitney becomes bicoastal while working for fashion PR firm People's Revolution â€" and befriends a group of NYC gals (including socialite Olivia Palermo, whoever that is).

"I think that Whitney will do really well with it," Lauren Conrad said of her pal's new show. "She is a very likable person."

Does Lauren Conrad have any advice for Whitney Port?

"I would just tell her to have fun with it... [Whitney] always made it very clear during filming for The Hills that she doesn't want her personal life involved on the show, so it would definitely mean that she would have to come out of her comfort zone a little. I hope they do the show."

Whitney Port did not comment directly on the spin-off

"As far as I know, I've just been filming for a fourth season of The Hills," she said. "Everything is just kind of hearsay at this point. The thought of [my own] reality show sounds scary because I've always tried to keep things a little bit private. I just have to take everything day by day!"

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Their relationship recently became strained on The Hills â€" but are Lauren Conrad and Audrina Patridge in the midst of a minor disagreement or full-on feud?

Their co-star, Whitney Port, thinks it's the former.

"Living with girls can be really difficult and it's inevitable that you aren't always going to get along," Port said at Social Life magazine's party celebrating her June cover in Watermill, N.Y., on Saturday.

PORT OF CALL: A nipple-slip free Whitney looks dazzling.

"I think that's what they're going through but it gets magnified times a million on reality television," Whitney added.

"I think that they're just having normal roommate drama and it'll all mend itself."

Unlike her costars, Whitney Port manages to keep her drama off the show.

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At a private hilltop location in L.A., The Hills cast and their fans on Monday celebrated the Season Three finale with a blow-out party Monday.

While it was sad to see Season 3 come to an end, there's a whole new year of drama to look forward to in Season 4, beginning in late summer.

Here's a look at what's next for Lauren, Lo, Audrina and others, via some hot spoilers and gossip TV Guide unearthed at the party ...

Boys, Boys, Boys

Expect more, more, more. Lo and Lauren throw a big party in their new pad and invite boys galore. The ever-single Stephanie Pratt feasts her eyes on, well, everyone, and Lauren Conrad may have a new beau (Doug Reinhardt?) in tow. And as for Audrina and Justin Bobby? They're definitely back on. As Audrina herself says, "[Justin] has always been there for me, and he still is."

Friends in Lo Places

As far as Lauren Bosworth (Lo) is concerned, the tension has little to do with her - despite a self-described "foul face" when the topic comes up.

Next season, expect more from Lo's perspective.

"It's disheartening to see me turn into such a bad guy on the show," she said. In Season Four, "You're going to see the other side of the story. I think people need to remember that it's Audrina and Lauren's relationship that's having problems.... It's not my relationship to muck up."

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Despite the drama we witnessed on last night's season finale of The Hills, pals Lauren Conrad and Audrina Patridge (with Whitney Port) were smiling ear to ear at the MTV show's official Beverly Hills finale party.

Take a look at the three beauties below. Talk about a pretty trio - not to mention fashionable. Who do you think is dressed the best?

Britney Spears, Plaid Shirt

Lauren Conrad, Audrina Patridge and Whitney Port dazzled at last night's season finale party for The Hills. Whose dress is your favorite?

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It's a chilly spring night in Los Angeles.

The scene is Don Antonio's Mexican restaurant. The subject is the End of Western Civilization - also known as Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt.

Barbie Wannabe

Watching the fair-haired lovers stroll through their beloved Don Antonio's feels like seeing Joe DiMaggio and Marilyn Monroe walk into the Stork Club back in the day.

That is, if Joe and Marilyn were the irresistible villains on The Hills, a maddeningly addictive MTV show in which nothing ever really happens.

As they sit at a dimly lit corner booth, and you can almost hear the text messages being tapped at nearby tables â€" omfg spencer n heidi r here!!!

Spencer Pratt, 24, who's wearing a black Don Antonio's polo and a wispy blond goatee, rattles off a grande order without consulting the menu.

Heidi Montag, a 21-year-old mane of blond highlights dressed in a blue sweater and white sweatpants, tucks her tiny head into his shoulder.

"I wish I got to see what you saw today," Spencer says.

He's referring to the Rolling Stone cover photo shoot attended by Heidi and her three castmates on The Hills: Audrina Patridge, 22, Whitney Port, 23, and the show's star and protagonist, the lovely Lauren Conrad, 22.

Heidi Montag has been engaged in an ugly feud with Lauren Conrad (which started when she began dating Pratt but escalated over sex tape rumors).

Maybe you've heard about this ongoing charade at some point.

In any case, this Rolling Stone cover shoot was the first time Heidi and Lauren had been photographed, not merely Photoshopped (as MTV has been forced to do), together in more than a year. Like, OMG, 4 real.

Continue reading The Hills cover story in Rolling Stone ...

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Heidi Montag is determined to have a good girls' night out.

Even after Stephanie Pratt reveals that Lauren Conrad could show up at the same club, Goa (like, EVERYbody goes to Goa on Thursdays, OMG).

Heidi Montag Playboy Pic

Heidi is undeterred by the LC factor, musing to Stephanie Pratt that "Maybe this will be the first time it's okay because I feel like she always had a problem with me because of Spencer and now that I'm not really with him... " Sure thing, girl.

At Goa, Heidi spots none other than Justin-Bobby (aka Justin Brescia), and goes to go warn Audrina Patridge about her dirtball ex's presence.

When Lauren Conrad goes to get a drink, Heidi makes her move, deftly avoiding LC and seeing Audrina. Justin-Bobby makes his way over as well.

When LC returns, two of her least favorite people are at her table. W... T... F. She says nothing to either of them directly, but is clearly far from pleased ... this was definitely one of the more awkward scenes in The Hills history.

"Oh my God, I have to leave this table immediately," she declares before grabbing BFF Lauren Bosworth (Lo) and bolting for the Goa doors.

The next day, Audrina Patridge meets up with Justin-Bobby Brescia one-on-one for conversation and drinks. He's a little bit more clean-cut than last season, while mumbling less, but come on, it's still Justin-Bobby. What a loser.

Days later, Heidi Montag goes to Stephanie's condo, only to find the great Spencer Pratt home alone, lounging around as usual. What does he even do in life?

Heidi, who honestly looks like more like a streetwalking hooker in each episode of The Hills, tells him about that night. Spencer doesn't care.

"I know you want to vent about this," the always-honest Spencer Pratt says to her, "but I really have no sympathy for you." SNAP!

As Heidi leaves, Spencer keeps jabbing at her:

"It was great seeing you. Enjoy your space."

Amazing. Finally, Lauren and Lo discuss moving and "getting a house" (code for somehow throwing down $2 million for an L.A. mansion) together. They debate whether or not they should invite Audrina to move in too. They seem torn.

Also torn? Audrina herself. While it seems that neither Audrina, nor LC and Lo, want Audrina to move in with them, she says she's in! Yay... we guess.

Whitney Port Biography

Lauren Conrad, Whitney Port in Teen Vogue Lauren Conrad's good friend on The Hills, Whitney Port is there to lend a helping hand, a shoulder to cry on, or offer sage advice.... More »
Los Angeles, California
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Whitney Eve Port

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I feel like lately, or at least since I've known you, it's been really difficult with friends, like you've had a lot of problems with friends.

Whitney Port [to Lauren Conrad]

Guys need to realize that they need to wait awhile and that they shouldn't be so desperate.

Whitney Port
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