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Despite reports that they were axed, The Hills stars Lauren Conrad and Whitney Port say they weren't given the pink slip by Teen Vogue.

"I just thought it was time for them to try something new," Editor-In-Chief Amy Astley told Us Weekly. "An internship is a short thing, and I just felt it was time for them to move on a little bit."

Lauren Conrad Curls

Women's Wear Daily previously reported that Teen Vogue decided to part ways with the MTV reality show because of The Hills' gal pals' wild (but entertaining!) lifestyles of clubbing at Les Deux, making out and feuding.

LC and Whitney left Teen Vogue, but weren't fired.

"I think that's really why Teen Vogue had had their moment with them â€" it went into another zone," their boss, editor Lisa Love, said.

So... is The Hills scripted?

"I think why they say all that is because there's so much editing," Love said. "They shoot reality and somehow it's changed in the editing room to appeal to things, I don't know. I've never watched the show."

Ouch! Love added that Lauren Conrad and Whitney Port were great interns and then like all interns, "it's time to go someplace else, right?"

Seems like LC has already moved on. She recently unveiled her new clothing line, the Lauren Conrad Collection!

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It's not nearly frequent enough for our liking!

Toting a pink Prada bag (and flashing her trademark smile), The Hills' beautiful co-star, Whitney Port, makes a grand entrance at the Miss Sixty fashion show at New York City's Bryant Park on Monday night. Here's our girl ...

Flower Power!

A photo of the stylish, adorable Whitney Port always brightens a morning.

Formerly co-workers (and cover girls) at Teen Vogue, Whitney and her good friend, Lauren Conrad, recently got new jobs at a PR firm, we've learned.

More importantly, we can't wait for new episodes of The Hills!

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That didn't take long.

After parting ways with Teen Vogue, it looks like The Hills BFFs Lauren Conrad and Whitney Port scored themselves some new jobs!

New York Magazine says the ladies have started working for a PR agency called People's Revolution. Just in time for New York Fashion Week!

Really, who wouldn't want these cuties on the payroll? The Hollywood Gossip sure would, although we'd have to cut a few interns. Sorry guys.

Whitney Port, Lauren Conrad

The lovely Lauren Conrad and Whitney Port in their Teen Vogue heyday.

Lauren Conrad and Whitney Port both started as fashion interns at Teen Vogue, as shown on the second and third seasons of The Hills.

Theories for their departure from the magazine - which once featured them on the cover, as well - differ. But, looks like they've moved on!

In any event, keep your eyes peeled at the white tents, fans of The Hills: Lauren Conrad and Whitney Port might walk among you.

Oh, and if you see Spencer Pratt, tell him he's lame. And that we want an exclusive interview with him if that's possible.

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Lauren Conrad, Audrina Patridge and Whitney Port sat down with Extra this week and denied reports that Kristin Cavallari will be joining The Hills.

At least Kristin has Matt Leinart to console her.

Lauren Conrad Out in L.A.

Meanwhile, Lauren Conrad and Whitney Port are on the unemployment line. Well, LC's reality show, fashion line and endorsement deals aside.

A report from Women's Wear Daily claims that Teen Vogue has decided not to renew its partnership with the MTV hit reality show next season.

Lauren Conrad worked as an intern, while Whitney Port was her West Coast fashion editor. Officials for Teen Vogue and MTV have declined comment.

But a source tells WWD that magazine officials didn't exactly approve of the stars' behavior, which included feuding, clubbing and making out.

"The average age of the magazine's readership is 16 â€" do they really want to support the behavior depicted [in The Hills]?" a source asked.

"They also started to see that newsstand sales were flat ... There was no blip on the radar when Lauren Conrad and Whitney Port were involved."

Insiders say Conrad and Port will be still featured in some sort of working capacity, but not at Teen Vogue. Where they'll work is anyone's guess.

In The Hills season finale, Conrad and Port jetted off to Paris to assist a Teen Vogue editor at a ball. Plenty of footage from the trip will be part of eight "bonus" Hills episodes airing at some point this spring.

Here's the girls' interview ...


UPDATE: "The girls have moved on from Teen Vogue," a spokesperson for the mag said, declining to say whether or not Teen Vogue will be part of the series next time (which almost certainly means it won't be).

Another report says that Lauren Conrad helped increase sales by double digits at Teen Vogue over two years, but MTV is out to mix things up.

Whitney has also reportedly been offered a job at W Magazine. We'll have more information on this for you when it becomes available.

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With 2007 - and season three of The Hills behind them, reality TV pals Whitney Port, Audrina Patridge and Lauren Conrad make new memories at LAX nightclub in Las Vegas. The girls look gorgeous, as usual. With eight bonus episodes and possibly another whole season to come, 2008 will be a great year for The Hills.

Hills Trio

The Hills girls (left-to-right): Whitney Port, Audrina Patridge, Lauren Conrad.

With a hit show, great internship, her own fashion line, good friends and getting paid to show up at clubs, life is good if you're Lauren Conrad. But will there be some real romance in store for LC this year? That's what we most want to know.

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Although Lauren Conrad had a heart-to-heart with Brody Jenner and admitted romantic feelings for him before leaving for Paris on The Hills season 3 finale, the 21-year-old reality star may have found a new love interest in France?

According to the New York Post, Lauren Conrad reportedly "hooked up" with a member from the popular band Rock & Roll while she was in Paris, where she and Teen Vogue counterpart Whitney Port were working at the Crillon Ball.

LC Cover

Eight bonus episodes of The Hills will chronicle this next spring.

"Lauren was filmed riding off with the guitar player, Matthias, on the back of his bike," a source told the Post. "They hooked up."

For those who are unfamiliar with the new rock band, their biggest hit so far is the song "Loser, Boozer, Jacuzzi-User."

Did The Hills' Lauren Conrad find love in Paris?

Of course, as you might expect, nothing is quite what it seems in The Hills - the New York Post reports that producers had actually arranged for both LC and Whitney to be set up with the band even before the two girls flew to Paris.

"[The producers] were frantically calling publicists to see if anyone knew any guys to set the girls up with in Paris," the Post reports. "They felt that if they had some sort of love affair there, then it would look better."

While The Hills producers have previously admitted to re-filming certain scenes, a show rep declined to comment on the Paris trip.

Speculations that The Hills is scripted have surrounded the show, and creator Adam Divello admitted that some scenarios a "a little fake." However, Divello clarified that "all the relationships and dramas are the characters' own making."

The Hills cast members have also come to the show's defense. Before the finale, Whitney Port told the New York Daily News that "it's completely real."

"All the drama and mishaps that happen between everybody is what's going on in their lives today," Whitney Port said. "At certain points, maybe our mics get messed up or, you know, we don't have confessionals, so at certain points we might say something, but the story and everything is completely true to life."

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As 2007 draws to a close, it's time to reflect and pay tribute to the stars who made this a year to remember. On that note, The Hollywood Gossip is announcing its 10 finalists for its first annual Celebrity of the Year award.

They've given us their best, their worst and, in a more than a few cases, their naked pictures. Now it is time for us to give a little something back with this special feature, because without these celebrities, we are nothing.

We previously profiled High Schol Musical hunk Zac Efron at #7. Now, without further delay, we present Celebrity of the Year finalist #6 … The Hills cast!

In a manner of speaking, Lauren Conrad is the straw the stirs The Hills drink. At the same time, without Lauren's smarmy and sexy supporting cast, this Laguna Beach spin-off would never have been catapulted to its massive success.

In Season 3 of The Hills, the end of LC's friendship with Heidi Montag turned into to a public feud, with conflict outside the show spilling into the media.

Suckin' Face

A Year in The Hills: Star Lauren Conrad led her life, Spencer and Heidi staged a lot of pics, Jason Wahler went to rehab and jail, and Whitney Port sure looked pretty.

Amidst rumors of the Lauren Conrad sex tape, much of the season served as a mole hunt as Lauren had suspicions that the (false) sex tape rumors of were spread by Heidi and boyfriend Spencer Pratt (both Heidi and Spencer denied it).

Combine that central theme with former star Jason Wahler getting arrested four times, Spencer and Heidi getting engaged and staging bikini photo shoots every other day, LC's friend Whitney Port stepping into the limelight, and romance rumors involving Lauren Conrad and Brody Jenner, and a hit series was born.

The drama was so widespread that even bit players such as Gavin Beasley, Stephanie Pratt, Justin-Bobby Brescia and Jenn Bunney got in on the action. It was a year to remember on The Hills, and with at least eight new episodes coming next spring, we can only hope for a repeat - and then some - in 2008.

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If you like to read The Hills spoilers or wanna know anything that's going to happen in the eight "bonus" episodes of the hit reality TV show, well... TOO BAD!

Sources say that villainous Scouple pencer Pratt and Heidi Montag - astonishingly - are still very much together and not even trying all that hard to hide it.

Spencer the Caveman

In fact, here is a nice picture of Spencer and Heidi outside Koi - ironically, acting anything but - following Monday night's epic season finale of The Hills.

Sources have also said that the pair is currently playing along with MTV's "reality" while supposedly shopping around a new, Spencer and Heidi-only reality show.

Additionally, insiders have revealed to Perez Hilton that there will be some big shake-ups on The Hills next season. Namely when it comes to Teen Vogue.

"Teen Vogue doesn't want to be affiliated with the show anymore," a source tells Perez. "But they're not obviously going to say that on the show."

Reportedly, Lauren Conrad is going to "think about quitting" and struggle with that for a few episodes. On a related note, The Hills producers are also trying to figure out what to do about Whitney Port and her full-time job at the magazine.

Other reports say that Whitney Port has been trying to get a spin-off show of her own, and while we would love nothing more, we simply can't believe that.

As for Audrina Patridge, well... we don't have any good Hills spoilers or gossip that involves her. Nothing, guys? Anyone hear anything about Audrina? Hello?


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The melodramatic, tear-jerking, season-ending montage on The Hills - set to Jordin Sparks' debut single, "Tattoo" - featured Spencer Pratt and Heidi Montag at a crossroads, unsure if their relationship will survive.

Judging by the bikini photos of the media whore and pimp that we come across every other day, it looks like it did. Anyway, let's recap last night's finale!

Lauren Conrad hinted all week that she made a "life-changing decision" in the Season 3 finale of The Hills, and she made good on her promise.

After passing up a summer internship in Paris to be with then-boyfriend Jason Wahler in Season 1, LC got another chance to visit the fashion capital - and this time, not even a kiss goodbye from Brody Jenner would stop her.

"I haven;t had the best relationships in the past so...  I'm scared to get into a relationship," Jenner said, upon hearing Lauren Conrad was going to Paris.

Guess they're gonna stay, like, good friends.

Earlier, Teen Vogue head Lisa Love announced that Whitney Port alone would be going to Paris to represent the magazine. But later, a need for additional help arose, and Lisa - her very tough boss - finally showed LC some Love.

After the finale, it was announced by Lauren Conrad that this spring, we'll get to see their Paris trip as part of eight bonus episodes of The Hills! Holla!

Whitney Port and Lauren Conrad visit Paris in an episode of The Hills to air this spring. Audrina Patridge, Whitney and Cauren will star in eight bonus Season 3 episodes!

Meanwhile, Spencer and Heidi's ongoing fight over wedding plans prompted Pratt to crash at his folks' house for a few days without contacting Montag.

Upon hearing this, little sister Stephanie Pratt asked what their mom and dad thought about this. Spencer admitted to her that they think he's an idiot.

Heidi then told her coworker, Kimberly, that "I feel like I'm in a relationship with a 5-year-old" and then avoided her fiancé when he stops by her office.

When Spencer Pratt finally returned to their pad, Heidi Montag was packing her bags and telling him she wants to go home to Colorado to reflect on all this.

"It's not working. I need some space," she says as they hug, kiss and cry.

What will happen on the bonus episodes, as Spencer and Heidi stay in SoCal as Lauren and Whitney Port hang out with fashion's elite at the Crillon Ball in Paris? That we will have to wait and see. Needless to say, we can't wait.

Phew! Discuss the night's events and all things about everyone's favorite non-reality reality show in The Hollywood Gossip's exclusive Hills forum!

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As last night's episode of The Hills got underway, Spencer Pratt seethed as Heidi Montag dragged him to a church to discuss their upcoming wedding.

Miss Heidi found the perfect church ... at least in her opinion. Spencer seemed more uncomfortable - and like a bigger assbag - than ever before.

But more on that loser in a moment. Elsewhere in SoCal, Lauren Conrad hit the gym with BFFs, Whitney Port and Audrina Partridge. That's when Whitney got her game on and scored herself a date a guy: their trainer, Jarett!

THE HOLLYWOOD GOSSIP NOTE: Jarett is totally this guy!

Whitney and Jarett - who was trying way, way too hard on their date, but still seems like a decent fella - enjoyed a fun time. Although no kisses were doled out at the end, so Whit was left thinking there was more of a "friend vibe." Whatevs.

Whitney Port and Heidi Montag dominated last night's episode of The Hills.

Still, it was nice to get a glimpse into the love life of Whitney Port, a facet of The Hills that is rarely explored. She got out of a relationship this May. We've heard that Whit and E! Online's Ben Lyons are dating now, but this is not confirmed.

Meanwhile, Heidi comes home from work at Bolthouse Productions to find that Spencer has packed two suitcases. They're off to Vegas, Spencer announces ... for a wedding! This weekend! Heidi tweaks, Spencer squirms, they fight, she takes off that fake-ass $125 "engagement" ring and Spence walks out.

Of course, the next day, Spencer came crawling back with a dozen roses and said sorry, declaring to Heidi that "I want to marry you... I just get stressed out when I think of the big production when all I want to do is marry you."

It would almost be sweet if it weren't Spencer Pratt we're talking about.

Coming up next on The Hills... the she-Spencer. That's right, fans. Spencer Pratt has a younger sister! As Lauren puts it, "The only thing worse than Spencer is a she-version of Spencer." Should be a quality episode... as they all are.

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