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Dinner with Bobby Brown and her kids is one thing.

But don't think Whitney Houston will always love her ex-husband. After all, a diva just wants to dance with somebody ... that is best known for his sex tape exploits.

Ray J Red Carpet Pic

Quieting rumors that her no holds barred, every position imaginable, sexual romp romance with Ray J is finished, Whitney is seen here giving Brandy's brother a very clear message: Call me and I'll make you forget all about Kim Kardashian nude.

We hope Ray J is making the most of his time in the spotlight. If talk of a Sopie Anderton sex tape prove true, his exploits on camera may soon be forgotten about faster than Tami Gosnell on American Idol.

Oh yes, we went there.

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We love when crazy ex's get together, smile for the cameras, put aside petty issues such as Karrine Steffans and celebrate as a family.

Whitney Houston Comeback

That's exactly what Bobby Brown and Whitney Houston recently did, as they spent a night on the town together alongside birthday girl - and daughter - Bobbi Kristina.

It's nice to see former drug addicts getting along.

It's far too late, however, for this pair to be included in any of our cuteness comparisons.

We'd take Tobey Maguire and Jennifer Meyer over Bob and Whit any time.

And let's not even try to compare them to Brangelina, alright?

That's an insult to Angelina Jolie and adoptive mothers everywhere.

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Life as Bobby Brown isn't all bad.

Sure, sometimes you don't pay child support.

The Brown/Houston Family

And other times you get Karrine Steffans pregnant.

But, hey, you get to remain friends with your washed up singer of a wife!

"We're trying to work everything out so the divorce goes right â€" not like a Hollywood divorce," Brown said about he and Whitney Houston. "We're friends, you know. We're friends."

Brown and Houston are the parents of Bobbi Kristina - and the singer added: "I'm really looking forward to her doing her thing, and me doing my thing. And that's raising a child. It's beautiful. Our child is beautiful."

The same can be said of the sex tape Whitney's new boyfriend, Ray J, made with his ex, Kim Kardashian. So we've heard, that is.

Houston filed for divorce from Brown in October after 14 years of marriage, and petitioned in December to fast-track the divorce. However, the estranged couple shared a dinner together with Bobbi Kristina in West Hollywood on Feb. 11.

"It has brought us closer together, always," Brown told People magazine of parenthood. "We have been close because of who we are together, and what that child means to us. She's the greatest thing in both of our lives. We just appreciate each other now that we know the direction that we both want to go."

Asked if he was dating any new women, Brown said: "There's a few."

We're sure there are. What woman could resist a possibly cheating drug addict that has garnered sympathy from Mike Tyson?

Brown is almost a more desirable bachleor than Lorenzo Borghese with that pedigree.

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This is a new philosophy by Ray J.

The man who was not exactly shy about going to town in front of a camera with a nude Kim Kardashian is now showing his shy side.

Sex Tape Actor

Then again, perhaps he and Whitney Houston are just rushing off to film their own sex tape.

Either way, the 43-year old singer and the 25-year old brother of Brandy made a rare public appearance as a couple over the weekend. They were in Las Vegas getting ideas for sex games and enjoying female orgasms from Katie Rees attending the NBA All-Star game fesitivies.

Seen here, the duo is heading into a party hosted by LeBron James and Jay-Z. We just hope Ray and Jay didn't get into a tussle over who exactly be big pimpin and/or spendin cheese.

Meanwhile, Bobby Brown is probably grateful he got out of his marriage with Houston before she entered her Mrs. Robinson phase. And she's glad the divorce was finalized before his getting-Karrine Steffans-pregnant phase.

We love happy endings.

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Some celebrities named Britney Spears don't wear underwear.

Others try to make money off it.

Whitney and Bobby

Looks like Whitney Houston falls into the latter category. The Grammy winner is selling off hundreds of stage outfits and accessories, including intimate undergarments, at an Irvington, New Jersey, auction next Tuesday.

Among the items on the block are various bustier bras adorned with animal prints and sequins; four velvet bodysuits with "WH" logos, evening dresses, musical instruments and a leather whip.

Also on the block? Various music awards of estranged husband Bobby Brown.

It's safe to assume the auction is taking place due to Houston's money problems, such as the possibility of foreclosure on her NJ mansion. But Whitney's rep, Nancy Seltzer, said the sale of 335 items has nothing to do with financial difficulty.

"Many artists get rid of the old stage equipment and costuming they don't need any more. That is what is happening," she said.

Seltzer went on to say that Joe Simpson wasn't crazy and Katie Rees was a prude.

Meanwhile, Karrine Steffans will look into purchasing the Bobby Brown awards as a way to remember when her occasional lover was actually a recording artist.


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If Whitney Houston can't come up with $1 million in unpaid back taxes by January 4, her New Jersey home will be sold in a sheriff's auction.

Really. According to the Morris County Daily Record, Houston has to pay off the home mortgage and back taxes on a portion of her $6 million estate in New Jersey's Mendham Township, or risk foreclosure.

Whitney Houston Red Carpet Pic

This is the second case of celebrity foreclosure that THG has covered since its inception earlier this year. The first concerned Dustin Diamond, the comedian and former Saved By The Bell star who was having money problems before he made a lewd sex tape that somehow made its way into the hands of legendary porn broker David Hans Schmidt. That guy is sick.

Houston's publicist, Nancy Seltzer, told the paper through a secretary that Houston's property was not in foreclosure. So it appears Whitney, whose recent divorce still lingers, has representation, if not taxation. So to speak.

We know Bobby Brown won't be helping her out, that's for damn sure. That jackass makes Kevin Federline look like a good husband. Bobby not only cheated on Whitney and did a $h!tload of drugs, but he can't even take a break from banging Karrine Steffans long enough to pay child support!

For those concerned about Houston's well-being, please note: the money is owed on only a small portion of Houston's sprawling, 10-acre estate, and that the singer also owns several dwellings in other states.

On top of that, she spends most of her time in L.A., leaving the New Jersey home for friends and relatives. Like the one who took pictures from inside one of Houston's residences and sent them in The National Enquirer, calling it a "crack house."

That's just wrong. It's a crack mansion, bitches.


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After a public divorce, the most important thing a celebrity can do is get right back on the PR horse again. So it goes for Whitney Houston.

The incredible singer made her first high-profile public appearance since the recent split from husband Bobby Brown, as she was toasted as belle of the ball Saturday night during a benefit in Beverly Hills that raised more than $70 million for juvenile diabetes research.

The Brown/Houston Family

"I feel great," said Houston.

The singer was escorted to the 17th Carousel of Hope Ball by one of the evening's honorees, her record producer Clive Davis, who told USA Today:

"She's been through emotional trauma, and everybody's rooting for her ... We're gonna make a killer album."

Houston sat at the main table with Halle Berry â€" who herself is a diabetic â€" and the actress's boyfriend Gabriel Aubry.

Elsewhere at the gala, which was hosted by Jay Leno, were Brooke Shields, Teri Hatcher, Hilary Duff, Kristin Davis, Sharon Stone, Minnie Driver, Sidney Poitier and couple Warren Beatty and Annette Bening.

Houston didn't sing at the event - but the evening's featured entertainer let loose. Katharine McPhee ditcher signature number, "Over the Rainbow," in favor of Houston's "I Have Nothing." Houston's acknowledged the tribute by nodding at this season's American Idol runner-up during the performance.

"It's her first big appearance since the breakup," McPhee, 22, said about Houston. "I would love to sing with her, but unfortunately all eyes are on me."

Two weeks ago, Houston filed for divorce from Brown after 14 years of marriage. The couple had separated on Sept. 8. Not surprisingly, rumored Brown mistress, Karrine Steffans, was absent from this evening.


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The amazing Britney Spears wants to do everything she can to help her jackass spouse Kevin Federline get his hip-hop career off the ground, but music industry sources think that in doing so, she could be putting her own career in jeopardy.

Now there's a stunning revelation. You mean associating with a guy who may be the worst rapper in history, and who is also a detestable human being, is potentially bad for your image? Crazy!

Slutty Britney

Yes, crazy. Britney is contributing her voice to a duet called "Crazy" on K-Fed's album, Playing With Fire. So not only is she married to this loser, she's going to be fully integrated into his "music."

Peeps in the music biz are saying Britney could be setting herself for a fall by association, much like another singer in the news these days -- Whitney Houston.

"It's very reminiscent of what happened to Whitney after the baby and 'Something in Common,'" an industry insider said of Sutton Pierce's mama.

Indeed, after Whitney and Bobby Brown recorded that stellar 1993 collaboration, Houston never quite recovered -- despite having cranked out one of the biggest singles of all time, "I Will Always Love You," less than a year earlier.

Besides her myriad personal problems, Whitney's musical production stalled, and although she had two more #1 singles in the 1990s, she's fallen far from her past glory. Precipitously.

As for Britney, she doesn't have a musical mentor like Clive Davis to guide her through the rough creative patches, so it could be an ever rougher road ahead. Plus, K-Fed should be knocking her up again any minute now. Sutton Pierce and Sean Preston -- better get ready for some more company! Mid-September of next year, approximately.

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In a bold, profound statement, Bobby Brown spoke up for the first time about his recent divorce.

"I'm really saddened by the whole situation," he told People magazine.

Triumphant Return

Wow. And you thought Brown did his best lyrical work in "Every Little Step I Take."

The singer was in Boston over the weekend to celebrate the 17th birthday of his eldest daughter, Laprincia (with ex-girlfriend Kim Ward). Yes, Laprincia, a name that makes Sutton Pierce Federline seem absolutely poetic.

Brown also caught a Mike Epps show with a group of pals at Boston's Comedy Connection on Sunday night. He seemed to be in good spirits, said a source, until someone asked him to draw devil horns on a Whitney Houston album cover. Just kidding.

Houston and Brown were married for 14 years and have one daughter, Bobbi Kristina, 13. Divorce proceedings are expected to begin next month and Whitney is reportedly asking that she get custody of the child.

Bobbi, meanwhile, is probably wondering whether or not she'd be better off with Kate Moss and Peter Doherty than either of these troubled stars.

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Hey, we love Bill Maher. The liberal talk show host is able to cast a humorous light on George W. Bush adminstration, while debating serious issues simultaneous.

Evidently, though, the woman accused of prompting the Whitney Houston divorce from Bobby Brown REALLY loves Maher.

Whitney Houston Red Carpet Pic

Karrine Steffans, the "video vixen," is adament that she had nothing to do with the ending of this couple's long-time nuptials.

"It's not my place to speak about their marriage," she said. "I can't break up a 16-year marriage in a few months. I'm not that super."

At that, Paris Hilton scoffed at her lack of competition in the mistress department.

Steffans then ended the brief interview by stating, once again, who her real soulmate is.

"I still love Bill [Maher]. He's the love of my life. I know you'll see us back together."

Hey, if Kid Rock and Pamela Anderson can keep finding each other - and getting married - we have faith.

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