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Infamous former Boston crime boss James “Whitey” Bulger was given a life sentence on Thursday for his murderous reign in the 1970s and ‘80s.

Nevertheless, questions remained for the families of some of his victims.

Why did prosecutors give generous plea deals to Bulger’s cohorts? Did Bulger offer to plead guilty, a step that would have avoided the two-month trial?

Relatives of people who were killed by Bulger or his henchmen vented their anger Wednesday during the first part of Bulger’s sentencing hearing.

He was called a “terrorist,” a “punk” and “Satan,” among other things.

After Bulger was sentenced, some also felt that prosecutors should have been able to convict him without giving lenient deals to his partners.

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The Whitey Bulger trial is living up to its billing following a heated exchange with witness Kevin Weeks, who testified against his one-time mentor.

Tuesday morning, he said Bulger was once his mentor and like a big brother. By mid-day, he was screaming obscenities at him from the stand.

Before that, though, Weeks detailed how Whitey ran his criminal enterprise, including his hefty bribes to police, state troopers, and federal agents.

Weeks said Bulger's famous quite was “Christmas is for kids and cops" and bragged to Weeks that he had corrupted six FBI agents with his bribes.

Weeks spilled on three murders he watched Bulger commit from 1983-1985 - bodies to which he led investigators when he started cooperating in 2000.

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The FBI has released photos of the weapons and money found when officials arrested Whitey Bulger, the bureau's #1 most wanted fugitive, last month.

All we can say is wow.

In addition to false social security cards and birth certificates, the notorious Boston mobster and former FBI informant had $822,000 on him ... CASH.

He also had heat, to put it mildly:


Federal agents claim Bulger had 30 firearms, many of which are seen above, as well as a grenade in his possession at his Santa Monica apartment.

The 81-year-old leader of Boston's infamous Winter Hill gang pleaded not guilty to 19 murders after spending the last 16 years on the lam.

In addition to the many killings, James J. "Whitey" Bulger is charged with conspiracy, extortion, narcotics distribution and money laundering.

His 60-year-old girlfriend, Catherine Greig, was arrested along with him. She has been charged with harboring a fugitive and is seeking bail.

Don't hold your breath, Cat.

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We don't foresee any miraculous verdict freeing this guy a la Casey Anthony.

Two weeks after the shocking arrest of Whitey Bulger ended the infamous Boston crime boss' decade and a half on the lam, he pleaded not guilty today in federal court to a laundry list of crimes, including 19 murders.

The 81-year-old, who served as an FBI informant before vanishing in 1995, when he was tipped off that he was about to be indicted, has been ordered held without bail.

Whitey Bulger Mug Shot

Bulger agreed to waive the reading of charges against him.

He is accused of 32 criminal counts in total, all felonies.

The notorious fugitive pleaded not guilty in a soft voice. The Boston Globe reports that prosecutors expect a monthlong trial with as many as 40 witnesses.

He was #1 on the FBI's Most Wanted List at the time of his arrest, having taken over that spot only recently from Al Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden.

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With a full white beard, Boston mob boss James "Whitey" Bulger lived up to his nickname in the mug shot taken after his surprising arrest this week.

The notorious fugitive and alleged mass murderer appeared in Los Angeles federal court and been remanded to Massachusetts to face many charges.

Following Whitey Bulger's arrest late Wednesday, he appeared Thursday with girlfriend Catherine Greig and waived his right to a removal hearing.

Whitey Bulger Mug Shot

Whitey Bulger had been on the run since the mid-1990s.

Bulger clutched court documents against his chest when he appeared before Judge John McDermott. Bulger said he understood the charges against him.

The 82-year-old smiled as he was led away by law enforcement agents.

Whitey was indicted on 19 counts of murder in 2001. He is also implicated in other shootings, and accused of running drugs through Boston Harbor.

He and Osama bin Laden topped the FBI's Most Wanted list until recently.

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Whitey Bulger, a Boston mob boss whose criminal dealings took on an aura of legend and who was once number one on the FBI's Most Wanted List, was finally arrested Wednesday night in Southern California after 16 years on the loose.

The 82-year-old gangster (real name James Bulger) was wanted for his alleged role in at least 19 murders as a ruthless mob boss and FBI informant.

He was taken into custody along with longtime girlfriend Catherine Greig.

Whitey Bulger Mug Shots

The arrest comes two days after a fresh media blitz aired pictures of Bulger and his companion on TV shows such as The View and Live with Regis and Kelly.

Greig was wanted for harboring a federal fugitive.

Bulger was taken into custody without incident at a Santa Monica residence, the FBI said, crediting this week’s publicity campaign for the long-awaited bust.

The last confirmed sighting of Bulger came in London in 2002, and since then the trail had run cold with multiple leads sending FBI agents around the globe.

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