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Weston Cage was arrested early Wednesday for felony domestic violence. The troubled son of Nic Cage was also arrested for DV earlier this month.

This time, Cage was arrested and then to a nearby hospital to be treated for cuts, injuries police believe - at least right now - were self-inflicted.

The mother of Weston's pregnant wife Nikki Williams, who he plans to divorce, says she is okay, and that "Nikki is safe and away from him."

Weston is still in custody on $50,000 bail, TMZ reports.

Weston Cage and Nikki Williams Picture

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The roller coaster ride that is Weston Cage's life continues.

Nic's son made a couple of big announcements Wednesday:

  1. His wife, Nikki Williams, is pregnant with his child!
  2. He's filing for divorce.
Weston Cage, Wife Nikki Williams

Weston Cage, who has only been married since April, went to his Facebook page to break the news, saying, "Made my choice. getting divorced."

Their joint domestic violence arrest over the weekend may have factored into his decision somewhat. As for the whole pregnancy thing ...

Weston believes the news only backs his claim that he never laid a hand on Nikki before the two were both arrested following the melee.

Cage wrote, "Never hit my wife. why would i start abusing after she was positive after taking a pregnant-c test." That's quite the reveal.

Weston then added a cryptic message: "Have fun killing my child Breyan Prescott." Hopefully he gets the help he needs, and quickly.

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It's been quite a summer for Nicolas Cage's son Weston.

He and his wife, Nikki Williams, were both booked on felony domestic assault charges yesterday after she allegedly went after him with a bottle.

This took place mere days after both got out of rehab.

Cage and Williams were taken to the police station for questioning after Nikki went absolutely out of control on Weston inside their apartment.

Weston Cage, Wife Nikki Williams

There was blood everywhere in the apartment and the place was trashed, sources report, although it is unclear what prompted the melee. 

Witnesses say in addition to cutting him on the arm with a bottle, Nikki Williams punched him wildly and threatened to jump off the balcony.

Police believe Weston was also violent and booked him on felony domestic violence as well, although he was freed on bail and she was not.

Nikki is still in custody.

Weston went into rehab after that insane fight with his trainer in the street last month and his wife of less than three months followed suit.


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Nic Cage is far from pleased with his former girlfriend Christina Fulton's attempt to obtain a conservatorship over their troubled son, Weston Cage.

"I hope Ms. Fulton will come to her senses one day and get some help," he told TMZ.

Christina and Nic battled it out in court yesterday over her lawsuit claiming that (short version) Cage caused her emotional and financial distress.

  • Christina Fulton Photo
  • Cage, Nic

Outside the courtroom, Christina claimed that she was taking legal steps to secure a conservatorship over Weston, a la Britney Spears, this week.

Weston Cage had a meltdown last week that caused cops to strap him to a gurney and take him to the hospital. He has since been released.

Nic wants nothing to do with a conservatorship of his 21-year-old son, saying that: "Weston is a man. I have complete faith he will weather this."

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Weston Cage had been missing before he went off the hinges and had to be subdued by police last week, and father Nicolas Cage had been trying to find him.

Nic organized a one-man search party in the form of Kevin Villegas - an assistant for Nic Cage for five years and Weston's trainer - to track down his MIA son.

The elder Cage dispatched Kevin to track down the 21-year-old and bring him home last week, which may have triggered the huge brawl between them.

  • Weston Cage, Wife Nikki Williams
  • A Nicolas Cage Pic

Weston Cage, Nic's son, with his wife Nikki Williams.

Kevin quickly located his target in L.A., but Weston was resistant and aggressive, even threatening to rip of Kevin's "Christian f**king head."

Villegas reported the situation to Nicolas Cage, who instructed Kevin to call 911. When Weston realized cops were on the way, he flipped out.

Kevin, who served with the U.S. military, feared for his life because Weston is a highly-trained fighter. He came Weston with a flurry of blows.

Weston was hospitalized for a mental evaluation after the police arrived and say she may press charges against Villegas in the coming weeks.

His mother, Nic's former girlfriend Christina Fulton, has filed a giant lawsuit against the actor pertaining largely to his care of their only child.


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It turns out that Weston Cage's hospitalization following a brawl on an L.A. street this week was just the latest chapter in his parents' ugly legal battle.

Weston, 20, is the son of Nicolas Cage and Christina Fulton, who demanded last week that Cage cough up more information about Weston's condition.

Fulton filed a motion June 3 in L.A. Superior Court as part of a $13 million lawsuit alleging he mentally and emotionally abused her, then evicted her.

Christina claims he took Weston out from under her care at that time.

Weston Cage and Christina Fulton

Christina Fulton and Weston Cage, her son with Nic.

Fulton states that she cared for "medically challenged" Weston until he was 18 and that he "suffered from a number of mental, psychological, and physical ailments" that "required 'round the clock supervision and parental care."

Fulton also explained that she quit her acting career to care for her son before he was ultimately taken away from her by Nicolas Cage.

It gets worse.

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Weston Cage has already fired and may press charges against the man who beat him senseless in the middle of a Hollywood street this week.

A Cage family friend reports that the man who unleashed the beating - Weston's now ex-trainer Kevin Villegas - has been let go. Stunner there.

Moreover, Villegas is the target of a police investigation.

The LAPD is also investigating Weston himself, however, as he allegedly incited the fight by attempting to roundhouse kick Villegas in the face.

The pair THREW DOWN outside a Hollywood restaurant, where the incident took place. Weston was hospitalized to undergo a mental evaluation.

It's still unclear what exactly caused the Villegas-Weston Cage fight, but it didn't end well for Nicolas Cage's 20-year-old son, that's for sure.

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The fight that landed Weston Cage in the hospital this week was caught on video, and it's not pretty. Nic Cage's son took a pounding from his trainer.

Weston is being held for psychiatric evaluation after losing it at a restaurant. It's not clear why, but he and his personal trainer got into a major brawl.

One that took place in the middle of a Hollywood street.

Nic Cage's 20-year-old son took many shots to the face outside Farmer's Kitchen restaurant in Hollywood ... while passersby stood and watched.

The footage from TMZ begins after Cage tried to deliver a roundhouse kick to his trainer, who didn't let him order a certain item off the menu.

After a scuffle, the trainer took Weston down and pummeled him. Cage was later handcuffed, strapped to a gurney, and taken to a hospital to be evaluated.

Nic Cage raced over to the hospital to be with his son.

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Nicolas Cage's son, Weston Cage, was taken to the hospital by ambulance after he flipped out at a restaurant in Hollywood yesterday afternoon.

Reports say his trainer told him he couldn't eat something on the menu. For some reason, Weston simply went off, pushing the trainer violently.

The trainer took Weston Cage down, and someone else tried calming Nic's son down, to no avail. Weston got up and continued freaking out.

Weston Cage Picture

When the police arrived, they told Weston that if he didn't get on ground they would tase him. Weston then complied, but was cuffed and strapped to a gurney.

Police say they it's unclear if Weston was under the influence of drugs or alcohol but they were clearly concerned that he was unstable and needed restraint.

Weston was taken to a local hospital where he is being evaluated.

One source says that Weston got into a nuclear argument with his new wife, Nikki Williams, that morning and she stormed out of their house.

It's unknown when he will be released, but Nic Cage jumped to the 20-year-old's aide and was there with him while he was transported by ambulance.


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Nicolas Cage's son Weston popped the question to his girlfriend Nikki Williams two weeks ago, according to reports, and they're getting hitched Sunday!

Sources close to the couple say Weston Cage, 20, and Williams, 22, kept the big engagement a secret until this week when they both posted it on Facebook.

The two will tie the knot in a private ceremony in New Orleans, and Nic - fresh off his ridiculous arrest last weekend - is expected to be in attendance.

Good to hear some pleasant Cage news! Congrats!

This is Nicolas Cage's son Weston. Quite the resemblance, no?

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