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Austin, Tex., resident Laurel Kagay was just minding her own business and watching The Bachelorette Monday. Then suddenly, her name was mentioned.

In a hilariously staged return, ousted suitor Jake Pavelka came back to tell Jillian Harris that Wes Hayden, a remaining contender, had a girlfriend.

Her name is Laurel, Jake told Jillian and millions of viewers. Wes denied he is dating her. Jake ratted him out anyway. Laurel Kagay sat in shock at home.

“I was like, ‘What?’” Laurel told People in an interview today. “There was this pause before he said my name - and then he said it quite a few times.”

Laurel Kagay, owner of Peach Body Boutique in Austin, would like to clear the air on this topic, which has dominated the contrived Bachelorette for weeks.

She dated Wes Hayden for three years, but they are broken up, and have been for quite a while now. The two became strictly friends a year ago, she said.

“I’m absolutely not with Wes, nor would I be with Wes if he were going on a show to be with another girl,” she says. “That’s absolutely crazy.”

So how did Jake Pavelka get things mixed up?

“I think he was paid by the producers to come on the show and confront Wes definitely upset about not being on the show anymore,” Laurel theorized.

Wes Hayden, Jillian Harris

Laurel Kagay insists that she and Wes Hayden - who has caught considerable flak for romancing Jillian Harris while supposedly dating Laurel - are not an item.

“And I think Wes did say something about his ex-girlfriend. Maybe he said he still cares about me or whatever. Maybe Jake blew that into something else.”

However, Laurel Kagay admits, “We are really good friends and we do go out to lunch together, so I could see how people could think we’re together.”

Oddly enough, Laurel is also linked to another famous name in The Bachelor franchise - Brad Womack, the Texan who chose no one on his season finale.

Laurel Kagay has also dated Collin Evans, who was briefly a contender on The Bachelorette’s third season with Jen Schefft. Sounds like she has a type!

As for Wes Hayden, who The Bachelorette has presented as the ultimate bad boy, Laurel says, “They have not shown Wes’ real personality at all. He’s so funny. When we were together, we were always laughing and having fun."

"I never worried about him cheating on me.”

“She seems to have fun and has a good personality,” Laurel says of Jillian Harris, “and he’s really fun and funny. Too bad all this craziness had to go down.”

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Last week on The Bachelorette, Jillian Harris nixed Tanner Pope and Jake Pavelka despite rumors that one of the other guys in the house had a girlfriend.

That guy was Wes Hayden, obviously, and while Wes hasn't admitted to having a girlfriend, he admitted he was on the show for the music not for the girl.

This all came to a head last night in hilariously contrived fashion.

The first four hometown dates - Reid in Philadelphia, Michael in Valencia, Calif., Kiptyn Locke in Encinitas, Calif., and Jesse in Carmel, Calif., seemed rushed, crammed into the first 45 minutes. It eventually became clear why this happened.

Last night’s episode was really about two things alone:

  1. Jake Pavelka returning and confronting Wes Hayden.
  2. The long-predicted return of Ed from Chicago.

Both of these things happened during Jillian Harris' final hometown date, to visit Wes' family in Austin, Texas. Upon her arrival, Wes tells Jillian that she's meeting his family, but she meets his other family - his band - first.

He played his song for her again. It was terrible again. 

Then came the return of Jake. Jillian was worried Jake was coming to get her back, but that's wasn't the case. He was coming to rat Wes Hayden out.

Jake (left) told Jillian that Wes (right) had a girlfriend named Laurel.

Jillian was visibly upset. Jillian asked Wes Hayden point blank if there was anything he needed to tell her and he said, "no." Jillian told him what Jake said. Wes claimed that Laurel was an ex-girlfriend that he's still good friends with.

Jillian brought the guys together to hash it out. Jake said he was going to hold Wes "accountable," but Wes denied it and Jake was left crying in the hallway.

After the drama, Wes and Jillian went on to meet his family for dinner. That went well. But Jillian had one more surprise before the rose ceremony. It was Ed.

He said he needed to "re-prioritize" and asked for another shot. Jillian was tongue-tied but invited him to the rose ceremony to vie for a rose with the others.

Jillian had four roses and now six guys. Cue dramatic music.

Just how contrived and/or staged were these two developments?

According to reliable sources, while Wes Hayden may be a complete douchebag, he is getting at least partially hosed as far as editing goes. His comments about girlfriends and "tasting" fame are taken largely out of context.

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Last night's installment of The Bachelorette was less notable for any events that took place than for what it teased regarding future episodes in the last three minutes.

We're coming down the home stretch of Jillian Harris' quest for love, as she cut the field from eight to five suitors, all of whom will go on "hometown" dates with her.

Of the three guys who were sent packing on Monday's episode (the sixth of the season), unemployed bartender Robby and foot fetishist Tanner Pope were obvious.

Her cutting Jake Pavelka, however, was a bit of a surprise.

Most of the episode (if not the season) was based around Jake being Mr. Perfect. He is hot. He is a pilot, which is awesome. He is super nice, fun and charming.

Jillian Harris acknowledged all of these things. Yet he goes.

This made little sense until the three-minute preview for the rest of the season aired: Jake Pavelka comes back to the show to tell Jillian about Wes' intentions!

This future development also casts a different light on Wes Hayden, who spent most of last night's show admitting, even bragging about his ulterior motives.

  • Jake From The Bachelorette
  • Jillian Harris and Wes

Jake has been dying to call out Wes. He will soon get the chance.

That he has an agenda is not shocking, but no one coming on The Bachelorette merely to promote his music would be so blatant as to say he is "not here for the girl" and that he can "feel" and "taste" the record sales he will generate from this.

Unless, of course, it is all a contrived sham. As is Jake being kicked off only to come back and stir up drama by calling out Wes and his alleged girlfriend.

It seems to The Hollywood Gossip that Jake's elimination was scripted from the start, just like Ed's departure last week because of "work" commitments.

Are Jake and Ed still in the running for Jillian? Were their reasons for departing legitimate, and only their returns staged? Or has this been the plan all along?

That we can't say, but spoilers will surely emerge. We'll be seeing both Jake and Ed in the coming weeks in some form though, you can mark our words.

Because as Jason Mesnick, Melissa Rycroft and Molly Malaney proved to record ratings, what's "reality" TV without a compelling, manipulated story to tell?

A recap of who's left on The Bachelorette after week six ...

On to next week's "hometown" dates: Reid (one-on-one date); Kiptyn (group date); Wes, Jesse and Michael (rose ceremony).

Sent packing by Jillian Harris: Robby (left on side of the train tracks); Jake and Tanner P. (not given roses at ceremony).

Jillian Harris narrowed her group of eight hopefuls to five last night.

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