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The X Factor results show was not especially kind to Paige Thomas and Vino Alan last night, as the hopeful singers were each sent home.

Did the eliminations take these contestants by surprise?

"I wouldn't say I was expecting it," Thomas told reporters after the show. "But at this point in the competition, because everybody's so good, you can never really expect anything... I'm somewhat relaxed because now I can really just be myself."

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Alan was more direct ("I didn't expect to go home," he said), while admitting he changed his Wednesday night song at the last moment from "Too Close" to "You've Lost that Loving Feeling."

But he holds no grade toward mentor L.A. Reid.

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A dozen contestants may remain on The X Factor, but only two elderly men.

Indeed, it's down to Tate Stevens (who sat atop the first-ever X Factor Power Rankings last Thursday) and Vino Alan.

Can you decide between the pair? Review the four teenage performances from last night's episode, along with those of the three women managed by Britney, and then watch/decide:

Which of these hopefuls impressed you most?


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You've seen the Teens.

You've listened to the Young Adults.

Now it's time to judge the older generation on The X Factor, as Vino Alan went all romantic ballad on viewers last night; Tate Stevens did his best Bon Jovi impression; and Jason Brock aimed to inspire.

Who succeeded? You tell us!

Which over-25 performance was your favorite?


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