You most likely don't know the name Vince Shlomi. But you know his face and his voice. Vince is the pitchman behind ShamWow, the awesome...

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According to its commercials, the ShamWOW can absorb a mind-boggling amount of soda.

We wonder how much blood the super dish rag can pick up.

Two weeks after news broke that the invention's spokesman, Vince Shlomi, got into a brawl with a prostitute, The Smoking Gun has released a few photos of the combatants.

Based on these pics, neither side can be declared victorious.

  • Bloodies Vince Shlomi
  • Beaten Hooker
  • Hospitalized Hooker
  • Vince Shlomi Pic

Click on the photos above to enlarge these gruesome, albeit sort of hilarious, pictures of Vince Shlomi and his hospitalized hooker.

According to the arrest affidavit, Shlomi started to make out with the prostitute when she allegedly "bit his tongue and would not let go."

He reacted by going all Chris Brown on the woman, punching her several times. Both were arrested for felony battery, but the case was eventually dropped.

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This might be the funniest story we've ever heard.

Vince Shlomi, the pitchman best known for screaming about the incredible soaking power of the ShamWow dish rag, was arrested last month for allegedly punching a hooker in the face.

According to The Smoking Gun, Shlomi was hanging out in Miami Beach when a prostitute named Sasha Harris propositioned him for "straight sex." Shlomi paid her $1,000 for the promised act.

For Vince Shlomi's sake, we hope the ShamWow soaks up blood caused by the clenched jaw of a hooker.

When he kissed Harris, however, she suddenly "bit his tongue and would not let go," according to reports.

What's a corporate shill to do from there? Shlomi punched Harris several times until she released her grip.

Bleeding, Shlomi proceeded to run to the hotel lobby, where security called the police. Harris refused to cooperate with officers, who recovered $930 from her purse.

Prosecutors have declined to file formal charges against Shlomi. They probably couldn't stop laughing long enough to fill out any paperwork.