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Kevin Federline likes his women a little on the crazy side.

His new squeeze, Victoria Prince, has had her share of run-ins with the law. Just last year, Prince was arrested for assault and disturbing the peace.

She pled not guilty and the case was eventually dismissed.

It gets better, though. Back in high school, Victoria Prince allegedly waged a terror campaign against three kids, whose parents filed a restraining order against her.

The judge rejected it, telling the school to deal with it on its own.

Victoria Prince Mug Shot

That's not even all. Victoria was charged with the possession of a dangerous weapon on school premises (a stun gun) and possession of alcohol by a minor - the documents were destroyed, as she was a minor, so we don't know how it turned out.

Prince said stun gun was for protection, because she had to walk to her car late at night after volleyball practice - she has not commented on the rest.

It's no 5150 holds and getting dragged off on a gurney after holding your own son hostage in the bathroom, but give her time, K-Fed. Give her time.

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Britney Spears may not be in the Christmas spirit after she sees this.

Her ex-husband and father of her two boys, Kevin Federline, reportedly has a new girlfriend, and from what we've gathered, she's twice the woman Britney is.

Seriously. Girl is like 5'10"!

Fedex Man

Victoria Prince, an ex-volleyball star, is a member of K-Fed's "Party Animals" bowling team, which is currently in second place in their local league.

Here's wishing Kevin Federline and Victoria Prince the very best of luck.

In bowling, as well as in life. Those leagues can be pretty cutthroat.

Anyway, here are some classic Victoria Prince photos - click to enlarge!

Victoria Prince Biography

Victoria Prince Mug Shot Victoria Prince is the girlfriend of Kevin Federline as of December 2008, or possibly earlier. That's just when we first heard of it.... More »
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