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Although there was plenty of drama predicted for David Beckham's final game for Real Madrid - the real (side)show was in the stands as wife Victoria chilled with pals Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes to cheer Posh's husband David on.

Victoria Beckham and her lame friends, all wearing obligatory oversized sunglasses, lit up the stands with superstar wattage. And weird ass hair.

Becks and Wife

Katie Holmes, 28, with her new hideous sleek bobbed hairstyle, looked like a dead ringer for new best friend Posh Spice in her short-sleeved minidress.

It didn't take long for the Hollywood couple to put on their characteristic public display of affection. The movie stars shared a kiss as Real's third goal was scored.

The previous day, Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes were spotted arriving at the German Church of Scientology headquarters in Berlin - at 2:45 a.m.

They took a vacation from Holmes' prison without bars to hit up Europe and visit a memorial to Count Claus Schenk von Stauffenberg, who attempted to assassinate Hitler in 1944, and to meet some of the quote-unquote religion's German leaders.

The visit has sparked fears that Tom Cruise, 44, will "inject" some serious Scientology propaganda in his next film, in which he plays von Stauffenberg.

While in Berlin, Katie and daughter Suri Cruise took the opportunity to see Knut, the polar bear rejected by his mother.

"Katie Holmes asked for a private visit and I showed her around myself," said Dr. Ragnar Kuhne, curator of Berlin Zoo.

Then the Cruises headed to Madrid to catch up with the Beckhams. Victoria, 33, held onto four-year-old Romeo, who was wearing a Real shirt with his father's number, 23, and "Daddy" on the back.

No idea how Beckham did in his final game. We didn't check. No one cares about soccer. Besides, he was probably too fixated on his wife's huge breasts to perform up to his abilities.

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Note to readers: Don't assume Victoria Beckham is any sort of unfaithful skank just because of her penchant for ridiculous outfits that showcase her huge boobs.

Much as we enjoy ripping on her, she's a happily married mother of three (and friend of Paul Sculfor) who's got her priorities right. Family before career, and loyalty to her husband above all else! Nothing but David Beckham nude for this British babe!

Posh Rocks London

You can imagine, then, Posh's reaction to Alex Rodriguez scandal.

Cheating on pretty wife Cynthia Rodriguez with a stripper? A not very hot, somewhat manly stripper to boot? Yeah. Stray-Rod is up to no good and practically begging for the high heat. Apparently hitting many home runs on the field wasn't enough for him.

Better watch out, Alex, or you're gonna pay the price - Posh Spice chin music!

It's gonna leave a welt, that's for sure. A woman who's never afraid to throw inside, you better believe Victoria Beckham won't hesitate to throw at other Hollywood screwups too. This appearance at last night's Dodgers game is just the beginning.

There's surely a high fastball earmarked for you too, Joslyn Noel Morse. Better grow eyes in the back of your head, you bleach blonde floozy!

Oh, and Coley Laffoon? You're officially on Becks' bean ball list. You too, Kevin Federline, if you don't treat Britney Spears right - whether you too get back together or not!

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We already know that Jennifer Aniston's new man used to be friends with Kate Moss. Fortunately, Paul Sculfor has kicked that anorexic model - and cocaine - problem.

But it doesn't appear as though this British model is done with his taste for spices yet. Why, exactly, was he spotted having dinner with Victoria Beckham last weekend in L.A.?

"He's just an ex-boyfriend of a friend," Posh's rep said.

Sculfor was photographed trailing Beckham's entourage outside the Saddle Ranch Chop House in West Hollywood before sitting down with the wife of David Beckham for a meal on Saturday.

Turns out the Beckham's longtime pal, makeup artist Maria-Louise Featherstone, dated Sculfor when they both were growing up in Essex, east of London. Aniston should probably be glad Paul went for this English women instead of an intimidating fellow Brit such as Keeley Hazell.

"Maria-Louise and Paul remained friends after they split," a friend told People magazine. "Victoria knew Paul when the two were dating. She hasn't seen him for about 10 years so it was a great chance to catch up."

Let's just hope Sculfor didn't get too taken with Posh's giant boobs. Jennifer Aniston nude may be gorgeous, but few can best Beckham in the chesticular category.

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For reasons unknown to our celebrity gossip staff, Victoria Beckham took home Woman of the Year crown at the Glamour Magazine awards last night.

The fact that there are Glamour Magazine awards, and that we are writing about them for a living, is almost funnier than Victoria Beckham winning one. Almost.

In taking home the hardware, she was dressed like a total harlot - a posh-tit-ute, if you will (and we will) - in what appears to be a tuxedo-auto racing chic outfit. So damn hot!

Alhough for former Spice Girl and future reality TV star was touted by the editor as "a role model" and "indicative of the modern woman," as far as our staff can see it, Victoria Beckham's only notable recent accomplishments appear to be:

  • Constantly looking hungry
  • Pouting like a stuck-up beeyotch
  • Shopping with Katie Holmes
  • Walking around like a robot
  • Possessing enormous boobs
  • Seeing David Beckham nude
  • Hating The Hollywood Gossip

Role model indeed ... for bitches, cyborgs and hoes, maybe! What. What!?

Other "glamorous" women honored at the event included Sienna Miller - who said she had too much wine to make a speech - and the "musical" group Girls Aloud (think Pussycat Dolls with British accents).

We're guessing Katie Price, a.k.a. Jordan, wasn't available.

The ceremony was somewhat redeemed by also giving awards to Angelina Jolie, Beyoncé and Helen Mirren - though none of them showed up to receive their awards. Maybe that explains Posh winning... someone's gotta accept, right?

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Victoria Beckham hates Hollywood gossip.

That much we covered yesterday in depth.

Victoria Beckham Pregnant Pic

Yet the star's distaste for the media hasn't caused her to yank the plug on her upcoming reality show, as was falsely reported yesterday.

The Mirror of the UK reported prematurely that Victoria Beckham, 33, quit the series in order to support her husband, David Beckham, 32, in his upcoming soccer matches.

The paper claims NBC insisted that the former Posh Spice move out to L.A. to begin filming this week, despite David's two scheduled matches for England, and his last game with Real Madrid.

When the network would not budge on the schedule, The Mirror says Victoria Beckham and her giant boobs bailed on the series, declaring that:

"My family will always come before my career."

Whether Victoria actually said that or not, Britney Spears might want to take that advice to heart. Actually, she doesn't seem to be focusing on either one. Bad example!

Yet both NBC and Posh's rep deny reports of her bailing.

"Victoria Beckham has not pulled out of the TV show," her rep said. "She has had so much fun filming the show but it's true that she took last week off and is taking this week off to look after the boys and support David. However, she will be back in L.A. in mid-June to continue filming. It's completely up to the network how long and in what format they decide to broadcast the show."

So calm down fans. Posh should be bringing her angular and strange self to your TVs sometime soon. Although the show might not feature David Beckham nude. Sorry.

As for a future appearance by Posh on Dancing With the Stars, that hasn't been confirmed nor denied. So stay tuned.

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Some stars are not big fans of celebrity gossip.

Justin Timberlake is not exactly a big supporter. Britney Spears blames tabloids and paparazzi for her problems. And we're guessing that Joslyn Noel Morse isn't a huge fan of ours right now.

But Victoria Beckham is taking the hating of The Hollywood Gossip and its counterparts to a new level. Check out what she had the nerve to say in a recent interview with Neil Sean of Sky News.

"I think these people are pretty spineless, the way they hide behind pseudo-names," says the former Posh Spice.

"They don't really know what's going on in anybody's lives. They're just sad people that sit behind their computers."

The Hollywood Gossip resents that, for the record. How do you know Free Britney, Hilton Hater and MischaLova aren't our real names?

And we assure you that our celebrity gossip staff writers are very happy people sitting behind their computers and earning modest wages, thank you very much.

Just because that picture of David Beckham nude is circulating online does not give you license to tear us a new one, Posh. We didn't take the damn photo - all we're guilty of is giving the people what they want.

In other words, don't hate the player, hate the game, babe.

That's right. We don't have time for this debate anymore, because we're too busy gathering and preparing to post the newest pictures of your huge boobs. Not that we're complaining, but have you heard of a bra? Snap, yo. Snap.

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Former Spice Girl Victoria Beckham says she and her soccer star husband, David Beckham, can't wait to move into their new L.A. home.

"I'm very, very excited," Victoria Beckham, 33, told People at the Chanel Cruise Collection show Friday night. "David and the boys can't wait!"

Victoria Beckham Solo

We assume she means their three sons, not David's other boys. If you've seen that picture of David Beckham nude, you know what we mean.

After David, 32, signed on with the L.A. Galaxy in a deal worth an obscene $250 million, the couple reportedly had trouble finding a place because realtors would raise prices when they heard the Beckhams were hunting.

They finally found a suitable Beverly Hills pad - minutes away from pals Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes - in April.

"We just bought a house, which I'm very excited about," says Beckham, who attended the fashion show with a camera crew to film some scenes for her upcoming NBC reality TV show.

"That's one of the main reasons I'm here, so the house will be perfect and ready for the children (sons Brooklyn, 8, Romeo, 4, and Cruz, 2) when they turn up."

Though they're not planning to move to their new digs - which a source described as "modern, airy, very light and spacious with lots of windows," - until July, Mrs. Beckham's giant boobs and family are ready to hit the West Coast.

"We cannot wait. We want to move tomorrow! We love it here."

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In March 1993, Victoria Adams was an unknown 18-year-old dancer who posed for a roll of 36 photos, hoping to relaunch her career.

In May 2007, she's an international style, music and beauty icon with over 10 million albums sold and a husband (David Beckham) who may be even more famous.

Victoria Beckham Out in London

Yes, hard work played a role in her transformation, but as Us Weekly experts observe, so has her bank account. Here's a look at their estimates of the "work" (plastic surgery) that Posh Spice may or may not have had done.

Nose ($11,000):
Posh's streamlined snout could be the result of nasal refinement surgery, NYC plastic surgeon Geoffrey Tobias says. "The bridge looks thinner, and the tip is narrower and slightly turned up," he says.

Kind of like Heidi Montag.

Huge Breasts ($10,000):
Victoria Beckham has dropped 20 pounds since 1993, estimates NYC internist Marc Siegel. "Most women have smaller breasts as they lose weight, not bigger," Gerut says, speculating the roundness is due to implants.

Either way, those are some serious boobs. 

Cheeks ($3,000):
"They're more sculpted, maybe from weight loss or buccal fat removal," says New York surgeon Zachary Gerut.

You know who had some serious fat removal? Ricki Lake!

Lips ($2,000):
Both bottom and lower are more prominent, suggesting Juvéderm or collagen injections every few months, says Gerut.

She's still no Angelina Jolie.

Eyes ($8,000):
"Her eyebrows drooped and now they're arched," Gerut speculate. "In my opinion, that's a forehead lift done beautifully, not Botox."

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If Victoria Beckham is truly gonna go Dancing with the Stars in the future, her partner may need to wear a facemask.

After all, those giant boobs are a dangerous weapon.

Victoria Beckham Solo

And it doesn't appear as though the former Spice Girl is planning on covering them up any time soon.

Apparently competing with her husband for most blatant display of nudity - although it will be tough to beat a picture of David Beckham nude - Victoria is seen here, once again, pointing her nipples in the direction of all around her.

There's no way to comprehend why Beckham doesn't grasp the concept of a bra. Or a non-see through shirt. Perhaps she feels the need to compete with Katie Price.

Makes us afraid of what she might do if Gemma Atkinson talks trash, too.

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An anagram is a type of word play, a result of rearranging the letters of a word or group of words to produce other words, using all original letters exactly once. It's amazing what kind of hidden meanings one can find in a name... for better or for worse.

The names of celebrity gossip mainstays and other noteworthy folk can be worked around to mean any number of things, ranging from the strangely appropriate ...

Old Skool Britney

Brangelina = Brain angle
Hayden Panettiere = Penitent, dear? Yeah.
Kim Kardashian = I am a kind shark
Simon Cowell = "Lemon, I scowl!"
Olivia Mojica = Ciao, I'm jovial.
Kevin Federline = Keen, fine drivel
George Walker Bush = Blush, war ogre geek!
Mario Lavandeira = I am a liar and over
Dustin Diamond = Undid saintdom

... to the highly amusing ...

Christopher Ivery = Oh, rich perversity
Anna Nicole Smith = Slim, innocent: Aha!
Calvin Broadus (a.k.a Snoop Dogg) = Good spark, unsocial vagabond
Stefani Schaeffer = Fat, fish-face sneer
Kate Moss and Pete Doherty = OK, mastered spotted hyena
Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes = Hedonist miracles make out
Miss USA Tara Conner = Urinates on sarcasm

... to the purely nonsensical ...

Alec Baldwin = Nice bad wall!
Maksim Chmerkovskiy
= Hmm... is maverick sky OK?
Crazy Joe Simpson = Spicy major zones
Sanjaya Malakar = Am lanky as a jar
Jayden James Federline = Sanely jeered jam fiend
Kingston James McGregor Rossdale = Good morning! Crassest jerks gleam
Kristin Cavallari = Trivia link rascal

... to the suggestive and lewd ...

Axl Rose = Oral sex
Mel Gibson = Big melons
Lauren Conrad = Rude on carnal
Peter Sarsgaard = Grr (as a pederast)!
Michael Jackson = Manacle his jock
Madonna Louise Ciccone = Occasional nude income
President Clinton of the USA = To copulate, he finds interns

... to our personal favorites ...

Britney Spears = Best PR in years
Victoria Beckham = Am abortive chick
The Hollywood Gossip = God! Whoops! Hostilely!

Victoria Beckham Biography

Victoria Beckham Out and About Victoria Beckham is Posh Spice and Mrs. David Beckham. She shows off her giant boobs at every opportunity. More »
Full Name
Victoria Beckham

Victoria Beckham Quotes

I love Sex And The Cityand I'm going to arrange a girlie night to watch the film. But I'm happy doing what I'm doing right now. I'm a terrible actress. Everyone thinks I'm only friends with Tom and Katie to be in a movie but it's not true. I've turned down lots of roles.

Victoria Beckham

I think David is better looking than him. Definitely.

Victoria Beckham [on her husband vs. George Clooney]
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