Verne Troyer is best known (only known?) for his role in the Austin Powers franchise. The vertically challenged actor played the role of...

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Last week, 50 Cent, who's apparently as bored as he is rich, posted an amusing set of Twitter pictures in which he posed with half a million dollars. Cash.

Not to be outdone, Verne Troyer, who we haven't heard from since he put it to Ranae Shrider on their sex tape, showed he be rollin' like a pimp as well.

Verne Troyer Sex Tape Pics

"@50cent got nutt'in on me! LOL!" wrote Mini-Me. Indeed ...

What's your response to this photo of Verne Troyer?


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Gorgeous model Yvette Monet has requested and been granted a temporary restraining order granted against her unstable former boyfriend ... Verne Troyer.

Monet says she used to date Troyer but that they broke up months ago. She states that she believes he owns a gun and that she currently fears for her life.

Verne Troyer Sex Tape Pics

Yvette says Troyer constantly texts and emails her despite her many requests for him to stop, and that he has sent threats telling her to "watch herself."

She says Troyer has told her that his friend Burt has a gun and will do anything he says and that he has a cop friend called Jose who also has guns.

Has Verne Troyer really been making threats against his former girlfriend, Yvette Monet? On an unrelated note, was Verne Troyer really dating Yvette Monet?

She requested that Troyer be asked to stay away from her, her workplace, her home and her vehicle. The restraining order will remain in effect until December 2.

A Minnesota native, Yvette is a former beauty queen hailing from St. Paul. She was a spokes model for Merle Norman Cosmetics and has also modeled for Miller Lite.

She has also appeared on eight different television shows.

The 2'8" Troyer has appeared in the Austin Powers franchise and also appeared in The Surreal Life. He is perhaps as well known for the Verne Troyer sex tape featuring him giving it to another ex-girlfriend, Renae Shrider, last year.

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How is this for irony?

Chanelle Hayes realy wants to make it a big in Hollywood.

The former UK Big Brother contestant is trying to accomplish that goal... by dating the smallest actor on the planet!

According to various sources, Hayes has been spotted around London with Verne Troyer. Insiders claim Mini Me is even trying to fulfill his new gal's dream and land her a part in the upcoming Austin Power sequel.

“I am such a massive fan of Austin Powers, I love those movies. If the chance came up for a part, I’d jump at it," Hayes said this weekend.

Remember what happened the last time Troyer dated someone?

Can a Chanelle Hayes sex tape really be that far behind?

** Update: Troyer's representative has repeatedly contacted our staff, denying the validity of this story. We have no idea why. It's the best publicity Mini Me has seen in ages.

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Sorry, folks. But the Verne Troyer sex tape wasn't the last you'll hear about this diminutive actor's life between the sheets.

Former Playboy centerfold Genevieve Gallen went into detail with News of the World about her and her ex-husband's activities behind closed doors.

Gallen and Troyer were married for a whole month in 2004, but that was enough time for her to learn the following about her tiny man:

On sex marathons: “We could have sex up to 10 times in a single day. We’d do it for 45 minutes and he would just keep on going as I had orgasm after orgasm.”
On sexual positions: “We had to be creative - but because of my yoga experience I could get into the right positions to make it work.”
On role playing: “I would dress up in my sexiest lingerie every day and try all sorts of role-play games. Sometimes I dressed as a prostitute, other times a cheerleader—and even a schoolgirl.”
On Troyer's penis: “Verne’s body is proportional all over, so he was smaller than I expected.

Genevieve Gallen Photo

Genevieve Gallen was married to Verne Troyer for one month; which, evidently, is approximately the same amount of time that the short actor lasts in bed.

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Verne Troyer just can’t catch a break.

First, the Ranae Shrider sex tape gets leaked. Now the new chick he's dating goes and starts cheating on him with Jason “Wee Man” Acuna of Jackass fame.

Verne Troyer Sex Tape Pics

Canadian model Dominique Arganese was last seen locking lips with Verne in Vegas, but New York Post gossipers are claiming they recently saw her getting it on with Jason “Wee Man” Acuna - the wild, crazy, skateboarding Jackass star.

At an even four feet, he's a foot taller than Verne Troyer. Does that give him a complex when both are technically... little? Just some food for thought.

The skanky ways of Dominique Arganese are still relatively little-known, but they helped get her a job in Vegas, performing in an up-and-coming show.

Her new boss, Jeff Beacher, summing up Vegas as well as anyone ever has, stated that “[Dominique] is of the most beautiful girls I have ever seen, and as soon as I heard she was sleeping with every midget in town, I knew she was perfect for my show.”

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Is Dominique Arganese following in the sex tape-laden footsteps of Ranae Shrider?

According to reports, this Canadian model is somehow dating diminutive actor Verne Troyer. The two have been spotted together in Las Vegas, looking cozy and "in love," a source says.

Verne Troyer Sex Tape Pics

Based on the photo below, Arganese appears to be more of a fan of Sarah Palin than Troyer. After all, if she likes holding big guns, how can she be happy holding something so little in bed?

Dominique Arganese doesn't speak English very well. Maybe that explains how she was convinced to date Verne Troyer.

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Might a new Verne Troyer sex tape be in the works?

The actor best known for his role as Mini-Me - and as the bedroom partner of Ranae Shrider - looks to be moving on from his doomed relationship and into the arms of... whatever Las Vegas dancer will have him.

Wow, Buttocks!

Verne Troyer lacks a poker face.

Getting Down, Dirty

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Sorry, folks. You haven't heard the last about a naked Verne Troyer giving it to ex-girlfriend Ranae Shrider.

While it may soon be removed due to legal issues, copies of the sex tape involving this former couple are now available online.

Take a look at the following images - continued on this article's jump - from it now and decide for yourself if you wanna purchase it*...

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Ranae Shrider may have tossed Verne Troyer around physically.

But the the sex tape star's lawyer is really giving it to the tiny actor verbally.

As reported by TMZ, Keith Davidson refers to Troyer as "a small-minded, vindictive, heartbroken, desperate and trivial celebrity."

Come on, Mr. Davidson, tell us how you really feel!

"Mr. Troyer would be better served retiring his Federal and state tax obligations rather than suing a girl who he dated for only three months before videotaping their diminutive sessions."

It's time to choose a side, America: Are you on Team Ranae or Team Verne?

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Verne Troyer's ex is firing back at the 2'8" actor after he accused her of emotional and physical abuse in a $20 million lawsuit filed yesterday.

"This lawsuit is ridiculous and riddled with lie upon lie from Verne Troyer and his camp," Holly Bannon, a rep for Ranae Shrider, said in a statement.

Verne Troyer Sex Tape Pics

"The claim is, in our opinion, a shamelessly transparent attempt to generate as much publicity as he can from his less than average career in the wake of his most recent failure in The Love Guru."

Now that's a low blow. Even more so than the kind she's used to.

Thursday, lawyers for Verne Troyer said he feared for his safety after Shrider beat him, dropped him and, another time, held him against his will.

Troyer's lawyer said, in what may be the celebrity quote of the year: "When you pick up a 2'8" human being and throw him to the floor, it hurts."

But Ranae Shrider's rep says it's all bogus.

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