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No looking!

The pants on Vanessa Hudgens make it clear that she doesn't want anyone staring at her rear end... as she poses for a picture with her rear end sticking out.

Hudgens Photograph

Color this High School Musical star confused, as she takes yet another shot in the series of photos from a few months ago that no one except Zac Efron was meant to see. Oops.

Due to the irony - and, yes, we'll admit it - hotness of the pic, we couldn't help but publish it. Call us dirty, but remember: we do cover up all Britney Spears crotch shots.

And there are lots of those to censor.

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OK! magazine is reporting that things are far from okay for Vanessa Hudgens.

The celebrity gossip tabloid says this young star's nude photo scandal will cost her a spot in High School Musical 3.

"Disney finally decided that they don't want her back," says an insider. "They feel that as long as Zac Efron is in the movie, all will be fine. He's the real star �" the household name �" and, most importantly, he comes without baggage."

But with dashing good looks!

If Hudgens isn't asked back, rumors say that Cheetah Girls Adrienne Bailon or Sabrina Bryan are likely replacements.

"The producers think that after Dancing With the Stars, Sabrina will be more famous than Vanessa," the source said.

We're not sure about that. Even if Bryan wins the reality competition, ask yourself who is better known right now, past Dancing with the Stars champions or celebrities that get naked a lot?

Think more people know of Drew Lachey or Tila Tequila?

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Teenage boys around the world were excited to see Vanessa Hudgens naked pictures. But one man may have been even more psyched:

Marc Ecko.

The designer of contemporary young women's apparel and footwear hired the High School Musical star to be featured in the company's fall and holiday 2007 and spring 2008 ad campaigns.

So it's easy to imagine how pleased Ecko was at all the publicity Hudgens has received in the last few weeks.

Here's what the company said in a recent press release, regarding the photo shoot:

"High School graduate Vanessa Hudgens celebrated her graduation (she was homeschooled) backstage during the shoot. Vanessa's mom, her little sister, Stella, and her High School Musicak co-star Ashley Tisdale were on hand for a cake from Sweet Lady Jane in LA and coffee treats from Starbucks."

When asked about the nude pics, Ecko simply said: "More power to her. She made a mistake and has apologized for it. I'm just glad no one's leaked the pictures of me in all of my naked glory."

So are we, Marc. We'd much rather stare at Megan Fox nude.

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With naked pictures and pregnancy rumors behind them, two of Hollywood's youngest stars smiled at Variety Magazine's 2007 Power of Youth event benefiting St. Jude on Saturday afternoon.

Vanessa Hudgens appears have put her naked scandal behind her, while Miley Cyrus was simply the victim of false celebrity gossip reports. She was never knocked up and has every reason to be psyched right now:

Trying Too Hard

The Hanna Montana star's concert tickets are being sold for thousands.

Where is Zac Efron, Vanessa? We hope everything is okay.

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Perhaps Vanessa Hudgens nude photos aren't so bad after all.

At least the High School Musical star looks good in those.

Just compare those shots to how she looks when bowling and you'll know exactly what we are talking about. Hudgens looks more awkward below than Britney Spears looks without a drink in her hand.

Conversely, check out Kristen Bell! The voice of Gossip Girl and the soon-to-be guest star on Heroes is seriously focused on those pins.

She may be a first round pick in the next Celebrity Bowling Fantasy League.

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Vanessa Hudgens is really getting the hang of this wearing clothes thing.

No longer posing for pictures in her birthday suit, the High School Musical star is seen here with hunky boyfriend Zac Efron, as the couple refills its gas tank before most likely driving somewhere.

Playing Paparazzi

It's nice to see Zanessa in such a good mood. Fallout from the aforementioned nude photos had made it seem like the pair were no longer dating.

Needing a Refill: Take away the naked pics, millions of dollars, friendships with Ashley Tisdale and Corbin Bleu - along with the entertainment news photographers following them everywhere - and Vanessa Hudgens and Zac Efron are a normal couple.

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Way to go, Vanessa Hudgens!

We're not sure how many attempts it took, but the High School Musical star was able to put on clothing before hitting an Us Weekly party earlier this week.

It was her first public appearance since a certain nude photo scandal you may have heard about.

We're proud of Vanessa for getting out there and reminding the world that she's more than just a young co-ed with a body that won't quit. You should follow her lead, Trishelle Cannatella.

Hold your head up high and ignore your critics.

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High School Musical co-stars Vanessa Hudgens and Ashley Tisdale proved two things during their shopping spree in L.A. this week:

  1. They may not hate each other after all.
  2. They can appear in pictures with their clothes on.

But the real question, of course, is: Which young star looks better? Here's a quick look at what the respective girlfriends of Zac Efron and Jared Murillo are sporting...

Kendall Jenner Fashion

Hudgens is wearing a basic white shirt with a silk scarf tied around her neck and the ultimate accessory on celebrity divas: over-sized sunglasses.

Tisdale, meanwhile, is going for the rocker chic look in her skinny black jeans, trendy oxford booties and Chanel sunglasses.

You tell us, celebrity gossip fans: Who looks better?

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We always knew Vanessa Hudgens would be featured in a magazine.

Just figured it would be Playboy or Penthouse.

But while Kim Kardashian is proudly displaying her bare body in the pages of the former publication, Hudgens and boyfriend Zac Efron are going in another direction.

The editors of Popstar! have created a special-issue magazine dedicated to the beloved and controversial High School Musical couple. Its name, of course? Zanessa: Their Love Story.

We suppose it could be worse: there could be a magazine focused entirely on Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt. Then again, isn't that all Us Weekly is these days?

Zanessa: The Magazine

Zanessa, Schmanessa. We wanna see a publication dedicated to George Clooney and Sarah Larson.

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Could even more Vanessa Hudgens naked pics be on the way?

According to a less-than-reliable celebrity gossip source, it's possible.

The National Enquirer reports that the High School Musical star took photos of herself in the buff... when she was just 15. The intended recipient of these pictures? Not Zac Efron and not Drake Bell.

According to the newspaper, Hudgens took a naked photo herself alone in her bedroom (sound familiar?). She then sent it to a boyfriend she'd just dumped.

"It was like she was saying: 'Look what you're going to miss,'" her then-boyfriend Adam O'Neal, 19, told The Enquirer in an exclusive interview.

There can't be more Vanessa Hudgens naked photos out there... right?

O'Neal - whose film credits include "Crazy Jones" and "Little Losers" - says he met Vanessa at an acting audition when she was 15 . She dumped him after three months, only to send the Alicia Silverstone-like photo of herself to him and other boys.

"We were both aspiring actors, and we met at an audition," said Adam. "We were together for three months and then, just before Christmas 2003, she came to a party at a friend's house â€" and dumped me. I'd never seen her in the nude before."

Apparently, the young actor's mom even got in on the story, as Margaret O'Neal told The Enquirer: "I was horrified. I thought Vanessa was such a sweet girl."

Didn't we all, Margaret? Didn't we all?