Tyrese is a model, and apparently, a thug. The guy has a serious six pack.

Paul Walker's co-star Tyrese Gibson was among those deeply affected by the actor's tragic death this weekend, breaking down in tears at the crash site.

Tyrese, one of Walker's fellow cast members in the popular Fast and Furious franchise, was paying his respects and clutching flowers for his friend.

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It seemed like a simple enough question for Tyrese, asked this week by AllHipHop.com:

What kind of responsibility does he have as entertainer to inspire people to live healthier lifestyles?

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Our friends at TMZ have learned that the LAPD is "interested" in singer/actor Tyrese - and probably not in the same way that The Hollywood Gossip is interested in Rachel Bilson.

No, definitely not like that. After his pregnant girlfriend accused him of punching her twice last week, the alleged R&B star is under investigation by the authorities.

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At T.H. Gossip, we always enjoy a good celebrity arrest. Unfortunately, they all can't be as high-profile - or high-comedy - as the recent Nicole Richie DUI bust or the infamous Mel Gibson anti-Semitic tirade.

No, more often, it's the D-listers who get cuffed and dragged off to the slammer - or are involved in stalking cases (in other words, it's more likely to be Bob Uecker than Hilary Duff).

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Tyrese is a model, and apparently, a thug. The guy has a serious six pack. More »
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