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Tyra Banks is probably happy for the recently engaged couples in Hollywood.

There's Katharine McPhee and Nick Cokas.

As well as Andrew Firestone and Ivana Bozilovic.

But that doesn't mean the talk show host and super model will be following their leads any time soon. Contrary to celebrity gossip rumors, Banks and her boyfriend, New York investment banker John Utendahl, did not get engaged over the weekend.

The pair has been dating since July and Banks recently relocated filming for both her talk show and America's Top Model to New York.

John Utendahl isn't walking down the aisle any time soon. But it's still safe to assume he has seen Tyra Banks nude.


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A favorite of the celebrity gossip world as well as the Democratic voting base, Sen. Barack Obama took an unusual break from the campaign trail ... to gaze into a crystal ball with talk show host Tyra Banks.

What does he see, Banks asked the charismatic 46-year-old presidential candidate? "I see the White House," he replied, matter-of-factly, on her show.

Barack Obama Debt Speech

Barack Obama also made clear that his wife and daughters are extremely particular on where they spend their nights on the campaign trail.

"This isn't a Hilton hotel, is it?" he said his 9-year-old daughter, Malia, will ask, as she keeps up with the news and does not approve of Paris Hilton.

"Parents have to realize, kids want limits, they want structure," he said. "They don't want you to be their best friend. They want you to be parents. If we had more parenting, then the kinds of influences we see on TV don't matter."

Tyra Banks and Barack Obama look into the future.

Barack Obama stressed that it is his wife, Michelle, the disciplinarian in the family, who keeps him in line, even making sure he stays off smoking.

She is also the role model to their two young daughters. Besides Malia, Michelle and Barack Obama are parents of 6-year-old Sasha.

"They know that no one has it more together than their mom," he said, also describing Michelle, 43, as "very strong, tough, self-possessed ... but she is also, I think, a person who feels very deeply."

While he did not reference #1 fan Amber Lee Ettinger in his interview with Banks, Obama was quick to talk about Michelle, who he met in law school.

"I offered to buy her ice cream," he recalled. "So we went to the Baskin-Robbins near my apartment, sat on the curb and ate ice cream."

"So, did you kiss her?" Tyra Banks wondered.

"After the ice cream, I must admit, I did," he said. "And she tasted like chocolate."

THG NOTE: This whole article is so nauseatingly cute, and at the same time absurd, that this celebrity gossip publication is pretty much left speechless.

The couple will be celebrating their 15th anniversary on Wednesday, Tyra Banks told the audience - their crystal anniversary, she said, thus the crystal ball.

Peering into the Illinois senator's iPod, Banks asked what he has on it: Jay-Z, Miles Davis, classical music, along with "some Bach... I got a little salsa, too."

Should there be a future movie about him, Obama said Denzel Washington could play him, though with the way his ears stick out, "It may have to be Will Smith."

Tyra Banks, 33, also took the opportunity of the senator's visit to talk about her brother, which, she pointed out, is something she does not do often.

Capt. Devon Banks is deployed in Afghanistan, she said, before requesting that Obama look directly into the camera and deliver a message to him.

"Devon, we are proud of you," the senator said. "We are grateful for your service. We want to get you back home as soon as possible. I know Tyra is thinking about you all the time, so make sure to send her an e-mail."

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When Britney Spears sat down with Tyra Banks on the Tyra Banks Show this week, well, the two had a nice little heart-to-heart. And then Banks went off on the singer for her disgraceful performances at the VMAs, and life.

Okay, not really. But this hilarious video uses clips of Tyra Banks from America's Next Top Model and Britney's tearful 2006 interview with Matt Lauer, making it appear as if Banks is berating Spears instead of some modeling aspirant.

Hey Britney! Hey!

Hey, all of her remarks still apply ...


"Learn something from this! Take responsibility for yourself!!"

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Ladies, we gave you a chance to drool over David Beckham nude photos.

Now, it's time for the guys to enjoy their naked fill once more. Below, two of the sexiest super models to strut down the catwalk are baring it all for fans.

And while this Tyra Banks nude picture is a bit scary/masculine, Rebecca Romijn naked is as hot as the play of the New York Yankees.

Rebecca Romijn Nude

Each of these beauties has a second career to modeling right now. Banks is an Oprah Winfrey-wanna be with her talk show; and Romijn is starring alongside America Ferrera in Ugly Betty.

But when either hottie wishes to, she can still match the sexy, nude exploits of Holly Madison or Tila Tequila any time. And that should be comforting for them to know.

It should also help Joe Simpson rethink he stance on Jessica Simpson nude movie roles: In order to revive her career, clothes may need to be ditched.

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Thanks to People magazine for this great collection of the week's top quotes from the celebrity gossip world.

"Rosie O'Donnell has the sexiest, juiciest breasts."
- Tyra Banks, telling Conan O'Brien that she gave The View host a surprising squeeze (which she also once did to Katharine McPhee)

Masked Model

"That's showbiz, but it's not sad because I've loved it here and I love you guys and I'm not going away. I'm just not going to be here every day."
- Rosie O'Donnell, announcing that she's leaving The View

"I hate sleeping alone."
- Lindsay Lohan, who we would like to remind you is 20, explaining why she goes out all the time

"It's nice to be able to just date, because I had never been on a date in my life."
- Lance Bass, on being single

"I was kind of mildly disappointed that nobody went last week. I look forward to that point. Does that sound bad?"
- Simon Cowell, expressing his dismay that no contestant got booted off during the "American Idol Gives Back" charity special, on The Ellen DeGeneres Show

"Yes, it sounds bad."
- Ellen DeGeneres, to Simon Cowell

"I figured that we're going to be lonely without you. So, Tim and I thought we should get busy and maybe make a little co-host."
- Elisabeth Hasselbeck, on The View, announcing she's expecting her second child, less than a week after O'Donnell announced she would be leaving the program

"I feel comedically sandwiched."
- Adam Brody, sitting between the host and comedian Garry Shandling, on Late Night with Conan O'Brien

"You can still have Indian food though, right?"
- Jon Stewart, asking Richard Gere about the controversy sparked after he publicly kissed Bollywood star Shilpa Shetty in India

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Katharine McPhee has big boobs.

The Hollywood Gossip staff could tell this simply by looking at a picture of the singer in a low-cut dress. Apparently, though, Tyra Banks needed to actually feel for herself.

Tyra Banks at Time Gala

The talk show host recently welcomed last year's American Idol runner-up to the program with your basic squeeze of the breasts. McPhee looks a tad caught off guard, doesn't she? Perhaps she expected a handshake...

We're afraid to think about what CariDee English received from Tyra for winning America's Top Model.

Anyway, McPhee can at least take comfort in the fact that this is far from the most humilating picture of a former or current American Idol contestant to hit the Internet today.

Antonella Barba probably wishes she were caught having her chest investigated by Banks. As opposed to, you know, going down on some random dude.

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This just in: Tyra Banks is not fat.

And she's got the killer body - not to mention a life-size, blown-up picture of herself from a tabloid for comparison - to prove it.


Wearing the same swimsuit seen in the tabloids, the America's Next Top Model host shows off her real figure next to a blown-up version of the infamous photo of herself that ran last month, sparking rumors that the supermodel had let herself go.

And we mean really let herself go. We're talking Anna Nicole Smith style.

Seriously, look at those hips! She's no CariDee English, that's for sure.

During a taping of her talk show, which airs today, Banks took the unusual step of wearing the same suit seen in the unflattering picture to prove a point. Which was that the paparazzi waited around for an unflattering pic to make her look fat.

"It was such a strange meanness and rejoicing that people had when thinking that was what my body looked like," Banks told People.

Luckily, Tyra call pull this off. Please don't let us see Janice Dickinson in the Enquirer and have her attempt the same thing to clear her name.


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The contestants may be beautiful; Tyra Banks may mean well; but the dozen writer/producers for American's Next Model are NOT pleased.

The workers are protesting management's refusal to allow them to unionize by staging a strike outside production offices in Los Angeles. They all wore red shirts and carried signs that said such witty things as:

America's Next Top Model Poster
  • Reality Needs a Rewrite
  • Tyra is union. Why not me?

What are these writer-producers after? The greedy professionals are actually demanding healthcare, residuals, pension, better pay and writing credits (they're currently credited as producers). The writers argue that they should receive similar treatment as writers in other genres, such as dramas and comedies.

Ah, yes. Those that come up with the storylines and character developments on Lost are truly akin to whomever puts words on the teleprompter for Tyra to read.

So far, executive producers are steering displeased horde toward government mediation, but the writers say that's a stall tactic to get them to conclude the next two seasons before firing them all.

As America's Next Top Model continues along in its seventh season, this issue could become more important than which contestants have fake boobs. Actually, that's not true at all.

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Tyra Banks doesn't care how Janet Jackson lost all that weight. The former supermodel - and current talk show host - doesn't want women to feel pressure about their body anymore.

The beauty plans to ask editors not to digitally enhance her appearance when she appears on magazine covers in the future.

Tyra Photo

Her reasoning? The message being sent out to young girls when they see flawless women in magazines is misguided, the 32-year old, former Sports Illustrated cover gal says; and she wants the world to see her without the benefit of computer technology.

A member of the star's company, Bankable Productions, said:

"Modeling is an unreal business, but Tyra wants to make it more real. She always tried to get heavier women to take part in America's Next Top Model - although the industry continues to reject them and the few that get through are magically transformed into waifs by magazines."