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Trick Daddy and Lil Wayne are not big fans of each other, but Weezy's friend mentor Birdman has reportedly stepped in to quash this beef for good.

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Lil Wayne went ballistic at a strip club last month after a dude in Trick's posse allegedly flicked a cigarette into the rapper's dreads at a Miami strip club.

Trick Daddy is bitter, claiming Tunechi got him blackballed from all the good strip clubs in Miami (really), leaving him to frequent butterface joints (really).

Moreover, Trick insists he didn't even do anything to Weezy.

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Lil Wayne and Trick Daddy rekindled their ongoing beef last night at a Miami strip club, and things nearly escalated into Drake-Chris Brown territory.

It all went down at King of Diamonds Wednesday when, according to sources in the club, Weezy "started to get a bad vibe from Trick Daddy's posse."


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Lil Wayne decided to cut the night short, but while he was walking out with Mack Maine, one of Trick Daddy's boys threw a lit cigarette into his dreads.

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