Tricia Helfer is absolutely beautiful. She's known for her role in Battlestar Galactica... and also for often baring most of her skin....

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Everyone poses in Playboy for a different reason.

Some get pressured into it by their mother (hello, Kim Kardashian), some are banging the owner (hi, Holly Madison) and some don't exactly have the talent to do much else (no offense, Denise Richards).

But the following nine stars are yet to bare their full birthdays suit for the men's magazine - and we think it's time they do so!

Because we wanna see their goods? In some cases. But in others, we sincerely think that stripping down will be good for their careers and/or their self-esteem.

So for our sake and for their sake, here's a look at some actresses, models and reality stars who should have Hugh Hefner on speed dial:

Jennifer Love Hewitt
Jennifer Love Hewitt looks pretty good here, don't get us wrong. But she has no major role lined up and could give her career a major boost by just baring it all.

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We're proud Americans here at The Hollywood Gossip, but let's face it, Canada is the best. We're not talking about our northward neighbor's pristine wilderness, universal health care or lack of gun violence, either. Props, though.

No, it's some of the fine exports from this great nation that have piqued our interest on this day ... and most days, to be honest. Some of the most beautiful females on Earth have been gracing our television sets in recent years.

Canada's Top Export

There's no wrong answer in this poll, but we're curious what yours is: Who's the hottest Canadian actress on TV? Let's meet some of the contenders:

  • Elisha Cuthbert could be our sloppy seconds 24-7-365.
  • Shenae Grimes hates food, but she's eye candy on 90210.
  • Let us drop this piece of knowledge on all those who comb the Interwebs for Lost spoilers: Evangeline Lilly is gorgeous. Glad we could clear that up.
  • The beautiful Cobie Smulders makes fun of her own character, who's also Canadian, with hilarious How I Met Your Mother quotes all the time!
  • Cutie Anna Paquin gets some fans' blood truly boiling. Boo.
  • Battlestar's Tricia Helfer is truly one of the galaxy's finest.
  • Jillian Harris: The first Canadian Bachelorette. Fist-pump! Yes, we know she's not really an actress, but have you seen how staged The Bachelor is?

Click to enlarge the photos above if you need to further research this important subject. Then tell us: The hottest Canadian actress is ...


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Megan Fox was recently named the Sexiest Woman in the World by FHM. And that magazine gets no argument on that honor from us.

But, as you can see below, Tricia Helfer is none too shabby looking herself. The Battlestar Galactica actress - who just signed a developmental deal with FOX - was photographed by the UK's version of FHM and is trying to make herself the early favorite for next year's Sexiest Woman in the World.

Think she has a shot at it?

Here are a few other shots of Tricia Helfer from her FHM UK photo shoot:

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Tricia Helfer turns 34 today - and the beautiful actress has plenty to celebrate.

Her critically acclaimed series, Battlestar Galactica, just began its fourth and final season. Helfer has also recently inked a deal with FOX to star in a new drama once Galactica wraps up for good.

As a gift to this star's fans, follow the jump now for a hot photo of Tricia Helfer nude. It's the least we can do.

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We've all seen Tricia Helfer nude pics in Playboy.

But that doesn't mean the gorgeous Battlestar Galactica actress wants to be flaunting her goodies around all the time.

Tricia Helfer in FHM UK

In the photo below, Helfer shares a laugh with reporters and onlookers, a few seconds after being alerted that a certain body part had slid out of her dress.

This sums up the basic difference between Helfer and Lucy Pinder. One hides any exposed boob, the other makes a living off it.

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Sorry, guys, there were no Tricia Helfer nude pics in this month's issue of FHM.

But there was an interview with the Battlestar Galactica actress. And that's almost as good! Read on to see what this beauty has to say about the show and, well, making love in a haystack...

Tricia Helfer in FHM UK

Are all human beings flawed? Should we just let computers run the world?
Ha! I think human beings are flawed, that's what makes us interesting. I have flaws.

Come on, what flaws?
I love doughnuts too much.

From what we see, the doughnuts aren't too much of a problem. Do you think there should be stricter laws on the development of artificial intelligence?

Artificial intelligence can be dangerous, but it's part of that journey. It's interesting how the original premise of Battlestar Galactica - that man creates his own nemeses - is so relevant right now.

Is Number Six actually a fully functioning sex robot?
The Cylons are biological creations - what's great about sci-fi is that the imagination of the writer can go anywhere.

But she's "programmed for seduction," right?
That's not really true! Number Six is blamed, or heralded, for the sexuality of the show.  But Starbuck's screwed half the cast! I've only been to bed with Gaius…

With all that sexual tension and high drama in the show's plots, are the cast of Battlestar going at it like the human race is about to end?

No, you have to see these people every day so it would be inadvisable, like an office romance. We have more of a family atmosphere.

What's the most unusual item - or body part - you've been asked to sign?
A naked photograph of myself that wasn't even me!

Ah, the ol' Tricia Helfer fake Internet pics.
I've done a lot of topless photography but all in a coffee table book style, if you see what I mean.

Tasteful. You manage successfully to pose nude [like Heidi Klum nude] but still be taken seriously as an actress, too.
I did think about it a lot, but while I was mulling it over I noticed [Jennifer Aniston naked, practically] on the front cover of Vanity Fair! I'm also fortunate - and I suppose originally this was down to my distinct looks - that I'm asked to play quite complex roles. Number Six would be boring if she was just a seductress - she needs guidance, too - that's why she actually ends up on Galactica with Gaius. Hang on, have I just done a spoiler?

Never mind. Any other odd moments with Battlestar Galactica obsessives?
The most full-on fan was a guy who had a fully working old-fashioned Cylon suit. I'll be honest, it was quite impressive.

* The Hollywood Gossip note: You should see our High School Musical suit.

As a farmer's daughter, can you drive a combine harvester?
I have indeed driven a combine. But I was more hauling the grain while daddy drove the combine. We were four sisters, and we all got roped into being farmhands.

Ever make love in a haystack?
No... maybe a clearing among the trees in the forest, though.

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This just in: Tricia Helfer is sexy.

Fans of Battlestar Gallactica - and hot women in general - are shocked by that, we know.

Katharine McPhee Breasts

But it's now official: the actress has been listed at #63 on FHM magazine's ranking of the 100 Sexiest Women in the World.

Who joined this blonde goddess?

Model Marisa Miller was considered the tenth hottest babe. Here are a few more from the poll:

88. Rachel Bilson. She's moved beyond Summer Roberts and The OC by now. And while she may be in the arms of Hayden Christensen, she's also in the hearts of men everywhere.

65. Megan Fox. Will star in this summer's blockbuster, Transformers. May also star in the fantasy of many men after this quote: "I have the libido of a 15-year-old boy. My sex drive is so high. I'd rather have sex all the time than leave the house."

37. Jenna Jameson. Yes, a porn star can still be sexy.

Even when the mystery of Jenna Jameson nude is pretty much gone at this point. Helping this hottie's cause? She has been rumored to have had a sexual tryst with Jenny McCarthy.

21. Christina Aguilera. Remember when there was a debate between her and Britney Spears?

Seriously, we weren't sure who was sexier a couple years ago. Now, though? Let's just say we're very jealous that Jordan Bratman gets to see Christina Aguilera nude every Sunday.

2. Katharine McPhee. With apologies to Haley Scarnato and Antonella Barba, this is the true American Idol beauty.

While Taylor Hicks may have somehow beat her out as last year's champion, few top Katharine McPhee in the looks department.

1. Jessica Alba. We agree. Damn that Cash Warren.

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Looking for some seriously nude Tricia Helfer?

Find it in Playboy.

Totally Tricia

In the market for some basically beautiful, albeit partically clothed, Tricia Helfer pictures?

Now you've come to the right place.

Proving that Katie Rees isn't the only beautiful woman who can pose for the camera, this Battlestar Gallactica actress is causing male work stoppages across the universe.

She's making a Brooke Burke bikini picture spread seem almost mundane.

Now, without further hype, we present a pair of hot Helfer pics that attempt to out Aishwarya Rai to shame. Study them closely to see if they succeed ...

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Tricia Helfer plays an evil machine on Battlestar Galactica, but the sexy Cylon may cause her fans to short-circuit when they see the latest edition of Playboy.

"I hope people like them," Helfer told The New York The Post of her 10-page nude pictorial. "I know I do."

Tricia Helfer Image

We're confident we will, too, Tricia. Any of your pics will beat Kate Moss nude for sure.

As for the show, Helfer says she originally dyed her hair peroxide blonde, but it caused her locks to "to fall out in clumps." Now she wears a wig. Just like Beyonce.

"In the second half of the season we start to see a bit of a break with my Number Six," says Helfer. "She's at a crossroads and kind of feels that she's not quite part of the Cylons anymore but doesn't know if the humans will accept her."

Don't worry about it, Tricia. We accepted Marilyn Manson, didn't we?

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