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After somehow escaping a plane crash that killed the other four passengers, doctors are saying that they expect both Travis Barker and DJ AM to make a full recovery from the second- and third-degree burns they suffered.

Their doctors at the Joseph Still Burn Center in Georgia told reporters that Travis Barker is badly burned on his torso as well as the lower portion of his body, while DJ AM reportedly suffered severe burns on his arm and head.

Rehabilitation from the burns will be a long and ongoing process, but Travis Barker and DJ AM remarkably suffered no additional injuries and are expected to be back to 100 percent eventually. Talk about great, unexpected news!

This photo of DJ AM and Travis Barker was taken at the event they performed at prior to the crash. Gavin DeGraw and Perry Farrell (not on board) also performed at the show.

Investigations into the crash are ongoing, but some believe the accident may have been due to a blown tire. The pilot, co-pilot, Barker's assistant and bodyguard were all killed. Barker and DJ AM somehow freed themselves from the wreckage.

Barker’s ex-wife, Shanna Moakler, flew to be with the Blink-182 drummer, while singer Mandy Moore (AM’s ex), and pal Jermaine Dupri have also visited. AM's ex-fiance, Nicole Richie, has not visited but has issued a statement sending her best.

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Some updates on the tragic DJ AM / Travis Barker plane crash yesterday that left the two stars in critical condition and four other people dead ...

DJ AM, Hayley Wood
  • "Both Travis Barker and Adam Goldstein (DJ AM's real name) are in critical but stable condition," Beth Frits, spokesperson for the Joseph M. Still Burn Center, said. "Mr. Goldstein was airlifted here and Mr. Barker was brought by ground transportation. So they arrived separately."
  • Former Miss USA Shanna Moakler has rushed to be with her ex-husband Barker. Their children, ages 4 and 2, are with her parents. DJ AM's sister, Lara, and her husband, Benjamin Long, learned the news of the crash from a call from DJ AM's mother on Saturday morning.
  • DJ AM "was completely terrified and traumatized" after his jet crash early Friday, but he was conscious long enough inside the ambulance to call his mom.
  • Meanwhile, his ex-fiance Nicole Richie "wishes only the best for Adam and hopes he recovers from this. She's horribly upset about the people who died."
  • Nicole's current fiance, Joel Madden, "knows Travis and also feels terrible and hopes they recover. This is terrible news for both of them."
  • There was a rumor that Chris Baker, Barker's friend and business partner who perished in the crash, was on his way home to be with his pregnant wife and this was the reason for the group using a smaller jet. This has been refuted by AM's publicist, who says the DJ chartered the private plane all along.

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Rocker Travis Barker and DJ AM were among the individuals aboard a Learjet that crashed upon takeoff from a South Carolina airport today.

This morning's accident has already killed four people and critically injured two others - presumably Barker and DJ AM - NBC News reports.

Federal Aviation Administration spokeswoman Kathleen Bergen said the Lear 60 – bound for Van Nuys, Calif., with six people aboard – departed shortly before midnight Friday, when local air-traffic controllers reported seeing sparks.

The plane went off the runway and crashed on a nearby road.

Travis Barker (left), an ex-drummer for the rock band Blink 182 and the star of the MTV reality show Meet the Barkers, had performed at a Friday-night event with former Jane's Addiction frontman Perry Farrell, singer Gavin DeGraw and DJ AM (right).

Barker was reportedly transported to a burn treatment center in nearby Augusta, Georgia, and was listed in critical condition as of 9:30 a.m. Saturday morning.

Hospital officials also confirmed that Nicole Richie's ex-fiance, DJ AM (real name: Adam Goldstein), was also admitted to the burn unit, and is in critical condition.

UPDATE #1: Neither Ferrell nor DeGraw were in the plane, their representatives told the Associated Press. We hope Barker and Goldstein recover fully and quickly.

UPDATE #2: Beth Frits, spokeswoman at Joseph Still Burn Center, tells CNN that both of the men have "extensive burns." Barker has been burned from his waste down while DJ AM's face was severely burned. Both are expected to survive.

UPDATE #3: A coroner has identified the four deceased victims in the crash: Pilot Sarah Lemmon, 31, of Anaheim Hills, Calif.; co-pilot James Bland, 52, of Carlsbad, Calif.; Chris Baker, 29, of Studio City, Calif., who was Travis Barker's assistant; and Charles Still, 25, of Riverside Calif., who was Travis' bodyguard.

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The long-anticipated divorce between former Blink 182 drummer Travis Barker and former beauty queen Shanna Moakler is now officially final.

According to online records obtained by TMZ, a judgment was filed in the couple's 2006 divorce case - which means they are now single and ready to ... probably have sex with each other and sort of be together anyway.

Travis Barker and Shanna Moakler Picture

The divorce comes a shock to our staff, which truly believed Shanna Moakler and Travis Barker were a match made in heaven. Or reality TV. Or something.

Travis Barker and Shanna Moakler, whose marriage was featured on MTV's Meet the Barkers, married in 2004 but broke up in mid-2006.

At that point, Travis Barker maybe boned ho-tel heiress Paris Hilton, and definitely became engaged in a bitter MySpace feud with Moakler.

They eventually made up, however, and have been on and off (and on again) since their official split. The couple have two children, Landon and Alabama.

Shanna Moakler has another daughter, Atiana, with her ex-fiance, Oscar de la Hoya, who she was with from 1997-2000. The former Miss USA and Playboy model also dated Dennis Quaid and Billy Idol.

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Stop us if you've heard this before: Shanna Moakler and Travis Barker have broken up.

The couple that makes Jason Wahler and Lauren Conrad seem stable are over for good finally, a source tells People magazine.

"About a month ago, they separated again," the celebrity news insider said. "She moved out. As far as she's concerned, it's over. She loves him, but it's one of those relationships where they keep trying to make it work but it doesn't."

Moakler, a former beauty pageant winner just like Amy Polumbo, is "very upset. She gave this marriage her all. She really loves him."

No specific reason was given for this split, but these two have been off and on for years. During that time, Shanna has dated Jay Grdina and Travis has kissed Paris Hilton at least once.

Moakler is a former Miss USA who appeared on Dancing with the Stars, and Barker played drums in blink-182.

They have two children together, Alabama Louella, 1, and Landon, 3. Moakler also has a 8-year-old daughter with boxer Oscar De La Hoya.

Does any reader care to wager which pair will get back together first? These two or Kim Porter and Diddy?

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Will Jenna Jameson and Jay Grdina get back together next?

You just never know with celebrity couples, as proven by the reunion of what had been one of the more bitter break-ups in recent memory.


Indeed, Shanna Moakler told People magazine in March that she and her estranged husband were back together. Now, Travis Barker has confirmed the new, explaining why the twosome decided to give their marriage a second chance.

"I think [it was] love, keeping our family together and believing in ourselves," Barker said Tuesday at Complex magazine's fifth anniversary party at Area in Los Angeles, where the couple smooched and cuddled all night. Oh, and making the kids happy: "Oh my gosh, that is like the biggest treat of all," he said.

Barker and Moakler who are parents to son Landon, 3, and daughter Alabama, 1½, both wore their wedding rings Tuesday night. Along with the recent Larry Birkhead news, this is just further proof that some people are destined for a happy ending.

"We're just trying to move forward with a clean slate," Barker said.

This was made slightly more difficult by the fact thatBarker's former fling, Paris Hilton, was also at the shindig. She showed up with her new boyfriend, Desperate Housewives actor Josh Henderson, keeping her distance from Moakler.Fortunately, the former Dancing with the Stars contestant didn't seem phased by this sighting â€" after all, she'd just added a new member to her family.

"We got [the kids] a puppy today. It's a little French bulldog," she told People. The new pup can keep the family company when Barker takes off in three weeks to tour with Fall Out Boy and Paul Wall.

He can say hello to Ashlee Simpson on the trip.

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They've been through it all: divorce parties, MySpace bashing, herpes accusations.

Yet the love has remained. And now Shanna Moakler has confirmed to People magazine that she's officially reunited with her ex-husband, Travis Barker. But she's not pregnant.


"While I hope one day to have more children with Travis, I am not pregnant," says the former Dancing with the Stars contestant. "But yes, I'm madly in love with my husband."

Barker, the drummer for Blink 182, threw an early 32nd birthday for Moakler over the weekend at Miami's Cameo nightclub. Safe to say, Jay Grdina wasn't invited.

"They were really affectionate with each other all night long," says a partygoer. "They really looked loving and happy."

More than 100 guests, including Kimberly Stewart and Mark McGrath, watched Moakler â€" whose real birthday is March 28 â€" blow out the candles on her cake while Barker sang an off-key rendition of "Happy Birthday." Moakler then kissed Barker on the lips while the crowd applauded.

The couple, who appeared in their own MTV reality show Meet the Barkers, have two children together. They endured well-publicized ups and downs even before Barker filed for divorce last August. This included a make out session with Paris Hilton.

We have no idea why.

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Hey, if his career as a drummer doesn't work out, at least Travis Barker can count on success in this new line of... work. Good grief. Nice that they're getting along, but shouldn't Shanna Moakler be in stirrups or something for that kind of intimate examination?



Yeah. This isn't as racy as those Antonella Barba pics... but it's a lot more public. It's hard to say which is more approprite... or why one would get so many tattoos.

Regardless, the divorced, but reconciled couple basked in the Miami sun over the weekend, leaving few doubts that their war of words on MySpace has apparently been forgotten.

Yes, the relationship between these two loons is almost as difficult to keep track of as Brody Jenner's love life. But hey, it's a lot better than when Barker was hooking up with Paris Hilton.

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In case you're wondering about the status of Shanna Moakler and her ex-husband, don't worry. The former beauty queen has cleared it up the only mature way celebrities know how:



Despite having been seen in public with Travis Barker a lot recently, Shanna insists there are no romantic intentions. It's all for the kids, supposedly.

Here is her recent MySpace posting, word for ungrammatical word:

"travis and i are not back together. we are working on being good friends and even better parents, we did celebrate our daughters first birthday at disney with our friends and family and our children it was really fun!"

Moakler did not mention whether or not her current beau, porn legend Jay Grdina, was present at the celebration.

The former Miss USA also had no comment on the latest beauty pageant to lose her crown: Ashley Harder.

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For the record: Travis Barker and Shanna Moakler are NOT back together.

But that doesn't mean the former couple can't play tonsil hockey - at the very least - from time to time, right?

Pic of Shanna Moakler

The pair were spotted swapping spit at new Los Angeles hot spot Winston's, according to blogger Perez Hilton. We're gonna go out on a crazy limb and assume that's not all they swapped that night.

However, friends of Barker say the two are not headed for coupledom again.

"She will always be Travis' girl," said a pal, "but never [again] his wife."

It's nice to just see these kids chatting again; you know, after the whole Paris Hilton, divorce party, MySpace bashing incidents and all.

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