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Yesterday, we featured T.R. Knight in a photo finish against the lovely Rachel McAdams, as they both have been sporting pink locks of late.

Today, in yet another edition of our photo finish feature, Knight goes up against Rachel McAdams‘ significant other, the hunky Ryan Gosling.

R. Gosling Picture

Why so many pictures of the Greys Anatomy star? Because he's been in the news a lot lately, with the whole controversy and his being on a hit show and all.

And because we came across this photo comparison on a fellow celebrity gossip site, We thank them for their fine work!

So you tell us, who wears a dog around their neck better?

It's a tough call. This hot Ryan Gosling photo is a few years old, whereas Knight only recently posed for the cover of The Advocate.

The now-openly-gay star emerged from Isaiah Washington's gay-bashing a bigger person. With a cute black lab pup, which was a gift from co-star Katherine Heigl! T.R. gets our vote.

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All four of the stars below have something in common: they're attracted to men. Which is all good by us. They also have the pink hair thing goin' on!

We're not sure why, but some do it better than others. Who, in your opinion can pull off the pink 'do and whose locks are more like pink don'ts?

First, we have the newly-transformed T.R. Knight, star of the hit medical drama-comedy Greys Anatomy. He said he was looking forward to time away from the show this summer, and made good on that promise with dyed pink locks.

To his right, we have the lovely Rachel McAdams. She's been rocking the pinkness for some time now. The Notebook and Wedding Crashers star sure is hot, and her fiance, Ryan Gosling, seems to dig it, so we'll give her two thumbs up.

Now it's time for a couple of singers. At left, British cutie Joss Stone, who is in the process of introducing herself on her newest album with great vocal skillz and a radical new look. Somehow she pulls it off. As does a crazy chick who needs no introduction: Pink.

Who's your favorite pink-haired hottie? Let us know.

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He already failed his intern exam.

Now T.R. Knight says the prognosis on his survival at Grey's Anatomy is uncertain.

"I literally don't know," he tells Access Hollywood of his future on the show. "It would be nice to know if I'm supposed to report back soon."

Knight says he's received many phone calls from friends and fans concerned about his character's fate after the hit ABC show's finale. He says the producers have not told the actors what will happen next season.

Knight spent much of last season in the middle of a firestorm after co-star Isaiah Washington used an anti-gay slur regarding Knight during an on-set argument with Patrick Dempsey.

Shortly afterwards, the Greys Anatomy star confirmed to People that he is gay, even though some people close to him encouraged him not to come out.

Knight did not comment on whether he prefers Jordin Sparks over Blake Lewis, but we're guessing he does. Why? She was way better last night.

Speculation has also swirled around whether Isaiah Washington - whose character ended the season at a similar crossroads - will return next season.

Washington's rep, Howard Bragman, tells People that he fully expects it:

"A contract has not yet been signed, but we have no reason not to expect it to be signed before the season begins."

In June, while the show is on hiatus, Washington will film the independent movie, The Least of These. ABC has declined to comment.

And then there's Kate Walsh. She's getting her own show, Private Practice, next fall! Good for her. And on top of that, there's Katherine Heigl. Man, she's hot.

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Before Grey's Anatomy star T.R. Knight came out of the closet last year, some advised him not to do it, the 34-year-old actor revealed in a new interview.

While friends were "beautifully supportive," Knight tells The Advocate in its June 19 issue, others cautiously advised him, "Don't do it - don't do it now."

Looking back, the 34-year-old has no regrets.

"I remember saying to someone when I got one of those don't-do-it comments - I just remember hearing my voice being calm and saying, 'No, it's going happen. It's going to happen. I'm just letting you know.'"

Ultimately, T.R. Knight (left) is glad he made the decision to go public after his castmate, Isaiah Washington (right), called him a gay slur. Washington, in an argument with Patrick Dempsey on set, referred to Knight as a f@gg*t. 

"I made the decision to make a statement," Knight says. "I could have not [spoken up]. I could have retreated. But I'm definitely happy I made the decision."

Around the same time, Neil Patrick Harris came out of the closet, saying rumors by people such as Perez Hilton made him want to quiet speculation and move forward in life.

As for Knight's outing, Washington has since apologized, entered therapy, and is appearing in public service announcements on behalf of gay rights groups.

Since coming out, Knight, who plays the unassuming Dr. George O'Malley on the hit ABC drama, has seen his Grey's Anatomy character marry Dr. Callie Torres (Sara Ramirez) and sleep with fellow interns Meredith Grey (Ellen Pompeo) and Izzie Stevens (Katherine Heigl).

Off camera, Katherine Heigl is a close friend of Knight, but she says the actor came out to her much more gradually.

"There came a point where we were close enough friends that he would just talk about dates or about other guys," Heigl told The Advocate. "I wasn't shocked or surprised.... It was more just like, 'Oh, okay, now I know why you don't want to go out with me.'"

Knight, who is single - "Not that I've had the most successful dating experiences," he says - insists coming out hasn't much affected his love life. He says he still assumes people aren't interested in him, but notes:

"Too much aggression isn't a good thing, either."

We assume that remark is meant for Jason Wahler.

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