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Tori Spelling and her husband, Dean McDermott, stepped out together in L.A. this weekend, proving to the masses that they are definitely still together.

Despite the roller coaster drama playing out on their reality show True Tori, they were putting on a united front, acting “very sweet and affectionate."

The parents of Liam, 7, Stella, 5, Hattie, 2, and Finn, 1, enjoyed a relaxing Thai massage - together. No private happy endings for Dean. This time.

An inside source adds that the couple held hands almost everywhere they went, which is totally sweet, considering everything they've been through.

Tori and Dean have certainly been through the wringer.

Last week, it was revealed that Tori Spelling was hospitalized for undisclosed health issues; she was so sick that doctors required her to stay for six full days!

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Today marks the 140th running of the Kentucky Derby.

And, in honor of America's most famous horse race, we're excited to present 11 celebrities who look a lot like these four-legged creatures.

We mean no offense. Some of the following stars are perfectly good looking.

But they also have certain facial features that bring to mind Secretariat and/or this totally awesome photobomber.

So sit back, place your bets, put on a silly hat, grab a Mint Julep and see if you agree with these comparisons now:

Jerry Seinfeld
What's the deal with me looking like a horse?!?

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Lifetime has turned away a 30-second TV ad from Ashley Madison created specifically to run during the docu-series True Tori, and the company is furious.

Noel Biderman, founder of the website promoting extramarital affairs and looking to make them happen across the nation, is “fuming” over the rejection.

Tori and Dean Are Broke!
Tori and Dean are so broke, he can't even afford a vasectomy supposedly. Guess that's why they keep having kids.

“Lifetime is being totally hypocritical in refusing to air our commercial, while exploiting Dean’s adulterous ways for profit and entertainment value,” he said.

Despite airing dirty laundry and generating money and publicity from Tori Spelling and Dean McDermott's crumbling marriage, Lifetime negged Ashley.

A never-before-seen promo created specifically for True Tori was nixed, despite being G-rated, because Lifetime rejects “the website and what it is for.”

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On Tuesday's episode of Lifetime's reality show True Tori, we learned the real reason that Dean McDermott went to rehab after his affair was exposed.

It wasn't because he cheated on Tori Spelling, or because Tori forced him to go. Oh no. It was because after being outed, he had a "nervous breakdown."

One so bad that he threatened suicide.

Dean confessed to Tori and their reality show therapist that he had reached such a low point that he felt "the only way out of this was to leave this Earth."

Is this guy serious?!

Tori, floored that Dean admits this on camera, wanted to stop filming ... fearful that admitting this on camera might push her husband over the edge.

Mmm hmm.

Dean's suicide attempt/threat/whatever sounds about as real as Emily Goodhand. Even if his mistress and affair are real, we're not buying this part.

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Tori Spelling's life is starting to play out like some sort of soap opera, only with each passing day it's harder to tell who's acting and what's actually real life.

First, her husband Dean McDermott cheated on her. Then, being Tori Spelling, she decided to let cameras in their home to air the fallout on Lifetime.

Then, she was accused of making the whole thing up just to get another reality show, as many started to wonder if Emily Goodhand even exists.

Now, as speculation surges regarding Dean's alleged mistress, we learn that a mysterious ailment landed Tori in the hospital for six days. What was it?

Tori and Dean Are Broke!
Tori and Dean are so broke, he can't even afford a vasectomy supposedly. Guess that's why they keep having kids.

A source told celebrity gossip site Radar that Tori checked into the hospital with a migraine and an ulcer ... stress-fueled issues consistent with her issues.

"Tori’s head hurt so much, she couldn’t have any light in her bedroom. And she couldn’t keep any food down from the ulcer," says an alleged insider.

"She was in a great deal of pain and was very scared."

Sounds fairly believable, right? Sure. But get this ...

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True Tori is scoring big ratings for Lifetime, and viewers have been captivated by the dramatic attempts of Tori Spelling and Dean McDermott to save their troubled marriage.

However, holes in the couple's story have led many to wonder if Tori and Dean faked his affair in order to secure a reality show deal.

Tori and Dean Are Broke!
Tori and Dean are so broke, he can't even afford a vasectomy supposedly. Guess that's why they keep having kids.

Some have suggested they even went so far as to create a phony mistress with the curious name of Emily Goodhand. 

Go ahead and do a Google image search for Emily Goodhand photos.

You'll find lots of Tori and Dean tabloid covers, but not a single pic of anyone who's confirmed to be Dean's cheating partner.

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Tori Spelling is either going through a really tough time or going to great lengths to convince us she's going through a tough time for the sake of her new show.

Either way, it appears the combined pressure of her marital problems, parenting struggles and reality TV demands landed her in the hospital this weekend.

It's unclear why, but recently, the mother of four, 40, has been airing her tumultuous private life for the world to see on her Lifetime series True Tori.

Apparently, something was bad enough to keep her hospitalized for at least six days (!) before she returned home Saturday with a pink hospital band on.

A source says her husband was with her every step of the way during her hospital stay, staying with his maligned spouse for up to 10 hours every day.

"He would arrive by 10 a.m. and didn't leave until 8 most nights. He seemed very stressed out and worried," an observer said. ''He would bring food."

"He only left Tori to go outside to catch some air or make a phone call.''

Certainly a change of pace from his behavior in the recent past ...

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The Lifetime reality series True Tori gives us a glimpse into the lives of Tori Spelling and Dean McDermott and helps confirm what we already suspected: their marriage are pretty sad.

Even sadder, however, is a widely circulated rumor that Tori and Dean are faking their marital woes for the sake of the show. 

Even with the assistance of a network and several producers (all of whom are probably in on the scam) Tori and Dean weren't able to cover all their bases and as Jezebel recently pointed out, there are a few things about True Tori that just don't make sense any it's very possible that Spelling and McDermott are lying to the cameras:

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Tori Spelling never saw Dean McDermott's infidelity coming, the actress says. In fact, she felt they had a solid sex life after seven years of marriage.

He clearly felt otherwise. McDermott cheated on his wife in December with a 28-year-old named Emily Goodhand, whom he met on a trip to Toronto.

Now, in the wake of his fling, the parents of four are trying to figure out whether they have a future together ... and chronicling it all on True Tori.

The premiere featured the parents of Liam, 7, Stella, 5, Hattie, 2, and Finn, 20 months, in a therapy session as they try to work out their issues together.

Prior to the show's debut, Tori Spelling revealed that she and her straying husband hadn't been intimate since his cheating confession in December.

Before that, though, she thought they were doing great in the bedroom, even if Dean thinks she doesn't give enough sex and that it's not fantastic.

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Tori Spelling is back with a new absurdly-titled reality series, True Tori, documenting Dean McDermott cheating on her and that scandal's aftermath.

Hey, you never let a good crisis go unexploited, are we right guys?

As any celebrity gossip reader knows (especially now that True Tori is bringing it back into the spotlight, rather than coping in private), Dean cheated.

Emily Goodhand bragged about it to the tabloids, which produced the obligatory headlines, and naturally led to the couple's latest reality series.

What better place to hash out their marital issues than Lifetime, which filmed Spelling about to go greet McDermott after several months of rehab.

On the True Tori series premiere, we pick up with her playing the wronged woman, the scorned victim, the one trying to hold their family together.

“Everyone told the story of my life, except me,” Spelling explains. “I thought our fairy tale would last forever. And then in one moment, everything changed.”

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