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Wow. This is enough to make the Linda and Brooke Hogan seem like a close-knit mother and daughter.

Appearing on a Massachusetts radio station, 94.7 WMAS, yesterday to shill for her new book, "Stories From Candyland," Candy Spelling didn't merely bad mouth her daughter; she pretty much blamed the 90210 star for the 2006 death of her father. SERIOUSLY.

Dressed as Something

"My daughter one day decided that she wasn't speaking to my husband, myself and my son, and that's how it's continued for the last, oh gosh, four or five years," Candy said. "And it was sad, that's what killed my husband, actually. He just didn't want to live after that. He [had] just done everything he could possibly do for his daughter, and she wanted no part of him once he couldn't do anything for her."

Yes, referring to her own daughter's actions, Candy actually said: that's what killed my husband.

Candy Spelling has set the bar of awful mothering extraordinarily high. Good luck reaching it, Dina Lohan and Denise Richards!

In an attempt to garner more publicity for her joke of a memoir clarify her statement, Candy wrote the following for The Huffington Post:

"I didn't intend to create headlines. I was asked a question about my daughter not speaking with my family, and I answered truthfully. My husband was very ill, and he had stopped eating and taking liquids. He called Tori on a daily basis, and never stopped asking if Tori had returned his call. We had to say no every day."

We can only think of one response to these galling statements:

Anyone that purchases Candy Spelling's book should be stoned on the spot.

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Tori Spelling returned to 90210 this week.

And so did rumors that the actress has an eating disorder.

Spelling addressed such talk in an interview with People. Unlike most stars around whom anorexia rumors swirl, she at least admitted that she looks gaunt in a few pictures.

"Oh my God, I'm not anorexic," Spelling said. "I acknowledge that I look thin in photos. I get it."

The 35-year old actress added that she shed 40 pounds after giving birth to daughter Stella last year.

"Obviously I don't want to lose any more weight, " she said. "But people haven't seen me not pregnant in two and a half years. I'm eating healthy, I just have a crazy lifestyle... I want to be a positive role-model for my daughter. The last thing I want to put out there is that it's acceptable to be too thin or have an eating disorder because you're in Hollywood. I have two kids that I need to be healthy for because they need their mom."

Do you think Tori Spelling is too thin?



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It's tough being a celebrity that places yourself in the headlines by starring in a reality show and writing books about motherhood.

But that's the troubling existence Tori Spelling finds herself in, as she whined to Us Weekly about life in the paparazzi glare.

Pretending to Be Mad

"They scrutinize you so much. You try to be the person who says, 'Oh, I don't care,' but I feel the pressure," the actress said.

How bad does it get for the star, who will reprise her role as Donna Martin on 90210 next month?

She has to remember to wear underwear! Like, all the time!

"[Reporters are] looking at you from every angle, no matter what you do. You have to be careful getting out of cars now because they shoot up your skirt. Everything has to look good, and of course, there's pressure to do so. I definitely feel it."


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Tori Spelling will bring her giant breasts and awful acting to 90210.

Various sources - from TV Guide to Entertainment Weekly - are reporting that the actress and The CW have finally worked out a deal that will bring Donna Martin back to the zip code that made her famous.

Tori Photograph

Not many details are known at this time, but rumors state Spelling's first airdate will be March 18, on an episode directed by former castmate Jason Priestley.

We've learned that Donna is a mother, but no word yet on just how she'll be incorporated into show story lines. We can only hope - nay, pray! - that her and David are still married.


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In the following celebrity fashion face-off, the old takes on the new... literally!

Former Beverly Hills 90210 star Tori Spelling does her best impression of a senior citizen, while 90210 actress Shenae Grimes accessorizes with two of the latest trends: high boots and a raised belt.

Rihanna in Vogue

What would former fashion boutique owner Donna Martin have to say about this?

Who has better fashion taste?


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Selena Gomez is one of the most popular young stars in Hollywood.

So is Tori Spelling... if the the year was 1991!

Rihanna in Vogue

Indeed, these are two actresses whose careers are headed in very different directions, yet they appear to have the same taste in fashion.

Study the photo below and vote in the poll underneath it: Who looks better in this dress?


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Tori Spelling may not be welcome on the new 90210.

But the actress still has plenty to celebrate... even if no one will do the celebrating for her.

Red Carpet Tori

In this picture, Tori and annoying husband Dean McDermott party with themselves over the success of Spelling's autobiography, sTORI Telling. Looks like all their friends were there.


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Tori Spelling might not appear on The CW's 90210 remake after all. 

This is thrilling news for those of us who couldn't care less about what Donna Martin is up to these days - but the reason behind Spelling's change of heart is interesting celebrity gossip news.

According to Deadline Hollywood, the actress initially postponed plans to appear on the series pilot because she gave birth. Seems reasonable enough.

But this is Tori Spelling. Nothing is reasonable.

New rumors state that 90210 producers offered Spelling $10k to $20k per episode to reprise her role as Donna Martin. A decent salary for what was never meant to be a full-time part.

But when Tori found out that Jennie Garth and Shannen Doherty were taking home twice that amount, she dropped out of the show.

While we're excited to watch a Spelling-free 90210, we're not psyched for many more seasons of a Tori reality show, as the desperate actress has no other way to make money.


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In this age of high gas prices and escalating personal debt, who wouldn't spend his/her heard-earned cash on a book about a Hollywood princess becoming a parent?

That's what publishers Simon & Schuster must be thinking, as the company has paid 90210 actress Tori Spelling to pen a memoir about raising her children, tentatively titled Mommywood.

Spelling's first book, sTORI Telling, spent seven weeks on The New York Times best-seller list. Pigs were rumored to have flown that day, as well, while Satan was forced to borrow a pair of leg warmers.

The new memoir is already listed on and is scheduled to hit shelves in April 2009. It's expected to focus on the birth and growing pains of one-year-old son Liam and newborn Stella. We can totally wait.

Here's a faux cover of what we believe Tori's new book SHOULD be called ...


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Is there any moment more prosperous precious for a family than the entrance of a baby into the world?

Just ask Tori Spelling and Dean McDermott, who celebrated the money-making momentous occasion by selling photos of newborn Stella to celebrity gossip tabloid OK!

As the magazine's cover teases, you get two tykes for the price of one in this issue: Stella and Jamie Lynn Spears' baby, Maddie Briann. What a exploitive happy time for all involved!

Tori Spelling Baby

If 90210 fails, Spelling can have another child and sell the rights to its first photos.

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