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Tori Spelling and Dean McDermott are still facing obstacles as the first (and if there's anything holy in this world, last) season of True Tori comes to an end.

Namely, Dean's opportunity to return to the scene of last year's extramarital fiasco - The Great White North, eh - to film another season of Chopped Canada!

It's a gut-wrenching decision that McDermott sums up as such:

"There the right thing to do, and then there's what I want."

This is also what he said before boning Emily Goodhand.

True Tori Screen Grab

While they are dedicated to making their marriage work after he confessed that he cheated on Tori Spelling and went to rehab and therapy, it's hard, people.

On True Tori's finale, this new roadblock hits like a ton of bricks.

At a dinner with friends (which apparently they have), Tori casually brings up Dean's job opportunity, saying, "It's such bad timing, this whole Chopped thing."

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Tori Spelling and Dean McDermott are the neighbors from hell, according to reports from the street that other people have the misfortune of living on.

The filming of True Tori at their Encino, Calif., home has angered their neighbors to the point where they're fuming - and blabbing to Radar about it.

Tori and Dean Are Broke!
Tori and Dean are so broke, he can't even afford a vasectomy supposedly. Guess that's why they keep having kids.

“Nothing is going okay,” Edward Ohrabian said. “This is a quiet neighborhood and used to be a great street. Now [it's] filled with paparazzi, film crews and trucks!”

Tori Spelling and Dean McDermott moved into the $10,500/month rental after being threatened with eviction from their Tarzana home just miles away.

After failing to pay their rent, obviously. This led to speculation that Tori Spelling is broke ... and that they may be faking all their drama to score a TV deal.

“I’ve been here 14 years and no one has ever parked where I live,” Ohrabian continued, lamenting the new normal. “Now, there’s no space. It’s not fun!"

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Thanks to their totally TMI reality show True Tori, we know that sex between Dean McDermott and Tori Spelling was less than satisfying for both parties.

But we now know that it certainly didn't for lack of experimentation:

While this week's couples therapy session was overshadowed by Tori being hospitalized, a closer look at the conversation between Spelling and McDermott reveals some pretty surprising secrets about the troubled couple's sex life. 

In addition to Dean's weird claim that he cheated because he was overweight, there are some very strange and surprising moments in the above scene.

First, it turns that when Dean said he cheated with Emily Goodhand because he and Tori hadn't had sex in a while, he actually just meant that they didn't have sex the very night before he left. 

Second, though she doesn't go into great detail - Tori tells us more than she likely meant to when she says, "Two weekends in a row, we did things that I had never done before."

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As depicted on Tuesday's episode of the Lifetime train wreck that is True Tori, Tori Spelling was hospitalized recently with a migraine for six days.

While she received treatment, cheating husband Dean McDermott was thus left to care for their four kids with no help, but that was not by accident:

Tori Spelling told the nannies to peace out!

Viewers saw McDermott complaining about how hard it was to take care of four children by himself - which, by all accounts, he did a decent job with.

However, sources say that Dean was forced to take care of them solo at his bitter wife's direction as part of his punishment for nailing Emily Goodhand.

"They employ two nannies, one part-time, who takes Liam and Stella to school, picks them up, and helps with homework,” an inside source told Radar.

“The other nanny is full time and helps Tori at home with the younger children, Hattie and Finn. It's so typical of Tori to do, and extremely passive aggressive."

"She also told the crew filming to not help Dean at all, as they have done when Tori is home. As soon as Tori came home, the nannies reappeared."

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Tori Spelling and Dean McDermott appeared to be making progress on their train wreck reality show True Tori ... but then this week's episode happened.

Not only was Tori rushed to the hospital with severe stomach and migraine issues, the parents of four got into the craziest fight we've seen yet by far.

While genuinely concerned for Tori's health, Dean sees this roadblock as being stuck at home taking care of the kids, and well, he has trouble with the kids.

There are four, after all. It's herding cats. Makes the fact that he (or the producers) had them make welcome home posters for Tori even more impressive.

That happy moment was nice, but also fleeting.

Tori gets overwhelmed with emotion while making crafts with her offspring and telling the kids about falling in love with their dad ... THOSE WERE THE DAYS.

Even for a show that would exaggerate or fake Dean McDermott's suicide attempt for ratings, it seems pretty low to involve little kids in this scripted nonsense.

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Tori Spelling‘s cheating husband, that narcissistic train wreck Dean McDermott, recently revealed on her reality show True Tori that he wanted to off himself.

The revelation resulted in him being placed on psychiatric hold at the Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center, but a new report suggests it was all BS.

Because True Tori is all fake, or at least it's starting to appear that way.

It's not that McDermott wasn't in rough shape, he just wasn't depressed over cheating on Spelling with Emily Goodhand, as the show made it out to seem.

In reality, sources close to him say, he was placed on a 5150 psychiatric hold after hallucinating that he could fly ... following a hard core partying binge.

"He kept telling Tori he could fly, and she was afraid that Dean was going to try and do something crazy, so she sought help for him,” a source told Radar.

“Dean didn’t try to take his own life, nor did he threaten suicide. Tori panicked after Dean came home from a partying binge, and was obviously under the influence."

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Tori Spelling may have faked Dean McDermott's affair for the sake of the couple's reality show, and now it seems that the couple's other major problems may be made-up as well.

Tori Spelling Limo Ride Photo
Tori prepares to hop in a limo with her kids. Is she really as broke as she claims?

That's Tori and her children piling into a limo over the weekend and the photos have led many to cast doubts on the couple's claims that they're so broke, Dean can't even get a vasectomy.

Tori and Dean have already been accused of fabricating (or at least exaggerating) their marital woes and her health problems in order to stir up drama and score bigger ratings for True Tori.

Some have even suggested that Dean's mistress Emily Goodhand isn't even real.

Compared to allegations of inventing a Canadian homewrecker, charges that Tori and Dean are pretending to have financial issues seem pretty tame by comparison. 

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Tori Spelling was hospitalized for six days last month with an undisclosed illness in the midst of her ongoing marriage crisis with husband Dean McDermott.

On the next episode of True Tori, we find out the TRUTH!

Or at least the storyline they orchestrated for this week:

Either these two are surprisingly good actors (not something we are convinced of after watching so many years of 90210) or this is a really dysfunctional setup.

We've already learned that Dean wanted to off himself at one point, then seen him be physically pained in therapy sessions when he talks about cheating on Tori.

Maybe they shouldn't have agreed to do this reality show. Just an idea. Even if Tori never misses a chance to turn a good crisis into a nice payday. #priorities

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Dean McDermott said he wanted out of his marriage on last night's True Tori, only to turn around and say he will strive to be the best husband in the history of ever.

Tori Spelling is extremely sympathetic for her man, or at least worried that Dean McDermott will off himself after his recent admission of suicidal thoughts.

“What I didn’t anticipate happening was how Dean would react and how his story would unfold ... I don’t know if our marriage can handle this," Tori laments.

What we didn't anticipate was Dean blaming Tori for not putting out before his business trip and making this all about him, and that it would somehow work.

In addition to fighting over a possible relocation for his job with Chopped Canada, Tori and Dean get into another major feud over parenting responsibilities.

“Keep your voice down!” Tori screamed at her man “The babies are sleeping! Keep your voice down! Talk to me like a human. Stop shouting at me!”

Some top notch acting from the pair in this gripping episode, no doubt.

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Either Dean McDermott is a real piece of work, or he and Tori are both doing an incredible job coming up with the level of detail in the fabrication that is True Tori.

If this sneak preview clip from tonight's episode is even half true?

Dean may be the biggest jackass imaginable, trying to justify his affair with Emily Goodhand last winter by playing the sexual compulsive martyr card.

That's right, he's blaming his cheating on Tori Spelling on Tori Spelling, for not letting him get in her pants within 12 hours of his business trip, as he prefers.

Sounds like some "honest" line Juan Pablo Galavis would say.

Essss okay, Dean, because you've now pleaded your sex-starved case to the Lifetime cameras (and quote-unquote therapist) ad nauseam. Poor fella.

Not only is his wife not fantastic at sex, it's totes infrequent!

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