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Despite dragging audiences through the most painfully TMI reality show in the history of ever, Tori Speling and Dean McDermott's marriage seemed to be on the mend recently.

In her latest interview Tori claimed her marriage "was heading in the right direction," and why shouldn't it be? 

Tori and Dean Moment

After all, the prevailing theory is that Tori and Dean faked his affair with Emily Goodhand in order to secure big-time ratings for True Tori (it didn't work), so now that their reality trainwreck has wrapped up, they can get back to being a normal couple, right?

Well, if Tori's Twitter and Instagram accounts are any indication, these two still have some issues to sort out...

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Fans of Tori Spelling and Dean McDermott, assuming those exist, got some good news on Wednesday when she opened up about the state of their marriage.

The actress, 40, appeared on Good Morning America to promote her new ABC Family show Mystery Girls, when she was asked about things with Dean.

Spelling, who documented her crumbling marriage on the Lifetime reality show True Tori, seemed upbeat, and not because Dean's affair was faked.

“Things are getting better,” she said. “Life is always a work in progress and our relationship is one as well, but we’re moving in the right direction.”

She also responded to the mixed reactions she received from airing such private experiences on TV in the wake of Dean's fling with Emily Goodhand.

“Some people approved of [the show] and some people didn’t. It was my personal journey, and I have no regrets,” the mother of four said confidently.

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Farrah Abraham is weighing in on the greatness that is True Tori, urging Tori Spelling to give Dean McDermott the boot immediately if not sooner.

The Teen Mom turned Backdoor Teen Mom star may be only 23, but that isn’t stopping her from adding her two cents about others' relationships.

She is authoring a Christian parenting book, after all.

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“It’s best to move on, Tori!” Farrah tells Life & Style magazine. “I would not tolerate someone cheating on me. She needs to look after their children!”

Of course, Tori says that a big reason she tried to make things work with Dean is because of their four kids and not wanting to break up their family.

On the flip side, Tori subjected the kids to a show in which McDermott fakes a suicide attempt and she talks about sexually experimenting to satisfy Dean.

Clearly, it's not easy to get a read on what's real and what isn't here, or to cast judgment if you're Farrah Abraham, but why let that stop her?

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Last night, on the very special lost footage episode of True Tori: Confessions, a tearful Tori confesses that she was actually having tons of sex with Dean.

Not just sex, but doing kinky stuff she can't even SAY. Then he goes and cheats on her anyway like the total jackass that he is. The nerve ...

“He was wanting more sex from me," Tori Spelling laments.

"He wanted more and more adventurous stuff. I was doing everything he wanted … That’s why when this happened, it was such a slap in my face.”

Tori tells her therapist that she and Dean were “doing things I’m pretty sure no married couple of seven years with four tiny kids are doing at home.”

What things? She stops, just barely, at “ladies don’t tell.”

TMI True Tori sex secrets and details aside, she says hearing Dean McDermott say he is not sure he wants to stay in the marriage was the hardest.

He thinks she's too controlling. She thinks he's, well ...

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Determined to milk their possibly real adultery scandal to the fullest extent reality TV will allow, Tori Spelling and Dean McDermott have extended True Tori.

Their six-episode Lifetime series already featured a reunion (yes, of husband and wife) last week. Tonight? Why, it's the True Tori: Confessions special!

What's next, Tori getting pregnant for a fifth time to extend the run slash save her marriage? Actually, that was rumored earlier today too. These people.

Tonight, among Spelling's other Confessions, she will reveal that she isn’t convinced her husband hasn’t cheated on her more than once in the past.

Knock us over with a feather, we know. Jaw-dropping.

“Maybe the truth is that he’s been doing this all along, and we would never even know,” she tells therapist Dr. Wexler while McDermott is in the hallway.

“Maybe this ... is just the one time he got caught.”

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Tori Spelling and Dean McDermott are so broke they can't afford a vasectomy for Dean, and Tori has apparently decided that another child is the answer to the couple's financial and marital woes. 

"Tori's off birth control and she's hoping to get pregnant by the end of the summer," a source tells the Enquirer. "She hasn't told Dean because she's worried he'll nix the plans."

"They just recently started being intimate again. Tori's hoping that a new bundle of joy in their lives will rescue them from the brink."

Yeah, nothing like a surprise pregnancy that's been leaked to a tabloid to save your troubled marriage. Actually, knowing how much Tori and Dean love publicity, that might really be the answer in their case.

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Last week's True Tori reunion special may have mercifully brought Lifetime's televised trainwreck to an end, but that doesn't mean Tori Spelling is done dragging her family through hell for a few reality bucks.

A source tells Radar Online that Spelling wants to star in another reality show ASAP and she may already be in talks to make it happen. 

"Tori is hoping either Lifetime or Oxygen will want to do another reality show, says the insider, adding that she's not deterred by the fact that Dean McDermott is currently in Toronto filming Chopped Canada, as she's already made arrangements for him to "commute back and forth."

Stunningly, Tori has actually landed an acting job, but she refuses to allow legitimate, respectable employment to stand in the way of her reality TV stardom:

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We already know Tori Spelling won't be winning any mother of the year awards in 2014, but a new report from Radar Online suggests the troubled reality star may have sunk even lower than we thought to secure ratings for her Lifetime reality series.

There have long been rumors that Tori and Dean faked his affair in order to up the drama on True Tori, and the couple's children were understandably less than thrilled with the idea of taking part in the charade.

Tori Spelling Limo Ride Photo
Tori prepares to hop in a limo with her kids. Is she really as broke as she claims?

Now it seems Tori may have bribed her kids in order to get them to play the part of happy, well-behaved children in front of the cameras.

Of course, Dean and Tori's oldest kid is only seven, so when it came to time to coerce into becoming an unwilling reality star, his parents didn't use cash:

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Tori Spelling and Dean McDermott did their best to address the many buring questions surrounding their tumultuous marriage on the True Tori reunion.

Chief among them: Is McDermott's amusingly-named Canadian side piece with no digital footprint, Emily Goodhand, even a real human being?

Spelling says yes ... unfortunately.

Asked by Brooke Anderson if Dean's affair was "all a ploy for a successful reality series," Spelling, "I wish she didn't exist. I wish it hadn't happened."

"I don't know who would fake something to have this to happen to your life. My family was, and still is, in complete devastation over this," she said.

"I wouldn't wish this on anyone."

Anderson then noted that Emily Goodhand hasn't been found anywhere online, to which Dean said, "People get their histories scrubbed all the time."

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Like all good reality shows, True Tori aired a reunion special a week after its finale, getting everyone together to catch up on what has happened since.

Yes, it's a husband and wife reunion special. Not weird at all.

Tori Spelling and Dean McDermott sat down individually and together to go over the last six weeks, rehash what we saw and tell us what we didn't.

We were promised our burning questions would be answered ... but were they? Certainly not if Dean cheated more than once. She won't ask that.

Spelling started off her portion of the reunion by saying that people's reactions have largely been that she should have left Dean after he cheated, however:

  • There are the couple's four children to also consider
  • She still had a lot of love for McDermott deep down
  • She saw a gold mine opportunity with this TV show

Okay, that last one we just wrote. You gotta wonder, though ...

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