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Like all good reality shows, True Tori aired a reunion special a week after its finale, getting everyone together to catch up on what has happened since.

Yes, it's a husband and wife reunion special. Not weird at all.

Tori Spelling and Dean McDermott sat down individually and together to go over the last six weeks, rehash what we saw and tell us what we didn't.

We were promised our burning questions would be answered ... but were they? Certainly not if Dean cheated more than once. She won't ask that.

Spelling started off her portion of the reunion by saying that people's reactions have largely been that she should have left Dean after he cheated, however:

  • There are the couple's four children to also consider
  • She still had a lot of love for McDermott deep down
  • She saw a gold mine opportunity with this TV show

Okay, that last one we just wrote. You gotta wonder, though ...

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The drama isn't even CLOSE to over for Tori Spelling and Dean McDermott, who come together for the True Tori reunion special this evening on Lifetime.

Yes ... a husband and wife reunion show. About as bizarre as it gets.

Despite last week's True Tori finale wrapping things up on a relatively upbeat note, the couple is still facing serious difficulties on the road to recovery.

Sitting down with ET's Brooke Anderson for True Tori: The Reunion: All Questions Answered, Tori is asked a burning question in the sneak peek below:

Why didn't she ask if Dean cheated with more than one woman?

The reality star's answer may surprise you, or it may not.

"I was afraid," Tori admits, displaying rare candor on what many feel is a fake reality show. "I'm still afraid because I feel like there's no good answer."

What she means by that:

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Tori Spelling and Dean McDermott were both married to other people when they met while filming a Lifetime movie in 2005.

They cheated on their then-spouses and ended up not-so-happily married to one another.

Many folks online have expressed that karma is the cause of the couples' current marital woes, with some even going so far as to say Spelling got what was coming to her when McDermott cheated on her with Emily Goodhand in 2012.

Naturally, Tori doesn't share that opinion, and she defends her choice to cheat on her first husband in a preview of the upcoming True Tori reunion special.

"Obviously what happened was hurtful to other people," says Spelling. "But you can't help when you fall in love with someone."

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Tori Spelling and her husband Dean McDermott sure got a lot of publicity from their new reality show True Tori, but was anything we saw remotely reality?

The show, ostensibly about their marital woes in the aftermath of McDermott's infamous affair while filming Chopped Canada, ended this week.

With Dean leaving to go film Season 2 of Chopped Canada.

If you felt that it all seemed a little too convenient, you are far from alone. In fact, some believe the entire charade was concocted as a PR stunt.

The woman McDermott is said to have slept with, Emily Goodhand, lacks "a digital footprint" you could say, and the show itself seems so convoluted.

Watching the dude tear up over the guilt he feels for "ruining everything, our fairy tale ending, my beautiful family" is pure eye-rolling material.

To say nothing of the fact that the series wrapped up so neatly, with Tori telling the cameras that she knows "life's not a fairy tale; life's not a movie."

This felt like a movie. And a bad one at that.

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Tori Spelling and Dean McDermott's reality show, True Tori, mercifully came to an end Tuesday night, and considering some of the earlier fireworks, it was anticlimactic.

This isn't to say there weren't highlights, though, including one major TMI reveal on her part. Recalling his cheating, Tori referenced Dean's tattoo.

Her name - in the possessive form, reading "Tori's" - above his penis.

Tori Spelling and Dean McDermott Image

Spelling, out with her friends, told them, "You know the tattoo he has down there? It's above the pubis. It says 'Tori's' ... and then months later he cheats."

Clearly, the irony of this has not escaped her. Or Emily Goodhand, most likely. Imagine what was thinking when she was flopping around on top of it.

Dean, who eventually left to film Chopped Canada in Toronto on the True Tori season finale, cheated on Spelling in that very city just months ago.

A friend suggested she make him sign a legal document about the consequences of cheating or drinking again if he leaves to film the reality show.

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Tori Spelling and Dean McDermott are still struggling with their marriage and facing an IMPOSSIBLE decision on the season finale of True Tori.

The big issue in the train wreck show's final week: Whether Dean will leave to film Chopped Canada, while Tori will give HIM the chop if he does.

Their friends, Wolf and Jess, come over to casually discuss the big conundrum. Wolf gets upset and starts cursing and crying. Not Dean ... Wolf is crying.

The people next door to the neighbors from hell likely are too.

A few days later, Tori and Dean try to kick the kids out of bed for intimacy. They go on a date. He gets her a ring for their wedding anniversary.

Things are going pretty well by their tumultuous standards.

He throws daughter Stella, 5, a tea party. Hattie, 28 months; Liam, 7; and Stella all sit with daddy Dean. Baby Finn toddles in for some fun, too.

Tori's out with her girlfriends, meanwhile complaining about herbs on fries, the paparazzi attention (ha) and that tattoo on Dean's private parts.

"You know the tattoo he has down there?" Tori tells her pack of friends. "It's above the pubis. It says 'Tori's' ... and then months later he cheats."

Clearly, the irony of that ink has not escaped her.

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Tori Spelling and Dean McDermott are still facing obstacles as the first (and if there's anything holy in this world, last) season of True Tori comes to an end.

Namely, Dean's opportunity to return to the scene of last year's extramarital fiasco - The Great White North, eh - to film another season of Chopped Canada!

It's a gut-wrenching decision that McDermott sums up as such:

"There the right thing to do, and then there's what I want."

This is also what he said before boning Emily Goodhand.

True Tori Screen Grab

While they are dedicated to making their marriage work after he confessed that he cheated on Tori Spelling and went to rehab and therapy, it's hard, people.

On True Tori's finale, this new roadblock hits like a ton of bricks.

At a dinner with friends (which apparently they have), Tori casually brings up Dean's job opportunity, saying, "It's such bad timing, this whole Chopped thing."

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Tori Spelling and Dean McDermott are the neighbors from hell, according to reports from the street that other people have the misfortune of living on.

The filming of True Tori at their Encino, Calif., home has angered their neighbors to the point where they're fuming - and blabbing to Radar about it.

Tori and Dean Are Broke!
Tori and Dean are so broke, he can't even afford a vasectomy supposedly. Guess that's why they keep having kids.

“Nothing is going okay,” Edward Ohrabian said. “This is a quiet neighborhood and used to be a great street. Now [it's] filled with paparazzi, film crews and trucks!”

Tori Spelling and Dean McDermott moved into the $10,500/month rental after being threatened with eviction from their Tarzana home just miles away.

After failing to pay their rent, obviously. This led to speculation that Tori Spelling is broke ... and that they may be faking all their drama to score a TV deal.

“I’ve been here 14 years and no one has ever parked where I live,” Ohrabian continued, lamenting the new normal. “Now, there’s no space. It’s not fun!"

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Thanks to their totally TMI reality show True Tori, we know that sex between Dean McDermott and Tori Spelling was less than satisfying for both parties.

But we now know that it certainly didn't for lack of experimentation:

While this week's couples therapy session was overshadowed by Tori being hospitalized, a closer look at the conversation between Spelling and McDermott reveals some pretty surprising secrets about the troubled couple's sex life. 

In addition to Dean's weird claim that he cheated because he was overweight, there are some very strange and surprising moments in the above scene.

First, it turns that when Dean said he cheated with Emily Goodhand because he and Tori hadn't had sex in a while, he actually just meant that they didn't have sex the very night before he left. 

Second, though she doesn't go into great detail - Tori tells us more than she likely meant to when she says, "Two weekends in a row, we did things that I had never done before."

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As depicted on Tuesday's episode of the Lifetime train wreck that is True Tori, Tori Spelling was hospitalized recently with a migraine for six days.

While she received treatment, cheating husband Dean McDermott was thus left to care for their four kids with no help, but that was not by accident:

Tori Spelling told the nannies to peace out!

Viewers saw McDermott complaining about how hard it was to take care of four children by himself - which, by all accounts, he did a decent job with.

However, sources say that Dean was forced to take care of them solo at his bitter wife's direction as part of his punishment for nailing Emily Goodhand.

"They employ two nannies, one part-time, who takes Liam and Stella to school, picks them up, and helps with homework,” an inside source told Radar.

“The other nanny is full time and helps Tori at home with the younger children, Hattie and Finn. It's so typical of Tori to do, and extremely passive aggressive."

"She also told the crew filming to not help Dean at all, as they have done when Tori is home. As soon as Tori came home, the nannies reappeared."

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