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With her career deteriorating a little more each day, it's no surprise that Jessica Simpson has her sights set on Plan B: Marrying a really rich guy.

Today's Chicago-Sun Times reports that wedding bells may not be far off for Simpson and her beau, hunky Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo:

J-Simps Picture

"One of my best Dallas snoops just happened to be in the original Neiman Marcus in Big D, shortly after Jessica Simpson and Tony Romo were in the store checking out big sparklers - the kind women wear on their left-hand ring finger."

"I'm hearing the couple are talking about a winter wedding. Dallas fans can relax. The happy twosome are said to be planning to tie the knot after the end of the season, including the Super Bowl - should the Cowboys make it to the big game."

Buy one ring, kiss your chance at another goodbye. So poetic. This is tremendous news for fans of any NFL team but Dallas. Less good news for fans of not stabbing yourself? Jessica singing "Angels" on Dancing with the Stars last night.

Holy crap, she is abysmally awful. This clip must be heard to be believed, although we recommend heavy tranquilizers first. We're really impressed at Maksim Chmerkovskiy and Cheryl Burke for not bursting out laughing. Talk about pros ...


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Jessica Simpson (somehow) just notched a #1 country album – but she also wants to give herself props having Tony Romo as the love of her life.

"Tony is a great quarterback, but he's a better boyfriend," Simpson told People. "I'm seriously proud of myself for letting him into my life."

Plunging Neckline

Tony Romo deserves his share of credit as well, though. Cuddling up to her isn't always what it's cracked up to be, the alleged singer confesses.

"To be my man, you have to put up with a lot," said the singer. "I toot under the sheets, I spend a lot of money and I can belch the ABC's."

Well, okay then.

As for her current country CD and accompanying media tour, it hasn't been without a few negative incidents. During her 70-minute set featuring her album, Do You Know, Jessica actually forgot the lyrics to one of her best-known pop songs, "With You."

"I did the same thing on Good Morning America," said an apologetic Simpson, referring to her talent technical problems recently on the ABC morning show.

Afterwards, she said, "I've been singing that song for about 70 years and I forgot the lyrics. At least you guys still have my giant boobs to ogle knew them."

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Promoting her new country album "Do You Know," Jessica Simpson stopped by The Late Show with David Letterman and talked about jinxing Tony Romo.

While admitting she'll never wear a pink jersey to a game again, Simpson claims the supposed jinx is bull because, well, Tony Romo always performs well.

Live Jessica Simpson

If you know what she means!

Here's the full interview with Jessica, who seems like a nice enough girl, but far from intelligent. Also, that laugh? Maybe the most annoying in human civilization.


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Of all the classic and ridiculous Jessica Simpson quotes over the past 10 years, this one - about her boyfriend Tony Romo still calling his ex Carrie Underwood on occasion, which the latter has claimed - may be the best.

"I looked at his call log," she said Wednesday, denying that Romo's been calling Underwood in an interview with a Nashville radio station.

NOTE TO JESSICA: You can actually erase your call log. And doesn't the fact that you feel you have to look at it tell you something?

Of Tony Romo, Carrie Underwood said in September's Allure: "The phone will ring and it'll be him, and I'll maybe not answer."

Jessica Simpson's response:

"Tony and I both laughed at that. We got a chuckle out of it."

What do you think: Is that playoff choke artist Romo still calling Underwood - and whose side are you on, Team Jessica or Team Carrie?


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Bear with us while we explain.

The talentless hack reportedly announced to boyfriend Tony Romo’s parents that she is pregnant - although it appears it was a false positive.

Simpson in Paris

That would be enough for a good story right there, but according to our sources, the Romos didn’t react exactly the way she may have hoped:

“There was a huge fight at the Romo home on July 18,” a source close to the family said. “Jessica and Tony thought that she was pregnant and happily announced it to the family. The news resulted in dead silence."

"Then Tony’s dad, Ramiro, said, ‘You’re not married. this is crazy!’ Tony’s mom Joan joined in, demanding, ‘How can you do this to us?’”

Jessica Simpson: Not pregnant, but "feverishly" trying.

Jessica Simpson said her home pregnancy test showed a positive result and that she was heading for a doctor to find out for her.

A spokesperson for Jessica later said she is not pregnant, but pals close to the alleged singer say it’s not for her lack of trying.

“Her friends know she’s feverishly trying to conceive,” said an insider.

Memo to Tony - she may pull the goalie, a la Rielle Hunter.

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Despite her dwindling relevance, Jessica Simpson isn't avoiding her 28th birthday on Thursday - she's already started celebrating.

The "singer" and "actress" joined by close friends and family - indulged in her favorite cupcake flavor, red velvet, from Crumbs bakery.

Jess the Mess

For dinner, Jessica and Tony Romo went to Sagebrush Cantina in Calabasas, Calif., where they met up with Ashlee Simpson and Pete Wentz.

At one point, Ashlee and Jessica got on stage to "sing" with The Copycats, a cover band. The band serenaded Jessica for some reason.

Tony Romo and Jessica Simpson sort of broke up, but are now going strong!

Following dinner, Jessica Simpson and Tony Romo hit Key Club in West Hollywood to see Steel Panther (the artists formerly known as Metal Skool).

The Dallas Cowboys quarterback even tried his hand at singing the Guns n' Roses hit "Sweet Child O' Mine" to Jessica and the crowd. Woo.

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Where do you go when Pamela Anderson hates on you?

The Olive Garden, naturally, with your boyfriend's parents.

Baby Got Back

Okay, so it had nothing to do with Anderson's harsh words. But Jessica Simpson did meet Tony Romo's folks there on June 27, in his native Wisconsin.

Not surprisingly, the celebrities' making a reservation at the far-from-fancy Olive Garden surprised even the restaurant's general manager.

"We thought it was a big joke," said Doug Belfanz. "Jessica Simpson's not going to the Olive Garden in Janesville, Wisconsin!"

She did, though. Wearing a casual blouse and blue jeans, Jessica Simpson walked in holding hands with Tony Romo, who wore a T-shirt and hat.

After dinner, they posed for a photo with the staff and signed autographs. Sneaking out through the kitchen, Simpson complimented the chefs.

"They were laughing," Belfanz told People. "It was just a big family night out."

One that may put to rest rumors of a Tony Romo-Carrie Underwood reunion.

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Jessica Simpson was asked on The View this morning if she was gonna marry Tony Romo.

To the horror of Dallas Cowboys fans everywhere, the giant-breasted singer didn't rule out the possibility:

"We're still together ... we've been together for about seven months â€" almost eight," Simpson said. "I don't know about wedding bells... but I'm still with him, so that's a good sign."

We're assuming Jessica meant she wasn't sure if she and Romo would get married; not that she literally didn't know about the concept of wedding bells.

But you never know with her.

Are we looking at the future Mrs. Tony Romo?

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Not on his playoff failures as an NFL quarterback. Oh no. The Dallas Cowboys star is going on the record regarding more important things.

"It's all laughable," he said of the celebrity gossip world's recent characterizations of him as a pawn of Jessica and Joe Simpson.

This is Romo's first public comment following reports that Joe Simpson is a meddling influence - both with his relationship with Jessica Simpson and his business life - and that his own parents dislike the Simpsons.

Jessica Simpson and Tony Romo have been dogged by rumors that her father has been interfering throughout their nearly seven-month-old courtship.

Romo insists that is "so far from the truth."

He even said his father, Ramiro, went to the Masters golf tournament in Augusta, Ga., with Joe Simpson earlier this year and "had a great time."

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It looks like Jessica Simpson's meddling father, Joe Simpson, isn't the only person to blame for her recent relationship woes with Tony Romo.

Although the two are now back together for "on trial basis," a friend told In Touch about Jessica's supposedly raging jealousy issues.

Bad Posture

"Jessica can be so insecure when she is with Tony, and it only gets worse when he is around other women," said the friend.

The pal says any female competition is bound to upset Jessica, but the subject of Tony's ex, Carrie Underwood, really riles her.

"(Jessica) is really upset that (Tony Romo) is still communicating with Carrie," the source told the celebrity news magazine.

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