Tony Barretto, seen here with Alli Sims and Sean Preston Federline, is a former Britney Spears bodyguard who has filed a declaration in...

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Britney Spears looked distressed following a judge's decision allowing her only supervised visits with her sons Sean Preston, 2, and Jayden James, 1.

During runs to Ralph's Supermarket in L.A. and a local Starbucks, the 25-year-old was seen clutching her Yorkie, London, while crying in anguish.

Britney Spears Live in Concert Pic

She appeared to be in better spirits later while enjoying a dinner of quesadillas and margarita with friend Sam Lutfi at Casa Escobar in Malibu.

On her way out of the eatery, Britney Spears showered the paparazzi with praise. "I love you guys," she told celebrity news photographers.

Her good mood didn't last long, however. After she climbed into her car, she began sobbing uncontrollably once again. Girl needs a whole team of shrinks.

Meanwhile, Britney Spears' former bodyguard Tony Barretto is back in the news. Us Weekly learned via a statement released by Barretto's lawyer, Gloria Allred, that he has filed an abuse claim, or "Child Abuse Referral," against Spears.

The referral gives the Department of Child and Family Services the legal power to investigate Spears' care Sean Preston and Jayden James. The DCFS has said that its professionals will look into the matter.

Britney Spears cries in anguish. Meanwhile, former bodyguard and notable land mass Tony Barretto cries, in a manner of speaking, for help from officials.

"I call on Britney Spears to cooperate with the investigation of Children and Family Services," Glorida Allred said on behalf of Tony Barretto in a statement.

This is not the first referral that has been filed regarding Britney Spears with the DCFS. She has been investigated and cleared three times in the past two years, for driving with Sean Preston in her lap, not preventing Sean Preston from falling out of his high chair, and contributing to poor hygiene and eating habits of both sons.

Tony Barretto filed a declaration to the court September 17 claiming Britney Spears used drugs and alcohol while caring for her children.

Since then, Barretto has been on a national media tour touting his concern for poor Sean Preston and Jayden James Federline as his motive for coming forward with information about the pop-mom's erratic behavior.

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In an interview with London's News of the World, Britney Spears' former bodyguard Tony Barretto claims the troubled star nearly suffered a drug overdose following her rehab stint last spring.

Tony Barretto recently filed a declaration detailing his former employer's drug and alcohol use in the child custody case between Spears and her former husband, Kevin Federline.

His account persuaded a worried judge to order Britney to be tested for drugs twice a week. Not shocking, given Barretto's dramatic account of how Britney...

  • OVERDOSED in a drug-strewn hotel room on a binge with junkie lover Howie Day just days after leaving rehab. "She was in a bad state, sweating and shaking. Her pupils were huge... we thought she was dying," said Tony.
  • SNORTED cocaine clandestinely with pals in a trendy L.A. club.
  • ENDANGERED the lives of her kids by being under the influence of drugs and booze at home while Sean Preston and Jayden James were there.

The enormous Tony Barretto, standing 6'7" and pushing 300 pounds, earning the nickname "Fat Tony," says he decided to come forward because:

"Britney is out of control and needs help. I have done this for her children. She's not a good mother. She has mental problems. With her problems with drugs and booze, her home is no place for kids to be raised."

His remarks capped a nightmare week for Britney Spears in which she was dumped by her manager Jeff Kwatinetz and her lawyer.

She hired married dad-of-two Tony Barretto â€" a former private eye â€" days after checking out of Promises rehab facility in Malibu after one month on March 26, and publicly declaring she had beaten booze and drug problems.

Tony Barretto is a drugs expert after taking a 10 police course about their dangers. He realized Britney Spears' willpower was weak on the night of May 2, mere hours before the start of her "comeback mini-tour" in Anaheim.

On May 2, Britney Spears went on a date with musician Howie Day, 26, who she'd met in rehab, telling her worried protection team she didn't need them.

Tony Barretto said of the lame singer and drug addict: "We did security checks on Howie Day and told her he was trouble. But she ignored us."

Hours later, however, a hysterical, crying Britney, 25, called her aides, claiming that Day was refusing to let her leave their hotel room.

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The mystery witness has been revealed.

Tony Barretto, a former bodyguard for Britney Spears, filed a declaration in the custody battle between Kevin Federline and Spears, which alleges the singer engaged in large amounts of "nudity, drug use and safety issues, post-rehab."

Stunning revelations, all of them

Cold Day in September

Gloria Allred, Tony Barretto's attorney, said in a press conference today that Britney's former bodyguard was prepared to testify under oath today.

However, neither the court nor Britney Spears' attorneys chose to cross-examine him. Rather, his declaration went "unrefuted and unchallenged."

Tony Barretto started working for Britney Spears when she got out of rehab, but was fired May 17 after he "did not hear her when he was asked to pick up her hat."

Barretto, himself the father of young children, chose to come forward, Allred says, because while working for Britney Spears, he became "very concerned" about the safety of her two boys, Sean Preston and Jayden James.

Allred also said that she has spoken to Los Angeles County Counsel for Child Protective Services about the concerns Tony Barretto brought forward.

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It's hard to believe that the life of Britney Spears could get any worse, but reports suggest that her custody fight with ex-husband Kevin Federline is getting worse by the day.

First, there's the "secret witness" (pictured entering court today) that attorney Gloria Allred is produing - a person said to be the trump card K-Fed is counting on to win custody of Jayden James and Sean Preston.

Reports suggest this mystery person may be a drug dealer or bodyguard, but that remains unsubstantiated. Federline's legal team has already subpoenaed everyone from Daimon Shippen to Alli Sims and Larry Rudolph in the case.

As for Britney Spears' legal team? That's in turmoil as well.

Laura Wasser will officially submit legal papers formally withdrawing herself as the singer's attorney today, with sources saying Britney Spears' new lawyer will be another high-profile attorney by the name of Marci Levine.

Despite Spears' drinking habits, stint in rehab, repeated endangering of Sean and Jayden, and pattern of clubbing with no underwear, the cutthroat Wasser was somehow able to hammer out a 50-50 custody split with K-Fed.

But reportedly Britney was a problem client who just didn't listen and follow the advice Laura Wasser gave so Spears could maintain that custody and end this war.

Now Federline wants 70-30 custody, and it's someone else's problem, bitch.

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