Tomiko Nash was almost the new Miss USA. However, Tara Conner kept the crown despite her penchant for cocaine. Nash won Miss California...

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Never have beauty pageants made so many headlines for reasons other than their bikini bodies.

In the wake of the Carrie Prejean controversy, Shanna Moakler - the director of the Miss California USA pageant - has posed in a new ad supporting gay rights.

The former Miss USA and Playboy centerfold shot a print ad this week in which she slams Proposition 8, the initiative that bans gay marriage in California.

A pair of former Miss California contestants - Raquel Beezley and Tamiko Nash - join Moakler in the poster below.

"I believe Prop 8 lead a campaign of confusion and never made clear what was being asked of the people," Moakler said in a statement. "I find most people have a problem with the word marriage. What I hope for is helping others understand 'civil union' and then one day helping people learn 'marriage' is something not God, not the state or country can solidify, but between two people who love each other."

Thoughts on Moakler's stance?

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Tara Conner cried, went to rehab and apologized to America - but that's still not enough for her beauty pageant bretheren.

Taking the classy stage of The Dr. Keith Ablow Show, Miss USA 2005 Chelsea Cooley said the news of Tara's drug and alcohol use was "very disappointing" and "unfortunate," and left her wondering if Conner ever "looked at it [being Miss USA] as a job."

You know, like being a fast food worker.

Meanwhile, The Hollywood Gossip was saddened to hear that Cooley shared the stage - and the sentiments - with this year's runner-up, Miss California Tamiko Nash.

Editor's note: We're gonna assume this is the same lovely woman as "Tomiko Nash," a common spelling mistake our writers have made along with many others following this story.

Anyway, Tamiko/Tomiko said she hoped Donald Trump would give her Conner's crown - but also added the lie politically correct statement that she'd have felt guilty taking Conner's Crown like that.

The two bitter pills also weighed-in on Miss Nevada Katie Rees.

Both agreed that the girl-on-girl action shots and drunken, nude Katie Rees photos made it "fair" and "justified" to take away her crown.

Others feel as though these pics made it "hot" and "alluring" for guys everywhere. Guess we can agree to disagree.

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It didn't take long for Donald Trump to make this decision:

Due to over-partying and overall behavior not worthy of her crown, Miss USA Tara Conner has been dethroned.

Taking this beauty's place will the pageant's first runner-up, Miss California Tamiko Nash. It's groundbreaking territory we've entered, folks.

A source told that Miss California was contacted with the news by a high-ranking pageant official and informed she would take the title once Trump makes the official announcement in the coming week.

Tamiko Nash is a Los Angeles native who appeared on NBC's Deal or No Deal earlier this year.

In related news, the actions of an almost nude Sienna Miller will not cause her to lose the title of Miss Jude Law-Wanna Be.

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Tomiko Nash was almost the new Miss USA. However, Tara Conner kept the crown despite her penchant for cocaine. Nash won Miss California... More »
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