Troubled as hell actor. That sums up Tom Sizemore as well as anything can.

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Elizabeth Hurley has denied ever having an affair with Bill Clinton, and the man who made that allegation is now also saying that it didn't happen.

In an undated audio tape obtained by celebrity gossip site Radar Online, the ex-boyfriend of Hurley, Tom Sizemore, is heard recalling how he set them up.

Only nothing of the sort ever took place, he now concedes.

Sizemore, at the White House for a Saving Private Ryan screening, said Bill asked him for Hurley’s number and when he hesitated, got pissed, saying:

"Give it to me. You dumb motherf---r, I'm the Commander-in-Chief of the United States of America. The buck stops here. Give me the damn number."

The troubled actor, who has battled with substance abuse, said on the tape that Clinton immediately called Hurley and sent a private plane to pick her up.

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Elizabeth Hurley is emphatically denying a report that she had an affair with Bill Clinton while he was U.S. President and she was dating Hugh Grant.

The 48-year-old actress implied to her Twitter followers that she was considering legal action over the spurious reports originally made by Radar Online.

“Ludicrously silly stories about me & Bill Clinton,” she wrote.

“Totally untrue. In the hands of my lawyers. Yawn.”

The celebrity gossip site, in reporting the story, cited audio footage from Hurley’s rumored ex-lover, Black Hawk Down star Tom Sizemore, talking about it.

Not only did Sizemore discuss in detail how Elizabeth Hurley and Bill Clinton had a love affair, he says he set the two of them up back in 1998.

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Bill Clinton and Elizabeth Hurley had sexual relations while he was President, according to a new report citing specific details from actor Tom Sizemore.

The Black Hawk Down star says Clinton carried on a torrid year-long love affair with the British supermodel behind the White House walls starting in 1998.

Radar published an audio recording during which the Hollywood actor, who had his own three-year sexual liaison with Hurley, recounts Clinton's tryst.

Sizemore says Clinton had a plane fly Hurley to Washington D.C., nailing her in the White House with First Lady Hillary Clinton in the next room over.

Tom, 52, claims he even arranged the couple’s first rendezvous.

Bill Clinton-Elizabeth Hurley Affair

It was allegedly during a 1998 White House screening of Saving Private Ryan, when President Clinton pulled Sizemore aside and asked, point blank:

“Did you go with Liz Hurley for four years? Do you still see her?”

When Sizemore confirmed they had dated but were no longer together, he says the President asked for her number. When he resisted, Bill told him:

“Give it to me. You dumb m***********r, I’m the Commander-in-Chief of the United States of America. The buck stops here. Give me the damn number.”

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Tom Sizemore's girlfriend went missing over a month ago, having lived with him for six months prior to that. The actor was recently questioned by police.

There is an active investigation into the disappearance of Megan Wren, 25, last seen March 31. Witnesses claim Megan was last seen with Sizemore.

Derek Lowe Mug Shot

Law enforcement sources confirm Tom was questioned recently and has "been very cooperative" but will not say if he is considered a suspect.

One of Megan's family members told TMZ that she last spoke with Megan Wren about a month ago and she "sounded like she was in a bad place."  

Sources say the family has made several attempts to reach out to Sizemore for help but he's been blowing them off. Tom has not commented.

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Not cool, Tom Sizemore.

The Saving Private Ryan actor has been charged with one count of misdemeanor spousal battery stemming from a violent August 5 altercation in which he allegedly whomped on his girlfriend - not his spouse, interestingly enough.

Tom Sizemore, 47, was originally due to be arraigned today in Los Angeles Criminal Court, but the hearing was pushed back to Wednesday, October 7.

Following the bust, the Golden Globe-nominated head case spent a brief stint in Los Angeles County lockup. He was released after posting $20,000 bail.

Few are shocked when Tom Sizemore and trouble find each other.

Tom Sizemore is still scheduled to take part in the next season of VH1's Sober House, which has put him under the same roof as other troubled celebrities.

Including his ex-girlfriend, former madam Heidi Fleiss (above).

Wonder if that's going to be super awkward. That show should recruit Kari Ann Peniche while they're at it. Nothing like nude tapes coming out of rehab.

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Actor Tom Sizemore has been arrested. In related news, August is humid, Star invents celebrity gossip and Robert Pattinson makes the 'tween girls scream.

The trouble-prone Sizemore was busted for domestic violence at roughly 10:45 p.m. last night. An argument with a female companion allegedly got physical.

It's unclear at this time if Los Angeles police were called to the scene or simply happened to witness the incident. What is clear? Tom Sizemore has issues.

Whatever the circumstances, the 47-year-old star was tossed into jail yesterday evening with his bail set at a hefty $20,000. It's just not easy being Tom Sizemore, people.

Dr. Drew is not going to be pleased. Tom Sizemore, who has been talking up his commitment to clean living, will appear on the new season of Sober House.

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This just in: the following developments are signs that you might have a drug or alcohol problem....

  • ... carrying on an affair, as a 15-year old, with a married, steroid-using professional baseball player.
  • ... making a living as a Hollywood madam.
  • ... dating Cisco Adler.

Unsurprisingly, therefore, Mindy McCready, Heidi Fleiss and Lisa D’Amato (all pictured below) are among the cast members for VH1's third season of Celebrity Rehab with Dr. Drew.

Joining these stars that hope to milk their pain and suffering for an extra 15 minutes of fame and fortune on the show are:

  • Former NBA star Dennis Rodman
  • Actress Mackenzie Phillips
  • Actor Tom Sizemore
  • Playboy model Kari Ann Peniche
  • Alice in Chains' Mike Starr
  • Real World: Hollywood's Joey Kovar

The series will premiere in early 2010 and cover a 21-day program led by Colgate University graduate Dr. Drew Pinsky.

Click on the following photos to enlarge pics of the rest of Celebrity Rehab's cast:

  • Mike Starr
  • Kari Ann Peniche Nude

Call us cynical, but if these people really wanted help, they wouldn't seek it on a reality TV show.

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The Hollywood Gossip - and everyone else - expected nothing less from a whiny brat like Paris Hilton.

Reports that Nicole Richie is using pregnancy rumors to keep her own skinny ass out of the slammer didn't surprise our celebrity gossip staff either.

But when a weeping Tom Sizemore appeared in a Los Angeles County Courtroom yesterday - admitted to violating his probation in a 2004 methamphetamine conviction - the bar was lowered further.

Tom Sizemore was brought into the courtroom in a jail-issued orange jumpsuit, wearing handcuffs, where he waited for a judge to hear the case.

The judge asked Sizemore, "Do you agree you are in violation of your probation?"

Tom replied, "Yes, your honor."

The judge made her findings clear, telling the Black Hawk Down star "Probation is a privilege ... Tom is not a matter of probation anymore because he has abused that privilege."

Tom Sizemore openly cried in court, flat-out begging the judge:

"I don't want to go to jail ... give me just one more chance ... I have a terrible disease ... drugs have strapped me around the neck ... I guarantee I am not going to be here again! I want to rehabilitate myself and become a good productive citizen to society."

Wow, what a display. When Britney Spears is inevitably arrested for DUI and Social Services tries to take her kids away, we expect this kind of courtroom shenanigans.

Tom Sizemore's brother, Paul, and his girlfriend were present in court for the hearing, where the troubled actor faced felony charges.

Sizemore was arrested last month in Bakersfield on suspicion of various drug charges, including methamphetamine possession.

Tom could face up to 16 months for violating his probation. He is due back in court Monday, June 25 to officially hear his fate.

We're not concerned about whether Tom winds up in the slammer, to be perfectly honest with you. But if he does, we hope Scott Stapp lands there, too, that d!ck.

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Faizon Love, the affable star of several movies, including Friday, Elf, and Blue Crush (with Kate Bosworth), is being sued by a woman who claims he "barbarically assaulted and battered her" after the she allegedly rejected his sexual advances.

She also claims that Faizon Love (no relation to Scrubs star Donald Faison) tossed her Gucci purse out of a second story window. Which is hilarious as well as maybe illegal.

In a lawsuit filed today in L.A. County Superior Court, a stage manager named Beatrice Eliza claims that Faizon Love (below, left) sexually groped her after picking up the actor from Burbank Airport in March.

Eliza claims "he did not stop until she threatened to kick him out of the car." According to the suit, that's when the attacks turned violent.

Eliza claims that days after the rejection, Faizon Love, who reminds us of a more jovial Suge Knight, attacked on the set of the production "Irresponsible Behavior" (how ironic) which resulted in threats, chair-tossing, damaged handbags.

Meanwhile, TMZ reports that actor Shemar Moore (above, right) was arrested early Friday morning, channeling his inner Nicole Richie.

In other words, he was busted for suspicion of DUI in Los Angeles.

According to the California Highway Patrol, the former Young and the Restless star was pulled over after officers noticed the actor speeding near Santa Monica Blvd. at 1:30 AM.

After he was stopped, cops reported that Shemar Moore "displayed signs of alcohol impairment and a DUI investigation was conducted."

Shemar Moore was then arrested and transported to a nearby station, where he took a breath test and was later booked

Moore, who currently stars in Criminal Minds, was released a few hours later on $5,000 bail. Calls to Moore's rep were not returned.

Lastly, Tom Sizemore appeared at a L.A. courtroom this morning, expecting the judge to recall a warrant for his arrest. But it didn't go as planned.

The actor was unexpectedly handcuffed by the bailiff and taken into custody before the judge even arrived for the probation violation hearing stemming from his 236th drug arrest.

Moments later, Tom Sizemore's attorney filed a motion to transfer courtrooms, claiming that Sizemore would not get a fair trial with the current judge.

The judge obliged, and granted the motion - keeping Tom in custody. Sizemore will stay behind bars until a new judge assigned to the case decides when the hearing will begin.

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At least Scott Stapp can feel a little better about winging a bottle of Orangina at his beauty queen wife's head now.

After all, he could have done it five times.

Troubled actor Tom Sizemore has been charged with five felony counts and one misdemeanor stemming from a crystal meth bust earlier this month.

Tom Sizemore was charged with one count each of transportation and possession of methamphetamines, and three counts of possession of prescription drugs without the proper prescription.

Ouch. This man makes Pete Doherty look stable. Well, not really. That's a stretch. He's definitely in the same league as Pete Doherty, how about that?

Sizemore was arrested May 8, after Bakersfield Police say the actor had been using crystal meth outside of the Four Points Sheraton Hotel.

For his sake, we hope Tom gets the help he needs and doesn't end up in the same cell as Joe Francis. That guy's really, really annoying.

Oh, and he can expect a letter from that lunatic old hag Candy Spelling, who apparently has nothing else to do but pen advice to struggling stars.

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